The Twilight Saga

Sometimes love just can't be denied - no matter how untimely it hits us. Sparks fly between Edward and Bella the very first time they meet; problem is that Bella is already committed to another. See how the two of them deal with their unspoken attraction and how a tragedy could bring them closer together or push them further apart.


This story is being worked on by both myself and AnahyR whose ideas are the basis for all chapters. We hope you enjoy it and would love to hear your opinions through your comments. AnahyR will also be doing this story in Spanish so for those of you who are Spanish speaking you will also have access to this at some stage. I will put the link here once it is done.



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Chapter 1 - Friendships                                             Chapter 2 - Interactions

Chapter 3 - Denying Attractions                                 Chapter 4 - A Friend in Need

Chapter 5 - Realizations                                            Chapter 6 - Truths

Chapter 7 - Peter                                                      Chapter 8 - Collision

Chapter 9 - Aftermath                                                Chapter 10 - Saying Goodbye

Chapter 11- Drowning Sorrows                                   Chapter 12 - Waking Up

Chapter 13 - Baby Steps                                           Chapter 14 - Friendship?

Chapter 15 - Flight                                                    Chapter 16 - Acceptance

Chapter 17 - Getting Closer                                       Chapter 18 - The Good and the Bad          

Chapter 19 - In These Arms                                      Chapter 20 - Accusations

Chapter 21 - Coolness                                             Chapter 22 - Candid

Chapter 23 - Broken Silences                                   Chapter 24 - At the Heart of it

Chapter 25 - Uncertainties

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this was wonderful and i can't wait to see what she's going to tell him. but i can't believe that it's going to end so soon..


Thnaks Annmary. The next chapter will reveal all.




I am so glad Bella got some kind of sign and who better then Peter's mother.   Bella better go get her man and make this right finally.  Edward must be feeling so bad about Bella not saying anything when he said those three little words to her.  I just hope nothing gets in the way because I dont' understand why did Edward leave so abruptly the night of the wedding.  You have me worried....  I need them to make this right.  I do love your story it is one of the best out there..  You are a genius and I hope it doesnt take too long to update.  Remarkable chapter........

Thanks for the compliments Melissa. I fully hope that the next chapter will answer all your questions and make you feel better for Edward in the end. I apprecaite your ongoing support.




hey michelle!!

i'm a new reader and i just finished reading your latest chpater,,, and i must say you are an awesome writer!!

your story is so great that i was so addicted to it!!

post more soon please...and pls keep me updated!! =]

Welcome to the story Joyce and thank you so much for the lovely compliments. I accepted your friendship so hopefully you will be updated.





Chapter 25


BPOV - Uncertainties


I slid into the driver’s seat of my car feeling apprehensive but excited as well. Finally making a solid decision and having Peter’s mother back me up on that choice made me feel that I could deal with anything that was thrown my way. Yes Edward was going to be leaving for Paris in a matter of days but once I had let him know my true feelings we could make some decisions together about how to deal with that separation and go forward with our future, if he wanted me to be a part of that. As I put my keys in the ignition I noticed my phone sitting in between the two seats and chuckled to myself. No wonder I had not been interrupted in my time with Peter and Grace. Alice would have, for sure, been ringing and texting when she couldn’t find me at home. I picked it up and immediately my brow furrowed in worry. Twenty three missed calls were registered and that was beyond Alice showing a little concern about my whereabouts. I pressed the button to listen to any voice messages. The first one was what I expected and made me relax a little.


From Alice:  8:23

Bella where are you? Jasper and I are just about to get breakfast and you’re not in your room. Have you ducked out to get something yummy for us? Should we wait?  Love ya girl.


I quickly deleted it and went onto the next. The sound of Edward’s voice sent a spark of excitement through me. At least he had been thinking of me and still wanted to talk?


From Edward: 8:42

Um. Hi Bella. I know it’s early but I need to talk to you. err something’s come up and I really need to…….god I hate leaving messages….could you please ring me.


From Alice: 8:48

Are you with Edward? Jasper told me about his conversation with you with regards to Edward. Have you come to your senses? Did you go to him? About time if that’s where you are. Call me.


From Alice: 8:54

Is everything alright? Call me to let me know.


From Edward: 8:56

Ah. Me again. Look I know I probably freaked you out last night and I am really sorry about that. I had no right to put you in that position but…..things have changed and I really need to speak to you. Please Bella. Ring me back as soon as possible.


From Edward: 9:09

Are you mad with me? I know I left before I said goodbye and that was pretty low but I had things going on and……..geez I don’t want to do this over the phone Bella. If you are getting these messages could you please, please ring me back. It’s important.


From Alice: 9:12

Bella what is going on? Edward has just rung me, all stressed out, and asked me to wake you up so that you would answer your phone. He seemed freaked out when I said you weren’t here. Actually I think he might believe I am lying to keep him from you. Again, I ask, what is going on? Did he do something to you last night? You did seem a bit out of it. I’m starting to get really worried. Are you deliberately ignoring him? And me?


From Edward: 9:14

Alice says you’re not at home. Is that true or are you so upset with me that you’re not picking up and she’s covering. If so please know that I am really sorry but I still need to talk to you. I don’t have much time……please just call me back.


Anxiety was starting to make its way through my body and my mind was ringing with the words coming through the phone at me. What was going on? This behavior from Edward was a little odd. He was normally so calm and collected and as the messages went on he seemed to be getting more and more agitated. What did he mean he didn’t have much time? I chose to leave the rest of the messages alone and ring him back straight away but once I’d pressed his number I only got a message saying that his mobile was out of service and to try back later. I sighed in exasperation and returned to the messages left on my own mobile.


Edward: 9:31

Where are you? I’m coming over. Please be there!


Alice: 9:37

Jasper just got off the phone with Edward and he is seriously flustered sis. What have you done to him? He’s on his way over even though Jasper finally got him to believe you weren’t here. He said he needs to talk to us anyway. Since when do you not answer your phone Bella? Are you okay? I know the wedding must have been hard for you yesterday but………..shoot Bella, just call to tell me you’re alright. If you don’t want to speak to Edward that’s your choice but I’m your sister and you are really making me worried now.


Geez.This was becoming like some high school drama. I was an adult for god’s sake and them not being able to contact me for a while should not be causing the angst that it apparently was. I needed to nip this stuff in the bud before it got out of hand. I laughed humorlessly. It was already out of hand given that I was only up to message number ten and there were thirteen messages to go. I called Alice’s number only to find the number engaged. I tried Edward again only to get the same message that he was out of service. My curiosity got the better of me and I continued to listen to more messages.


Edward: 10:03

Okay so you really aren’t here and I am a half witted douche bag to think you were hiding out from me in your unit. It still doesn’t explain why you are not answering your phone. Are you okay? Alice and jasper said you were a little upset last night. I can’t help but think that is my fault. Even if you don’t want to talk to me can you please ring your sister so that we all know you are alright?


Edward: 10:14

I am running out of time Bella. Please I really need to see you.


Edward: 10:17

I feel like a half crazed stalker here Bella. Why won’t you pick up your phone?


Alice: 10.20

You really need to ring Edward Bella. It is important.


Edward: 10.28

Bella. I meant what I said to you last night but if it has caused you any kind of pain I regret that I didn’t keep those words to myself. I will keep my promise to you and we can be long distance friends. There doesn’t need to be any kind of bad feeling between us………just please I have to leave and it’s not something I want to do without at least talking to you one more time.


What was he talking about? I already knew he was leaving but that was on Tuesday and we had time to talk before then….didn’t we? He shouldn’t feel the need to regret that he told me he loved me. I was going to set that straight as soon as I saw him but…..a sick feeling was starting to process itself within my stomach and his words were beginning to sound ominous to my ears. Something was way wrong.


Alice: 10:33

Bella. He didn’t want me to tell you like this but I am desperate now. Edward is leaving New York TODAY……as in…. any moment now Jasper has to take him to the airport. It is all completely unexpected and he had no idea until early this morning but…..if you cared for him at all you would make sure you at least give him the opportunity to say goodbye. He at least deserves that.


My chest constricted as her words registered in my brain. Edward was leaving today. I had run out of time to let him know how I felt. He would be gone before I could even see him one last time. Pain ripped through me like I had never felt before. I’d finally admitted to myself that I was in love with him and now he wasn’t even going to hear me say the words to him. My trembling fingers pressed redial and his phone still was inaccessible. I tried Alice’s number next as my eyes flitted to the time. It was now 12:04 which meant that Edward would well and truly be at the airport by now. I needed to find out from Alice what time his flight left but she was not answering now either. Adrenaline pumped through me and I turned the keys in my ignition. I had to at least try to get to him. Before I pushed my accelerator down to get my car moving I placed the phone in the hands free and pressed a button so that I could listen to any further messages.


Edward:  10:37

I can only hope that wherever you are that you are okay and that there is a perfectly reasonable explanation for you are not answering your phone, even though I have been begging you for nearly two hours to call me. It seems that my time has run out and there is nothing I can do about that. I am so sorry. I did not want to leave things like this. Work called and they have changed my flights to today because of some meetings in Paris that have been brought forward. I fought against it Bella but they made it quite clear that this time I had no choice unless I wanted to lose my job. I can’t do that; I will have nothing if I lose my job and have to walk away from you as well, the way you need me too.  I promised you last night that we could talk today and now I have to break that promise. Bella please believe me when I say that it is the last thing I ever wanted to do to you. I know we had things to talk about and sort out before I left. I tried; I really did. I am already late to get to my flight but to me you were more important. I hope that your silence does not mean you hate me for confessing how I felt. You don’t know how hard it has been to be so close to you, yet have you be so unreachable. I do love you but that does not mean you have anything to feel bad about. I know how you think. It is not your fault that you are the only one who ever had any kind of hold on my heart; that was all my own doing. I have to go now. Jasper is waiting to take me to the airport. My flight is at one. If you are listening to this message please send me a text purely to tell me you are safe. Alice believes that you are taking some time out for yourself and that nothing has happened to you; that you are only giving yourself time to think after the emotions of being at a wedding. I am hoping that is all it is. I can’t even fathom the thought of you being hurt somewhere. Please let me know. I will keep my phone on for as long as possible.


Jasper: 10.39

I never considered you to be a coward Bella Swan. Running away from your feelings is not going to help anyone. Please ring my brother to tell him you are safe. He is giving himself an aneurism here.


Alice: 10.46

I think I know where you are. I’m coming to get you and hopefully we won’t be too late


Edward: 10:59

I am not sure I can get on that plane not knowing if you are safe. You’re an adult and I know that you can look after yourself but I just can’t help but think that if you were getting these messages that you would have rung by now. You are not a malicious person. Surely you can see that not hearing from you is driving me crazy.


Edward: 11.15

Alice rang and said that you had been to Peter’s grave; she found your bouquet there even though there was no sight of you or the car. I can only gather that you have spent some time there and that you are safe enough……… That makes sense; you needed to be with the person you cared the most about after the emotional day of attending a wedding without him………. I understand. Your safety is important to me so I can only be relieved that nothing bad has happened to you, even if your silence tells me more than anything else that you no longer want anything to do with me. I know I confused you; I know that you love Peter and that my feelings made you question yourself. Please don’t hate me Bella. I never meant to cause you anything but happiness and I definitely screwed that up. This will be my last message because you’ve made yourself clear enough. I can’t leave though without telling you one last time; you are an amazing woman Bella and even though you don’t want it, you have my heart always. Be safe and know that if you need me I am there for you, I don’t care what it takes to fulfill that promise; you only have to ask. I lo……… sorry……I will miss you. I wish things could be different.


The cracking of his voice as he spoke those last words had me scrunching up my face to stop my own tears from escaping. I needed to be able to see to drive properly. I needed to get to him and causing myself to have an accident before I got there would only serve to make things so much worse. The ache couldn’t be dispelled but I was certainly adamant that my grief would not get in the way this time; Edward needed to be stopped from getting on that plane. A quick glance at the clock on the dashboard told me that time was running out. It was 12:20 and there was no possible way I was going to get there before he went through security to board his plane. He was probably already boarding now. I cursed myself for my bright idea to park a fair away from Peter’s grave, this morning, so that I could use the walk as thinking time before I spoke to Peter. It had led to Alice not seeing that I was still at the cemetery when she came to get me. Wasted time, that I was fully regretting.


Alice: 11:31

I have rung everyone and no one has seen you. I know you’ve been to see Peter this morning and I’ve let Edward know so that he can at least have some peace in knowing that you are probably safe and only licking your own wounds. Shoot Bella this is some messed up business we’ve got going on here. Please call me.


Alice: 11:37

I don’t want to give up but I have a feeling that I am too late. I got onto Rick and he told me that you were with Grace at the cemetery café. I can’t believe I didn’t see you when I was down there. I have a feeling you are going to be kicking yourself when you realize what has happened. It’s too late to stop him now but at least ring him and give him some sort of goodbye. He has been nothing but good to you Bella. He doesn’t deserve this silence.


I angrily beeped my horn at someone who was going way too slow for my liking and who was prolonging my agony of not getting to the airport on time. I crossed my fingers that Edward’s flight had been delayed so that I could buy myself more time. With another rush of adrenaline I poked my finger at the phone to see if I would have any luck this time with getting through to Edward. Nothing! I tried Jasper’s phone but it rang out. Nothing was working my way today. As I watched the road I rang Alice’s number and with a screech that reverberated around the enclosed car she answered.


“Bella why the hell haven’t you answered your phone. Edward is leaving today and………”


I cut her off not wanting to hear it again. “I know Alice. I just got all the messages. My phone was in the car and I didn’t realize. I was with Grace for a lot longer than I thought I had been. I’m on my way to the airport now but I can’t get a hold of him. I need to try and stop him. I need to talk to him.”


Her quiet answer told me everything I already knew. “Sweetie. I don’t think you’re going to make it. You know what security is like these days. He is probably already through. Did you try and ring Jasper’s phone? Maybe he could get a message through to Edward for you.”


“Yes I did but it rang out. Look I am pulling up at the airport I have to at least give it a try. Wish me luck.” I pressed the end button and sprang out of the seat, clumsily locking the car before racing into the airport. People looked at me in varying degrees of shock or amusement. I searched for any sign of where Edward’s flight would be taking off from and noted that the huge departure sign was flashing boarding for his flight. I pushed my way through the crowds of people and ran as fast as I could to the gate shown on the sign. When I got to the area where security started their scans I looked around with dread. There was no indication of Edward anywhere. I was definitely too late. My knees crumpled beneath me and suddenly I was breathless with my attempt to get to him. Huge sobs were fighting to escape my throat and I placed one hand across my mouth to stop myself from drawing any more attention to myself than I already had. I collapsed on a waiting chair and put my head to my knees. I had failed him and he didn’t deserve to leave the way he was forced to. The wetness on my jeans told me that I was crying with little restraint now and I couldn’t bring myself to care. He was gone and it was all my fault.


“Bella?” The seat beside me buckled a bit under his weight as he sat down and reached out his hand for my shoulder. “What are you doing here? We’ve been trying to contact you all morning.”


I raised my red rimmed eyes to meet his and I gulped in a huge amount of air. “Is he gone?”


Jasper nodded reluctantly. “A fair while ago Bella. I am only still here because I needed caffeine to settle my nerves after having to deal with Edward unraveling for the past couple of hours.”


With his confirmation the tears came even harder. “Oh god Jasper. I didn’t have my phone on me and when I did I could not get through to him and he left me so many messages and I didn’t want him to leave like this and now he……..he….he….is gone……… what have I done?”


Jasper drew me closer to him in a sign of support but his body was not the one I craved for and I pulled myself away a little so that I could read his face.


“I tried to call him to tell him I was on my way.”


Sadness etched his face as he explained. “His phone battery died and I can tell you that it brought about quite a tirade from our boy. He threw it in the bin in disgust and it wasn’t until he thought about the stupidity of you not being able to contact him once he was able to charge the battery again in Paris he went and pulled it back out. He was hoping that you would eventually want to speak to him.”


“Oh Jasper.  I didn’t get to tell him how I feel. He must hate me right now for not speaking to him before he left.”


“Bella there is no way in this world Edward would ever hate you but……….maybe this was for the best?” My eyes flew to his face with shock at his gentle words. He shrugged lightly and looked a little embarrassed but he braced himself and kept talking. “If you can’t love him the way he loves you it is probably not fair to give him hope. I thought it would make a difference when I told you what Peter asked of Edward. I thought you would tell Edward how you felt but I was wrong. Edward feels that he is second best to everything with regards to Peter and frankly he deserves more than that.”


“You don’t understand Jasper. I love Edward…….. He would never be second best………. Edward means everything to me; I just haven’t been able to admit to it because it was so intense and……… I’ve never felt like that before, not even with Peter. I felt guilty because I was relegating Peter to that role of second best……. never ever Edward. Without Edward in my life I would be completely and utterly lost. I love him. ……….I want to be with him and I can’t tell him that now because I got here too late. I don’t know how to fix this now, while he is moving hundreds of miles away from me. Jasper, I need to fix this.”


Jasper lifted my tear stained face up so that he could judge the truth in my words. “We’ll think of s……….” The rest of his words halted as the thud of a bag hitting the floor behind us indicated we were not alone in this conversation.  Both of us twirled our heads around in surprise and a shot of elation hit me with full force.


“You love me?” The uncertainty in his face made me feel sorrow that I had ever made him think differently but it warred with the absolute joy I felt at seeing him there. I scrambled over the back of the seat I was sitting in and threw myself at him before he could register my intent.


“Edward……..oh my god Edward.” My fingers traced the outline of his face as I happily took in everything about him. “How are you here? Why aren’t you on the plane?”


He was struggling with his words and they came out in a kind of convoluted mess. “I couldn’t do it…..leave without at least seeing you…….and I was about to go through the final security check and I realized that breaking a promise to you was not something I ever wanted to do. I chose to stay and give you that talk I promised you last night…….even though it seemed you didn’t want to speak to me……..but of course that meant my suitcases were on the flight and they had to pull them off……I got a fine which took them forever to write…..I seriously peed off some people in there  …..and …….and then I came out here and saw you with Jasper……I……did you say that you loved me?”


I openly laughed at the incredulity of his question. “Yes Edward. I love you. With every little piece of myself I love you.” I reached up so that I could emphasise the truth of my words with small kisses on his face. “I can’t imagine being without you in my life and I am tired of fighting that feeling. I adore you. I love you. I want to be anywhere you are. Please believe me, I love you!”


Edward’s eyes closed against the butterfly kisses I was placing wherever I could reach. He hadn’t moved at all, with his hands still placed gently but firmly on my hips where he had grabbed me on our initial impact so that we wouldn’t both fall over. When he opened his eyes again he appeared dazed as he searched my face with so much longing that it was hard for me to not close my own eyes against the intensity of the need he was displaying. One of his hands moved and he slowly skimmed his fingers up my side and towards my shoulder until his hand found its way under the curtain of my hair and he was cupping the sensitive area just below my ear whilst his thumb lovingly caressed the side of my face.


“You’re really here? You actually came for me?” He sucked in his breath in and pain contorted his face  as realization hit. “I could have been on that plane Bella. I would have missed out on knowing.”


“Don’t think about that. I am here and there is no place I would rather be than with you. I love you and it’s going to be…….”


Something snapped behind those glazed eyes of his and without any warning he took hold of my lips with his own and I was immediately lost in a tangent of colour and sound and taste and pure ecstasy that I hadn’t lost him after all; that he was here kissing me as if his life depended on it.  I vaguely heard Jasper telling us that that was his cue to leave and he would see us later. Edward was all I could concentrate on for this moment. I couldn’t bring myself to care that our public show of affection would be sending his brother scuttling off. All I was aware of was Edward making me breathless with the passion and depth of his kiss and his determination to show me that I was loved beyond anything else in the world. When it was finally evident that we needed to breath in order to survive he softened his hold on me and gently kissed my eyelids and then my cheeks before landing one on my bottom lip.


“Tell me again,” Edward whispered with reverence as he continued to nip at my lips with all the gentleness he could muster. I leaned into his kisses in the hope that he would take them further but instead he pulled back and looked me seriously in the eye. “Bella please I want to hear you say it again.”


I smirked at him, suddenly in a teasing mood, my joy at having him back was so firmly engrained in my demeanor. “Well I’m not so sure about that Edward. I do believe I have told you quite a few times over the course of the last few minutes how much I ………….care……… and yet not once have you said it to me. If you ask me, that seems a little unfair.”


Surprise passed across his face and then merriment lit up in his eyes making them that bright emerald colour that always made me swoon.


“That does seem a little unfair so I guess that this is my time to say that I ………….care about you a whole lot. Is that what you wanted to hear Bella?” He was stroking my face now with the pads of both thumbs and I pouted as I watched him wait for my reaction.


“Not really,” I whispered before turning my head to the right and lightly kissing his thumb to offset the reproach in my voice. When my eyes returned to his gaze the merriment was gone and it had been replaced with a heated look of want and adoration. He lifted his hand to smooth back my hair and then took a deep breath.


“Well I guess what you need to know then, is this. I have never ever loved anyone but you Bella Swan. It feels like you are the only reason I exist and even when I didn’t think we could ever be together, it was your existence that kept me going, regardless of the pain. I love you. I love everything about you. If this is a dream I never want to wake up because quite honestly  it is better than anything I could ever have imagined, to have you tell me that you love me the way I love you. Right now I want to take you in my arms and never, ever let you go again. I’m actually free to feel it and believe it. You belong with me. I don’t believe there is any other way even though I don’t want to think of the machinations of that right now. You are everything to me.” He grinned lopsidedly at what I could only imagine was the look of awe on my face at his revelations. “….and did I happen to mention that I am seriously, deeply, without a doubt in this world, in love with you?”


 His head dipped again to reinforce his declaration with the kind of kiss that made your legs turn to jello and your heart to palpitate at a million miles an hour. That, combined with his words of love, made me lose all sense of reasonable propriety and  I forcefully pushed myself closer to his body so that there was not even one small bit of space between his body and mine. I wanted to be completely swallowed by  everything I loved about him and his nearness was paramount. It wasn’t until I heard a child’s voice asking his mother what we were doing, and hearing  and feeling Edward’s deep chuckle at the question, that I realized that we were being highly impolite to the people around us. Edward pulled away and put a respectable distance between us but leant down so only I could hear his words.


“As much as I love the way you are telling me that you love me right back, I think we should probably take this to a less public forum.” My blush brought about another snigger from Edward and I buried my face in his chest to cover up my embarrassment. “Let’s get you home and we can talk there.”


The idea was tempting but through my haze of happiness I knew that we didn’t have the time to do this that way he was suggesting.


“Wait. What are you going to do about work? In your message you said that they told you if you didn’t go to Paris earlier then you would lose your job.”


“I already made that decision when I didn’t get on that plane Bella. The only difference now is that I have you, where as I didn’t when I made that decision. It makes it all the more acceptable now that I have a good reason for it.”


“No. You love your job Edward. You can’t just give it up because of me. Surely we can do something to make it right with your bosses?”


“Bella the only way I can make it right with my bosses is by getting on the next available flight and getting myself to Paris. I am not willing to do that when I have the opportunity to make things work out with you. There’s no choice to make here. Where you are, that’s where I will be. I can get another job.”


“You love that job,”


“Yes I do but I love you more.”


With stark clarity I knew what I wanted and how I could allow Edward to have both his job and me. It was a huge step but it was something that I believed would be not only right for us but would strengthen me as a person.


“Well I don’t.” I answered and his eyes flew to me in panic.


“What…what do you mean? Surely after………Bella what are you saying.” His bewilderment and sudden concern had me cursing my choice of words.


“Relax Edward. I love you and that hasn’t changed in the last few minutes. I am simply saying that I don’t love my job.”


His deep breath of relief had me squeezing his hand and he smiled at me before staring at me quizzically. “I still don’t understand. How does that help us?”


“Well I don’t love my job but you do. I love you and I want to be wherever you are but I would prefer you to be happy with your choices, not making sacrifices to be with me….”


“It’s not really a sacrifice when I want you more than anything else.”


I pretended not to hear his interruption and continued.  “….and I have heard that Paris is amazingly romantic and who better to share that with but the person you love beyond anyone else?”


Edward’s eyes widened in understanding and he attempted to speak but nothing came out for many, many seconds.


“Are you saying?.... what exactly are you saying Bella?”


“That I know you have to go to Paris….and quickly ……and that you might possibly consider giving me a few days to tie up loose ends here and say goodbye to my loved ones…….. before I follow you? ”


“What? Bella you don’t have to do this. I’m not asking you to pick up your life and relocate so that we can be together. You can’t give up on everything you’ve known to be with me.”


“Is it too much for you, too soon,” I asked with a little bit of fear. Maybe I had misconstrued this thing going on between us.


“God no Bella. I do not want to leave your side for even a minute now that I have you but this….this is you making a sacrifice when you just told me you didn’t want me doing exactly the same thing. We both have family here. You will have no one in Paris.”


“I will have you,” I traced circles on his arm and he closed his eyes in exasperation. “Edward. I think this will be good for us; to be away from New York for a little while; for it to be just you and I learning to build on our love for one another properly without anyone or anything else getting in our way. Do you know what I mean?”


I could see on his face that it was dawning on him how hard it might be for us to be together once everyone knew that there was something special between us and as much as I was willing to face that if it came down to the need, it made sense to me to give Edward and I a shot at this without other people’s expectations interfering in our love for one another.


“I don’t want you to feel like you have to run Bella. People will understand soon enough that what we have is real and their judgments don’t mean anything to us.


“I’m not doing this to escape Edward. I made my peace with the only person I needed to this morning and it didn’t hurt that his mother backed me up as well. I want to come to Paris with you because I love you and I want us to start out the right way,” I grinned at him to lighten the mood. “ and what better way than being in the most romantic place on earth.”


“It is a pretty amazing place to live,” He begrudgingly agreed and I knew I had him. “Are you sure about this?”


“Positive,” There was not one iota of doubt in my mind. This was exactly the start we needed to be together for the forever I envisioned. “It isn’t forever anyway and soon enough we will be back on American soil to spend time with our families and friends.” Edward rubbed his eyes as if to ward off any confusion and then he gave me the brightest smile that I had ever seen on his face.


“You really want to do this? You really love me enough to come to Paris with me?”


“Yes Edward. I love you enough to follow wherever you lead. You’re stuck with me now.”


“Well that is something I do believe I will enjoy,” He muttered before I was caught up in yet another kiss of unconstrained happiness and searing passion. The devotion that could be read in every action and nuance of his body against mine was something I could get used to.


“So my love, we are off to Paris.” He stated with conviction once he relinquished the touch of my lips.


“Yes, Paris,” I answered in a dreamy voice, completely trusting this impetuous decision I had made in order to remain with Edward. My forever was now wrapped up in his and I had never been more certain of his love, or mine, as I was in that moment. “Just you and me and a whole lot of well earnt love to look forward to.”

hey  Michelle , I was reading you're story since a week and I was keeping my comment for the last ...

I don't even know hoe to describe this story I can't seem to find the right words of admiration to give to u ..

but I will try to say something in the hopes that will be good enough ...

this is the most amazing and well written fan fiction I've ever read .. the plot is sooooo incredible ...

I could feel for everybody in this story and I could feel every thing they felt ..

the first Time Edward and Bella met I could actually feel my heart hammering with Bella's heart and I can feel the blush rises in my cheeks when she blushed ....

when peter died I actually cried so so so much and I could feel Bella's pain .. the chapter that described the funeral was so amazing so full of intense emotions that I could actually feel ...

every touch between Edward and Bella was very clearly detailed oh my god it was so amazing ..

I could feel every kiss that Edward and Bella shared and specially the kisses they shared after that Bon Jovi concert they were so great ... and whaen rick came I wanted so badly to scream at him I litarlly wanted to be inside the story to be able to SCREAM lol ...

and this chapter ((( FINALLY ))) Bella told Edward that she loved him .. yay yay yay and wow she is moving to paris that is a HUGE step but I'm really glad that she is making this decision .. I don't know if this is the last chapter .. but I hope it's not and there is another one is coming ...

I love u and I love ur story u r an amazing talented gifted writer ....

Wow. I ca not say anything but wow for all your very generous comments. It really makes me happy to hear that people have enjoyed the story and that I did an okay job of moving Bella through her pain to come out alright at the other side with happiness with Edward. Thank you so much for reading and the only thing left of this story is the epilogue.

Thanks again




Great!!! what more can I say? You woke up the girl in me hoping and loving. again Michelle you amazed me by doing a great wonderful story..

I hope I can read another one from you. Please send me message if you do another story..SO AMAZING!!!!

Love lots, Michelle.


God bless you.

Thnaks so much Charmie. It is really nice to hear that the girl has been woken up within you - it is lovely to dream of a happy, romantic relationship. We all do it. I will definitely let you know if more is coming but I think I will take a break for a bit.




I love hearing about your life Tami - you've done so many things and have an awaesome hubby and family so go ahead and let me know......I enjoy it. Thanks for enjoying Bell and Edward reunion. I am so happy you liked those particular words because I really struggled for him to say the right thing to her without it being the same thing over again.


Epilogue up soon!




PS - I am reknown for not having my cell phone on. My husband actually rings my friend's phones if I am out with them.


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