The Twilight Saga

Sometimes love just can't be denied - no matter how untimely it hits us. Sparks fly between Edward and Bella the very first time they meet; problem is that Bella is already committed to another. See how the two of them deal with their unspoken attraction and how a tragedy could bring them closer together or push them further apart.


This story is being worked on by both myself and AnahyR whose ideas are the basis for all chapters. We hope you enjoy it and would love to hear your opinions through your comments. AnahyR will also be doing this story in Spanish so for those of you who are Spanish speaking you will also have access to this at some stage. I will put the link here once it is done.



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Chapter 1 - Friendships                                             Chapter 2 - Interactions

Chapter 3 - Denying Attractions                                 Chapter 4 - A Friend in Need

Chapter 5 - Realizations                                            Chapter 6 - Truths

Chapter 7 - Peter                                                      Chapter 8 - Collision

Chapter 9 - Aftermath                                                Chapter 10 - Saying Goodbye

Chapter 11- Drowning Sorrows                                   Chapter 12 - Waking Up

Chapter 13 - Baby Steps                                           Chapter 14 - Friendship?

Chapter 15 - Flight                                                    Chapter 16 - Acceptance

Chapter 17 - Getting Closer                                       Chapter 18 - The Good and the Bad          

Chapter 19 - In These Arms                                      Chapter 20 - Accusations

Chapter 21 - Coolness                                             Chapter 22 - Candid

Chapter 23 - Broken Silences                                   Chapter 24 - At the Heart of it

Chapter 25 - Uncertainties

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OhMyGosh. I am in You story was BRILLIANT!! :D I am so sorry it took so long for me to reply, I have been busy with school and studying for finals. I decided to take a break and I remembered that I needed to check on your story. I am so glad that I did, haha. I'm soooooo very happy that they are finally togeher, at first when she got there and it was only Jasper, I started to cry...and I am not ashamed to say that. Then when I heard that thump, I just knew it was Edward. When you confirmed it I was so happy, I almost started crying tears of joy. :D Paris. What a beautiful place for them to start to grow their love. (: Wow, I am so happy that the story ended the way it did but I am also sad that your story ended. Haha, I really hope you start writing another story, if you do please send me a link because honestly your stories are the only ones I follow. (: Well, again a brilliant story and ending. I commend you guys on this beautiful story. (:

Hi Kendra,


Thnaks for everything that you have written about this story. I have really enjoyed putting AnahyR's ideas into the story and I agree that Paris will be a lovely place for them to start their new relationship. I appreciate your constant support/ I will definitely let you know if I write a new story but I am not really sure if that will be any time soon.

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My Sweet, Wonderful and talented Michelle... I know that I have been so behind in commenting and I am so sorry for that....between the mind games and pain I am dealing with since the accident, then my laptop going to computer heaven and not having a computer...I have gotten behind on my commenting and some editing...but not reading my faves!!

I so love how you ended this story...

I love how Bella and Grace came together and she was able to finally give Bella some peace about her feelings for Edward and her love for Peter not being a betrayal....the conversation was much needed and made me cry sad and happy tears.

I was on pins and needles as Bella tried to get to Edward....kinda sad how Jasper and everybody pretty much laid into Bella for thinking she was ignoring Edwards call...come on people...really?!

When I heard the "thunk" behind her...eyes started leaking, smile so big my face hurt and if my back and leg would have allowed....I would have been doing a happy dance, but thats ok, Earl did it for me!!

I love how you let him hear her say she loved him, then he made her repeat it over and freakin' sweet and amazing and so Edward....

Ok, so they are moving to Paris...great idea. They need some time as a couple without prying eyes or judgements or opinions...not that anybody would dare do that right?! yeah...uh-uh...way to go Bella...leave with your soulmate, love of your life and maker of your dreams come true!! I am so with you girlfriend!!

I cannot wait for the next epilogue to see how they all ended up....happy and babies!!!! Lots of babies!!!!

Love and Hugs....I look forward to your next story that I know you are already cooking up in that wonderful brain of yours!!

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Thanks Sereena. I am glad you enjoyed it.




Epilogue - Eternity


“Que puis-je vous obtenez?”

“Deux chocalats chauds s’il vous plait” I motioned between my grand daughter and myself to indicate to the waitress that that was our order. Ana was looking at me with awe as she took in my ability to communicate our needs so readily. My eyes focused on the face of my daughter who was scanning the menu as if she might understand it fully. “And  Ness, what would you like?”


“Just a tea thanks mum,” She looked at me with weary eyes and I found myself questioning my decision to adhere to her demand to come here with me. I knew it was going to be hard for her but she had been adamant that I could not do this alone. That she wanted to be with me. She was just as stubborn as her father. I sighed and redirected my attention to the waitress who was waiting for me to speak.


“The au lait s’il vous plait.” I smiled at the young girl before she walked away. There had been a time when I knew the waitresses here by name, I was such a constant visitor, but that was a long time ago and now things had changed in so many ways.


“So this was where you hung out when you lived here, nan? Has it changed much?” Ana swept her gaze over the façade of the café and then looked out into the busy alleyway where people went about their business of the day. I laughed inwardly. She was doing exactly as I used to do when I had frequented this café when I had lived in Paris years ago; people watching, it had been my favourite past time and everyone had seemed so elegant and energetic back then that I had felt like I had been thrown into a fairytale. The idleness of that activity had eventually stopped when I had finally found a job as a free lance writer in an English speaking paper but the café had still been a favourite place for me to visit and Edward and I had shared many happy evenings regaling each other with our goings on of the day while we sipped at exquisite coffees and sometimes even a brandy or two. It had seemed decadent and romantic as we sat in our place across from the Seine and watched the world pass whilst we were in our own dazed state of adoration and fulfilness.


“Well sixty years is a long time Ana so everything is much more modern but some places like this, I am happy to say, have kept their old time charm. Your grandfather and I loved this place. We were never able to find a place quite like it back at home when we returned,” My fingers traced lovingly against the wooden tables and again I found myself sighing. I had been doing a lot of that lately. “I am glad I get to see it one last time.”


Both Ana and Ness tensed up but they kept the bright smiles on their faces to cover their apprehension about  the choices I had made. I was going to enjoy this moment in time; sharing how my life had been with Edward in Paris with two of the many people I had been lucky enough to share my life with.


“Oh come on you two. I didn’t bring you all the way over here to spend the time with glum looks and an air of tragedy. Paris is beautiful; it’s a place of history and… and romance. Don’t ruin this for me. Edward would have wanted me to be happy here………he always wanted me to be happy………and that is why we are doing this. Girls, I need your support with this, not your sad eyes or your suggestions that maybe I am making the wrong choice. This is what I need and if you can’t accept that then maybe we need to rethink you being here?”


My daughter’s hand reached out and covered my own wrinkled one. Ana was almost immediate in adding her much younger version to the mix. They were strong women, my girls and even though they had initially done everything possible to deter me from this path I had chosen, they had also eventually given in and made the trip here so that I could make this one last choice for myself; a decision that would lead me to where I ultimately needed to be………with Edward………because for me it would always be him and already it had been far too long.


“We’re with you mum,” Ness stated unhesitatingly and I knew that my threat to make them leave would have made her worried. There was no way in this world that she would want me to do this alone. “It’s just hard, you know. The finality of it all.”


With a sympathetic smile I took my hand away from hers and lifted it to run my withered hand over the apple of her cheek. She had been my first born and her arrival had been such a blessing to Edward and I.


“It’s time,” I breathed heavily as I watched Edward try and bring himself out of the deep sleep I had just so rudely awoken him from. His eyes widened in alarm as he took in my words and he was instantly up and out of the bed to wrap a supportive arm around my waist. I had been uncomfortable all night and  not wanting to disturb Edward, when I knew he had a busy day the next day, I had succumbed to a soothing bath to try and alleviate the aches and pains that were currently racking my body. To a point it had worked but as soon as I had risen from the bath tub to make my way back to bed the cramps had become almost unbearable and I knew that this was more than phantom labour. I finally submitted to waking Edward up and his immediate support was very much appreciated.


“Are you sure?” Edward asked with a note of panic and I could only imagine that the look I gave him was the reason he subtly recoiled from me. “Okay sweetheart. That was a stupid question, it’s just that it is so early.”


He had hardly finished voicing his reasoning then I was buckled over in the worse pain I had experienced so far. A gush of water between my legs was a very physical assertion that I was correct in my belief that this baby was on its way and Edward’s face became even paler as he tried to determine what he should do first.


“Hospital Edward.” I muttered through my clenched teeth. “Get me to the hospital before I have this baby here on our bedroom floor.”


That spurred him into action and before I knew it I was being transported to the hospital and the next hour and a half  was spent with Edward’s encouraging words rattling around my head as he tried to ensure my comfort and convince me that everything would be alright. Yes the baby was coming a little too early for our liking but he knew in his heart that all would turn out in the end because……..well just because it had to.


Two hours later, after a great amount of cussing and swearing that Edward would never be allowed near me again, our beautiful Nessie was born; a little smaller than we felt completely comfortable with but her size did not stop her from voicing her dissatisfaction at the coldness of this new world as she entered and there was absolutely nothing wrong with her lungs if her cry was anything to go by. Edward appeared to be completely dazzled by the little presence that was being cleaned up and checked over with a fine tooth comb by the midwives. When she was finally placed on my chest for our first bonding session I felt instant relief and a whole lot of adoration for this tiny person who had been made from Edward’s and my love. Nothing in the world could compare to that feeling of complete contentment and knowledge that our little miracle was finally here with us. Edward’s glassy eyes as he sat as closely as possible to the two of us with one  hand lightly resting on our little one’s shoulder and the other caressing the back of my neck, told me that he was overcome with the emotion of it too. The perfection of such a moment was almost too much to bear.


“Do you have any idea, Bella, of how much I love you and our beautiful daughter?” Edward spoke  in an awed whisper as his glassy eyes searched my face before returning to the bundle in our arms.


“I think I have a pretty good idea Edward……… you and Nessie are everything to me and I’ve never felt more fulfilled than right at this moment.”


Of course that was to change with the birth of our sons, two and five years later. Nothing could compare to holding your child and knowing that they were a reflection of how strongly you felt for the person who helped you give them life. Edward and I were blessed with three healthy and energetic children who grew up into adults who we had always been proud of. They themselves had found true love at different stages of their lives and had delved into the role of parenthood with as much gusto as Edward and I had, giving us the gift of three granddaughters and five grandsons  to dote over for the rest of our time. Life had been good to us in so many ways, even through the hard times, and it was with this knowledge that my trip to Paris had been planned with very little regret on my part.


Ana gently placed her hand on her mother’s shoulder and gave her an understanding smile before speaking.  “Well, I am really looking forward to seeing more of Paris through nan’s eyes and hearing more about her life here with Pops. It makes me feel closer to him somehow. What is on the agenda next?”


I gave her a grateful  glance in response and sipped at my coffee as I thought about where I wanted to go next. I was thankful that she was feeling Edward’s presence here as much as I was. It reinforced that our trip here was going to give me what I was searching for; peace and my beloved’s face. “Would you like to see where we lived? I know it won’t be the same because it was renovated years ago and turned into an art gallery but it will give you a general idea of the area.”


Both Ness and Ana agreed and before too long we had finished our drinks and made our way across the short distance to the street where Edward and I had resided during the few years we had stayed in Paris. It did not escape my notice that my frail body was not able to keep up with my mind the way I wanted and that Ness and Ana had to shorten their normal walking gait in order for me to keep up. It was one of the things I hated about being old; my mind was not willing to admit that there were so many things I could not or should not be doing and it was frustrating when reality made it quite apparent. However my daughter and grand daughter were patient, even if I was not, and I was soon standing between them as they each held an arm gently so that I could take stock of what was before me; my original home in the city of Paris.


“Edward, it is beautiful,” I exclaimed as my eyes wandered over the apartment I would be calling home. Edward’s taste was impeccable and even though there were many parts of the place that he had left unadorned the whole apartment shouted out homely with a touch of sophistication.


“Not as beautiful as you,” Edward stated with conviction and pulled me into his arms so that I was wrapped in his warmth. He steadied himself with a deep breath and then pulled back a little so that we could look at one another directly. “I can’t believe you’re here. I can’t believe you are actually in my arms; that you didn’t change your mind and stay in New York.”


I lifted my fingers so that I could trace his features lovingly. The last time I had been able to do that had been when I had finally admitted to him that I loved him at the airport and we had made the momentous decision for me to move to Paris. That had been a month ago now and Edward’s daily calls and frequent emails had told me that he had missed me as much as I had missed him whilst I tied up the loose ends of my life at home. Now, Edward’s words confirmed that he had been worried that whole time that I would decide not to come and that he would be left in Paris without me. I felt somewhat guilty that before our proclamations of love that I had treated him in a way that would result in his unsuredness now. I needed to rectify that immediately.


“As if that was ever going to happen, Edward. How could I have been anywhere else but here with you? It was so hard to be back at home when you were all the way over here and it was so hard not to just get on the first plane to get here as quickly as possible. I love you and there is no where else I would rather be.”


Edward moved his hands so that his fingers found a resting place over my own exploring ones before entwining our fingers together and bringing them down between us, but not before grazing his lips across my knuckles in a gentle display of worship. I smiled at the demonstration of adoration he was willing to give to me and it only widened as he whispered against my cheek.


“I want you to belong with me, Bella. I desperately need you to belong with me. You have been in every thought and in every action of mine for so long now and I want that to be alright with you. I want this to work between us; I want to give you everything you deserve and make this sacrifice you’ve made to be the best thing you’ve ever done. Please, I need you.”


“You’ve got me Edward. I do belong with you and you belong with me. I’m exactly where I should be.”


His head lowered and as his lips reached mine all thought fled as I finally truly believed I was home. He sucked lightly on my lower lip before placing tender kisses from one side of my mouth to the other, all the while showing me his happiness by the lift of his smile between each one. I vaguely heard his soft assurances that this was it for us and that we were going to be so happy together. I already knew all of that and at this moment of time I wanted to drown myself in him and the feel of his lips caressing me in the most loving manner possible. When he finally deepened the kiss I was more than ready for it and the intensity of it hit me like a wave; even more so than our initial welcome to Paris kisses had, when we had seen each other at the airport. Apparently the privacy of our own home was the catalyst for a much more passionate reunion and that was more than okay by me. There was no hesitation on either of our parts and we were soon locked in an incredible display of mutual longing and desire. My fingers made their way into his hair once he relinquished his hold to bring me closer with his own hands. He was every where around me and all I could give him back were my touches and my small whimpers of approval for the way he made me feel. It was so natural and only confirmed that I was right in not second guessing my decision to move here; Edward and I were going to love one another the right way and there was no way I was going to give this up; not ever………


“Nan? Are you okay?” Ana spoke softly as if she didn’t want to scare me with any loud noises. I pulled myself out of my memories and gave her a watery smile. Even now Edward could elicit remarkable feelings from me and I wanted so desperately to have him here by my side now.


“Of course sweetheart. I just lost myself in memories of how this place used to be. Your grandfather found the perfect place for us to live together when I arrived in Paris and we had so much fun making it ours once I arrived. He was so excited to share this part of his life with someone on a deeper level and we had so many good times in that place. It’s a little sad that it no longer exists in the same way.”


“Everything is continuously moving and changing mum,” Ness said “You’ve always made that quite clear to all of us and it has helped us through so many aspects of life. Just like you also said though, we have our memories and no one can take those away from us.”


“Exactly. Memories live on long after we leave this earth.”  I agreed with my daughter and looked one last time at the gallery that was once my home.


“How long did you and pops stay in Paris?” Ana asked with curiosity.


“Three and a half years all up but of course we did go back to the states for visits and we had many guests come to stay with us here as well. It was a wonderful period in our lives. We couldn’t have had a better start to our relationship.” I thought back on those days of full contentment and the excitement of seeing Europe with Paris as our base. I really had felt that I was living the life of a princess and Edward was always there to make sure I knew it was something I deserved. “We got married just before we left Paris, when Edward’s contract finished and we could return to New York. Our honeymoon was an idyllic trip around Croatia and Slovenia. It wasn’t until we got home to New York that we found out that we were pregnant with your mother here. To say that Edward was ecstatic about becoming a dad would be an understatement.”


Ana sighed and I laughed at her enthusiasm at the romance of it all. “We got married not so far from here. Would you like to see it?”


“Absolutely,” They both said in unison and we giggled like young girls again. I directed them towards a cab and gave instruction for the driver to take us to St Germain des Pres. It was in this historic part of Paris that we had said our vows with our small group of family and friends by our side. The memory of it made me smile broadly. Our wedding had been everything I had ever imagined it could be with the people closest to us travelling to be by our sides. It was one of my favourite days ever and Edward’s love for me had shone so brightly that it was hard to believe that there ever could have been another possibility for the way my life ended up.


“Are you happy love?” His breath caressed my cheek as he leant in to whisper softly whilst his arms encircled my waist. The sun was setting on the most beautiful and heart warming day of my life and I leant back into his chest allowing the slosh of water on the boat’s side lull me into a slight trance as everything about Edward invaded my senses. It was always this way when he was near me; I loved his presence and the way I was so familiar with his movements, his scent, his velvety voice, his touch. Life without him would just not be worth living but life with him……..well that had been something to marvel at because no matter what, Edward made sure that I knew that I was loved, that I came first and everything he did told the world that he was mine and I was his. Today’s wedding ceremony had been no different.


“The happiest, Edward.” I sighed and then turned into the hardness of his body so that I could rest my head against his chest. “ You make me happy and knowing that I am your wife…….words can’t even express how ecstatic that makes me.”


I felt him nuzzle my hair and the action was soothing. “I know what you mean Bella.” He murmured before lightly encasing my mouth with his lips. My body reacted instantly but Edward pulled away and gave me a look of pure love. “Have I told you how utterly, spell bindingly beautiful you look today?”

I giggled softly. “Maybe a few times……….but I will never get sick of hearing it, coming from you.” I reached for him again but my movement was of no use because someone had other ideas for us.


“Hey, hey, hey. That’s enough you two. We’ve already witnessed the love during the ceremony and we haven’t all travelled all this way to watch the two of you make out like teenagers. Everyone is waiting for you on the front deck to get this party started,” Emmett’s loud voice boomed and the two of us looked guiltily to our side to see his beaming face with the arched eyebrow.


“Do you mind Emmett. I am kissing my wife,” I liked the way Edward emphasized the word wife and a feeling of complete goodwill and giddiness swam through my body as he confirmed once again that we had come together more formally today.


“Yes, yes I can see that but you have the rest of your lives for such undertakings and we want some of your company. Get your butts to your guests.” Emmett spoke jovially and Edward and I couldn’t help but laugh at his exuberance. We had missed our friends and family during our time in Paris so having them here on this important day was something special.


We followed him to the front of the boat and as we took in those waiting before us I grinned at how perfect everything seemed at that moment. Everyone raised their glasses to us as Emmett introduced us as Edward and Bella Cullen and I glanced around all the important people in our lives. Jasper and Alice stood arm in arm grinning as they welcomed us into the world of marriage. They themselves had been married in a lavish ceremony that well suited Alice’s personality, if not Jasper’s, about eighteen months ago. They were doing so well and it warmed my heart to know that they had been living the happy life that they so richly deserved. Rosalie was holding her little one in her arms as Emmett made his way back to her side to throw a loving arm around her shoulder and give his gorgeous baby son a quick peck on the forehead. They had been trying ever since they were married to fall pregnant and when it finally happened they had been so full of joy that I thought they would both explode with it. We had welcomed our first nephew, Dale, into the fold with a whole lot of excitement and it was wonderful that he was here to share our day with us even if he would never remember it, being so young and all. Esme and Carlisle stood smiling so widely at us and I could tell that Esme was trying extremely hard not to let her tears fall. She was such a loving and giving woman and she had made it quite clear to me when she first visited us after my move to Paris that I was the best thing to have happened to her son and that I was a very special part of their family. There had been no judgment about the way things had gone before I had finally woken up to myself and I loved her dearly for that. My parents had been just as welcoming to Edward and when I looked at them now I could see that they were bursting with pride for me and Edward. Jake stood beside them with his arm casually entwined with Camille’s. We had all thought that they had become so close that they would become romantically involved but they had proven us wrong, both enjoying relationships with different people in their own cities. That had not stopped them from being the best friends ever to one another and when they got together they had all kinds of fun. Angela, Ben, Jane and her beau of the moment were also present, along with a few of the closer friends we had made during our time in Paris. Last but not least were Grace and Rick Woods who had graciously accepted our invitation and who had demonstrated the love they had for me by seeming extremely happy for the way things had turned out between Edward and I. Grace had even found me before the ceremony to tell me how proud she was that I had done what she had asked and loved to my fullest capacity; that I had given her son the peace of knowing that I was where I should be at this time of my life. We had cried together but they had been happy tears and I was oh so glad that they had come to be with us today. We partied late into the night as our boat sailed smoothly along the waters of the river and I had never felt so alive and sure of my love as I had as I celebrated next to my soul mate who was now my husband.

Yes my wedding had been something special and just another wonderful memory of the love between my husband and I.




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