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Keveral is a girl that went missing in 1912, She has finally made her way back to Forks.But she has a very strange reason for being here. Her 'father' Aro has asked her to go seek help from his friend Doctor Carlisle Cullen with her strange ailment. Keveral is neither Vampire nor Werewolf. She is a mix. Aro bit her while she was on a tour through Volterra with her Uncle. Aro sends her because of Carlisle's relationship with the Wolves of La Push. When she arrives she gets a big surprise. Her sister and her mate.

Chapter One- Father Knows Best

Keveral POV

I sighed softly hanging my head in defeat "As you wish Father." I murmured. He was sending me away from him. He was sending me to his friend to see why I have this ailment. I stood infront of Father and my Uncles my cloak pushed down where my black spiked out to the sides hair was visible as well as my golden eyes. You see I had adopted the Cullens "Vegetarian" way of life after my Father told me about it.Alec was to escort me to the air port and then to the Cullen house but not stay. I bowed to them then left Alec right behind me. "Alec it's unfair! I'm perfectly fine!" He nodded "Except that your talent is being able to turn into a wolf and see the future. You and the Pixie Cullen will get along fine." I sighed "You are so not helping Alec." He shrugged "Call me when you're ready to leave Kev." I sighed and began packing. I decided to take my brighter colored clothes rather than the dull black I wore around here. I packed my iPod and cell as well then grabbed a series of books. When I was done it was night so I took off my cloak and changed out of my black boring tank top into a band shirt a hoodie and grabbed my bags. "Alec!" I called slipping on my back pack he came in and grabbed my suit case. I froze as a vision flashed in my mind.

"Alice are you sure?" Some one asked her she nodded and blinked "Yes I'm sure. The Volturi is only sending one to stay. A girl....she looks a bit like me.....She's coming soon." She looked around at the faces peering at her. Her love, Her almost mother and father, her brothers and sisters and her neice, the La Push wolves were there as well. She didn't looked worried at all "The rest is a surprise."

As I came to Alec was looking at me "What did you see?" I smiled "Alice seeing that I'm being sent to them." He nodded and continued to escort me to the surface and to a rental car he put my suitcase in the trunk motioning for me to place my back pack in as well. I put my back pack down in the trunk then got into the car. The ride to the air port was near silence finally Alec spoke "The Cullens don't like me at all Kev." I nodded "I know Father told me. So....will you at least walk me up the driveway Alec?" He sighed but nodded "Sure Princess." I slugged him in the arm "Don't call me that." Alec was my best and only friend in Volterra. Jane hated me and the rest of the guard didn't really care what I did. I had been there during the questioning about the hybrid. I heard Alec sigh softly "What?' He looked at me his orange gold eyes staring at me "Contacts Finally dissolved." I laughed "They might hate you less if you got out of Volturi garb more often. He chuckled "If I could leave I would but I have no reason to." I nodded. He and I talked often about this subject. The rest of the ride was silent as was our plane ride to the U.S. We landed in Seattle and got our rental loading my luggage into the trunk and drove off. I gazed out the window watching the countless tree go by as we neared Forks Alec took a turn and drove half way up the long drive then parked getting out he grabbed my suitcase and handed me my back pack. As we walked up we were watched by the wolves. "Alec how long will you stay?" He shrugged "Long enough to make sure you're settled." I nodded and stopped as we reached the group of waiting Cullens they were all tense. Alec set down my bag and looked at me "And I believe that's my cue to leave Kev." He messed up my hair which made me punch him in the arm "Worst escort ever Alec." All I heard was his laugh as he drove away. "Jerk." I muttered then faced the Cullens. Suddenly I was engulfed in a hug which was so familiar. "Keveral!" I blinked and hugged her back "Ali!" our exchange confused even the mind reader...Edward. She held me at arms length "Wow you grew up Kev." I laughed past the choking feeling in my throat "I had to Ali. Mum and Dad made you go away." There was a few gasps as everyone finally got it. Alice Cullen was my older sister.

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Chapter 4 - Secrets within secrets

Seth POV

 It took us a few hours to explain things to Keveral...such a pretty name Keveral Similon Brandon well Cullen now. She'd be going to high school with me next week. We were sitting on the couch enduring a football game Emmett insisted on. At a few points Keveral would scream "Fumble!" or "Foul!" I think she even screamed "AW COME ON I CAN THROW BETTER THAN THAT! AND I"M A GIRL!" This made everyone laugh including her "You forgot the part where you're so unnatural you make us seem lame." I said looking at her. "Are you kidding me Seth?! You turn into the most adorable wolf ever!" She grinned at me. Why is it that this girl who knew next to nothing about me could so quickly? Nessie put her hand on Keveral's arm getting her attention quick "Kev Kev I want to see you do magic." Keveral's eyes widened in surprise "Now where on Earth did you here i could do that?" She shrugged "Auntie Alice." Keveral sighed and smiled shaking her head her midnight black choppy locks falling in disarray "Alice....what magic would you like to see?" Nessie put her hand on Keveral's face. keveral's face fell slightly "That? you sure?" This question earned her the Nessie glare of, I'm sure now do it. Keveral sighed and nodded standing up "Outside we go then." She lead the way Nessie and i following behind, jake followed Ness and suddenly everyone was outside. As the sun went down snowy white wings spread from Keveral's shoulder blades. I could only stare. I had a feeling Keveral had Secrets within Secrets





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