The Twilight Saga

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Chapter 1

I was walking off the plane, hmm; I wonder who my dad will send to pick me up. Probably his regular limo driver, Austin. Me and Austin never talk, not even a hi or bye, he picks me up and drops me off.

I was about to call my dad when I seen a girl, pixie-like jumping up and down and next to her was Austin who was holding a sign that said ‘Bella Swan’. I’m glad he knows that I only prefer Bella, or else I will be in a bad mood.

I walked up to them and the girl said “Hi, you must be Bella Swan! I’m Alice Cullen and I’m sure you know Austin already! Austin will take us to your house from here!” she was really excited, I never seen her before, I only know her from fashion lines.

“Yes, and nice to meet you Alice!” I said a little shy. “Well, we should get going, before your dad gets worried!” she said and then quickly linked our arms together.

We were driving in the drive way now, I started to get a little worried, because my dad never told me exactly why I’m supposed to be here.

Alice kept talking about fashion and how we are going to be the best’s sisters ever. I didn’t care that she said best sisters, because when friends become real close, they become to call each other sister…right! We gave each other our cell phone numbers so we can call each other later.

“See ya later Bella!” Alice called from the car. I waved bye and went straight into the huge house and went to my dad.

I walked into my dads room, and I seen a nurse putting a plate of food in front of him, my dad was covered up. He looked real sick. “Hey dad!” I said a little nervous about what he was going to talk to me about.

“Oh, hey Bella! Thank you Betty. I can take it from here, I’ll call if I need anything!” Charlie said to the nurse. Then he patted the chair next to him. I went and sat on the chair as he pointed out.

“So, how you been doing Bella?” my dad asked me.

“Good, I just finished some designs from mom, I was about to start more until you called and said you needed me here!?” I said curious.

“Oh, well that’s good...I called because I had some umm…bad news to tell you…”

I waited a few seconds for him to finish, but he didn’t. That’s when I knew it had to be something horrible, so I grabbed his hand and squeezed it.

“Dad, tell me. What is it?” I asked calmly.

“Umm, Bells…I’m sick and the doctor said that umm…I only have a 7 days until…I die.” he said trying not to cry.

I don’t believe what I just heard. Nooo, this can’t be happening. Why is this happening to me. I let his hands go so I could cover my face and I started crying trying to hold the tears back. What will I do without my dad.

I took my hands off my face, “I love you so much dad!” I said while wiping the tears away.

“Oh hun, I love you to!” he said rubbing my hands trying to soothe me, it was working. “Bella, I was wondering if maybe you could do something for me before I die!” Charlie said to me with a doubtful look.

“Yes dad, whatever you need or want, I’m right here just ask me!” I said.

He looked super nervous, “Well, umm…I was kind of wondering if…umm…you could marry Edward Cullen! I will understand if you don’t. I know you don’t know him but I want you to be happy, and I think the only person that could make you happy and spoil you is Edward Cullen. I think you guys will make a great couple…” he said really fast at first then slowing down at the end.

"Okay. I will marry Edward Cullen!” I said slowly and nervous.

He looked real shocked by my answer. “Okay, well that’s all I need, I think you should call Alice up to take you to get lunch! I will be okay, that’s why I have the nurses here!” he said really excited.

“Umm, okay! I really need to talk to her anyways.” I said, I really did need to talk to her, maybe she knew that that was what my dad was going to say.

I went to my room and started dialing Alice’s number.



more plz

love it

keep me update

Awesome, can't wait for more :)
great story! cant wait to read more! keep me updated!
Its great, PLEASE post more!!!
This is awesome! But for some constructive advice, don't use so many '!' for her dad. You're saying he's about to die, I don't think he'd be so excited...  




amazing story

love it

hahaha, thanks to Vannessa!!



I like this...
love it!!!


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