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Hello Cutie!Examples ofmy banners i`ve done more to so if u want look at my profile to there should be some on thereexamples:


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Aww thank you Im glad you Like them if you need any more banners I`ll be happy to make more


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im glad you like it come again if you need another banner

Title: DarkNess

Author: AndraLee

Tagline: Bella and Edward's Happy-Ever-After turned into a nightmare 

Please use black, gray or white text. Thanx 

How long will it take to get a banner?

omg sorry ive been so busy this weekend it shouldnt take long tho

here it is if you want me to change it ill be happy to

Oh I love it! I'm totally making a sticker with this and putting it on my binder! Thank you so much!

im glad you like it!


I need a couple banner 

Text:High School is a war: The Scrap Book

Subtext:Amy and Andrew Far from Perfect


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