The Twilight Saga

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Chapter 1BPOV

It was Friday and the bell was about to ring.I was on the edge of my seat. I couldn't wait for winter break,I was spending the all of it with Edward. Ring Ring Ring! Yes I'm free.

I grabbed my stuff and flew out the door , raced to Edwards car and was in his arms."slow down,love " he said.I looked up at him and smiled.He gave me a quick kiss and opened the car door.

We didn't talk on the way home. The ride was too short for a real conversation. We were at the house in 2 seconds.I started to open the door as soon as the engine cut.But I was stopped by Edward who did it himself, always the gentleman. He swept me up in a bridel hold and rushed me into the house.

He sat me on the couch and I sighed heavely. "what do you want to do?""I think I have an idea"I said as I bent my head to kiss him . As our lips met Rose opened the door and we sat up unhappy. Edward took my hand and took me to my half of the house,then sat me down."Bella,I was going to wait for graduation to do this but,"he said as he got down on one knee"Will you marry me?".......................................

comment please!!I am new at this and will need new ideas thanks LUV Megan Ann Cullen

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will do
Chapter 2 BPOV

"So will you marry me, Bella?"

"Yea" as soon as the word came out he kissed me with more passion then I thought was possible, but I didn't mind one bit. His lips didn't leave my face even when I needed air. My arms were wrapped around his neck, his lingered at my waist. He then brought his lips back to mine as I realized something. I had no choice but to stop him.

"Edward what did you mean you were gonna wait till graduation?"

"Long story"He said sheepishly

"I have time"I spat back

"Please just listen,when I got accepted to Santa Barbara my dad wanted me to look for a place to live if we wanted to come. During one of my visits to see him he showed me places he thought we might like. He showed me one that would just be perfect for us. The owners said that if I wanted to buy now they would give me a better price. Bella we would have every thing we could want,a house of our own, going to collage, and most of all we would have each other. What do you say love?"

"What about school?"I was still grasping the whole concept

" If we get married we can leave as soon as you want and we can graduate high school in CA."

" How long have you have this planned?"

"Since you got accepted"

"Later after we graduate but not now"

"You'll still marry me though right"

"Absolutely "I said as he slid the ring on my finger.I tilted my head to kiss him but I knew he was still sad. But I had something up my sleeve.

OK that is the next chapter tell me what u think!!!
YAY first to comment! great and keep me posted please and thank you!
sounds really good
I want to see what Bella has up her sleeve. Please add me and keep me updated. Please post more soon Thanks

..please update me
I like it and your banner is done if you didn't already know
ugh don't leave us like that please update soon and let me know when you post more and ADD ME AS A FRIEND
loved it suspense is killing me please write more soon
thank all of you for commenting it is nice to have some incenive to write
Megan Ann Cullen
this is really sweet
that's REALLY good.


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