The Twilight Saga

Twi Relation: Wolves/Imprint/Bella

Plot: Bella is a friend of Louis, Zayn and Niall. She has not met Liam and Harry yet though. Louis invites her to his and the boys holiday house, for a while, but things get crazy when Liam and Harry both fall in love with her. And Bella finds her self torn between Liam, the one she has feelings for too and Harry who she likes but does not want to hurt. What will Happen when Louis still has feelings for Bella too?

Louis William Tomlinson~Me


No Imprint

Friend of Bella's./Bella's Ex Boyfriend

Isabella "Bella" Marie Swan~Me


Can't Imprint/Torn Between Harry and Liam.

Friend of Louis, Zayn and Niall/ Used to date Louis

Niall James Horan~Khrystail Cullen


No Imprint

Friend of Bella

Liam James Payne~Khrystail Cullen


Imprints on Bella.

Harry Edward Styles~Subbed by Khrystail


Falls for Bella/Imprints on Bella as well.

Zayn Jawaad Malik~Me


No Imprint

Friend of Bella's.


Claire Emma Johnston~Me

17 Years Old

Human/ Friend of Bella






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Be Dedicated

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Bella: I looked at Zayn "Zayn do me a favour and shut up." I told him and he stopped doing what he was, I noticed Harry blushing and he looked nervous then before.I nodded "Alright,I'll just be here." I said and smiled at him softly. I then got my book I had laid down on my towel, my legs still in the water as I was sitting on the deck as I opened my book up and started to read, but not really paying attention as thoughts of Harry were running through my mind. I bit my lip slightly and closed the book and set it behind me then I dived into the lake going for a swim. I swam on my back and closed my eyes for a while then opened them again as I was swimming around on my back, the water was smooth against my skin.

Louis: I was sitting on my towel and looked at Harry when he ran over to me "You okay Harry?" I said and sat up, he looked nervous and he was blushing, I never seen him like this before, it was slightly odd "Sure, I got time, so you can make it as fast or slow as you want Harry." I said and smiled at him softly "You know you can trust me with anything Harry, secrets safe with me and I promise I wont judge you, about what ever you have to tell me and If I can, I will try and help you." I said and gave him a soft smile, he was one of my best friends and I didnt like my friends being upset or hurt.

Harry ;; I nodded and took a deep breath and said all in one sentence, "IthinkIimprintedonBella." (Translation;; I think I imprinted on Bella ) My face felt really hot as it turned a deep blood red. I looked at Louis to make sure he wasn't mad since it was obvious he kind of liked Bella. "Are you mad?" I asked.

Louis: I looked at him when he said he thought he Imprinted on Bella, I looked over at Bella who was in the water swimming then back at Harry who was watching me, I closed my eyes for a few. He imprinted on my ex who was still a good friend of mine. I still had a few feelings left for her but I knew she moved on and didnt feel that way for me anymore, I looked at Harry "I am just surprised and shocked, if she likes you back and you two are happy then my feeling bit odd should not stand in your way Harry." I said looking at him "I want you to be happy" I meant that, I didnt want him to think I hated him or was mad at him because he imprinted on my ex and my friend. I looked back at Bella and I noticed she was getting out of the water. I then looked at Harry "If things work out between you and Bella, dont let her go." I said, I made a mistake of letting her go, and I regretted it, but I knew Harry would probably be smart enough not to make that mistake like me.

Bella: I swam around a bit and then I pulled my self back on the deck, I saw Louis looking at me and I gave him a soft smile, It was bit odd between us sometimes as we used to date and I moved on, but he was still my friend. I wondered what Harry and Louis were talking about. I pulled my hair down and leaned down and dried my hair with my towel and shook my hair out so it would dry slightly faster in the sun. I then flipped my hair back and forth for a while to help the drying, then let it fall as it was, slightly dried and I let it dry off naturally by the sun. I sat on the towel and I looked at the sky, it was pure blue and barely any white clouds in the sky. I smiled and closed my eyes enjoying the fresh air and warm summer breeze on my skin and through my hair. I then opened my eyes again and I thought about Harry, he was at the back of my mind still from before and he managed to climb his way up to the top of my thoughts once again. I tried to think about something else, but found it some what impossible.

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Niall: I walked up to the guys with Liam right next to me. I saw Bella and smiled. She still looked as good as she had last time. I looked at Liam who was watching Bella with confused eyes. I laughed. "Come on Liam, I'll introduce you to our friend."

Liam: I looked at the brown haired beauty hanging out with the guys. She was so beautiful, and I liked her already. "Yeah okay." 

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Bella: I laid my head back against the towel, Zayn was beside me talking to me and I laughed at something he said and my laughter carried on through to the others guys. I sat up and giggled and nudged Zayn "Zayn.stop it" I said and he smirked and I kept giggling. I noticed Niall and I smiled at him and I got up from my place and ran to Niall, I was exited to see him as I had not seen him for a while, I leaped on him hugging him " Irish buddy" I said and giggled hugging him giving him a squeeze.

Zayn: I got up and chuckled as Bella ran to Niall pratically jumping on him hugging him tightly. "Oh, so you miss Niall more then me Bells?" I said teasing her "I wish I was Irish, and Bella would greet me in the same way she does Niall, it's not fair."

Niall: I laughed. "He Belly, How have you been?" I hugged her tightly and laughed at Zayn's scowl. "Don't worry Zayn, she loves you too. i'm just better."


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