The Twilight Saga

Twi Relation: Wolves/Imprint/Bella

Plot: Bella is a friend of Louis, Zayn and Niall. She has not met Liam and Harry yet though. Louis invites her to his and the boys holiday house, for a while, but things get crazy when Liam and Harry both fall in love with her. And Bella finds her self torn between Liam, the one she has feelings for too and Harry who she likes but does not want to hurt. What will Happen when Louis still has feelings for Bella too?

Louis William Tomlinson~Me


No Imprint

Friend of Bella's./Bella's Ex Boyfriend

Isabella "Bella" Marie Swan~Me


Can't Imprint/Torn Between Harry and Liam.

Friend of Louis, Zayn and Niall/ Used to date Louis

Niall James Horan~Khrystail Cullen


No Imprint

Friend of Bella

Liam James Payne~Khrystail Cullen


Imprints on Bella.

Harry Edward Styles~Subbed by Khrystail


Falls for Bella/Imprints on Bella as well.

Zayn Jawaad Malik~Me


No Imprint

Friend of Bella's.


Claire Emma Johnston~Me

17 Years Old

Human/ Friend of Bella






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Be Dedicated

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Have fun :)

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Bella looked at Niall and giggled softly "You always ask too many questions, Nialler" she said and smiled softly "I thought it would be nice to know if my friend Claire got to you know guys" she said and smiled softly

Claire smiled "I am Claire" she said and shrugged "I have no idea, Bella invited me here" she said and shrugged again

Niall: I smiled. "Ohhh. How do you do Claire?" I laughed.

Liam: "I'll be outside." I laughed. I walked outside, and sat on the porch. I looked out at the yard.

Claire smiled softly and nodded "I am doing good" she said and she smiled softly "How about you?" she said looking at him with a soft smile on her face that reached her eyes making them sparkle slighly

Bella nodded at Liam and she finished her breakfast and walked outside "Mind if I join you?" she said looking at Liam and she smiled softly down at him, she had no idea why but she felt closer to him then anyone else, well apart from Nialler who was her best friend, but this was different.

Niall: "I'm doing okay. Been having a bad day." I replied. "Why don't you sit down, you have a pretty smile." I said, staring at her smile.

Liam: "Nah, that would be nice. How was your night?" I smiled at her, and put my arm around her shoulders. I let her lean her head on my shoulder.

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Claire sighed "Aww, I am sorry to hear that" she said and smiled and blushed bright red "That's the sweetest thing any one ever told me" she said and she sits beside him and she smiled softly and looked at him "Your eyes are lovely" she said and she bit her lip

Bella sits beside him and leaned her head against his shoulder and she smiled softly "It's been okay, yours?" she said and she bit her lip slightly. Harry was outside and he frowned seeing them like that and he walked off and Bella closed her eyes and sighed, great, now Harry was upset with her for being like this with Liam. she hated this, why could no one just let her be  happy for once and not bug her like Louis does? she sighed and closed her eyes

Zayn looked at him and nodded "It's fine, I am just not used to be being questioned about it, that's all," he said and he shrugged and he smiled at her softly "You're right though, it's not really your bussiness, I am not saying that to be rude" he said and looked at her "I am sure you do fit in, you're just probably not comforable around me and the lads I guess, like Bella is"

Zayn looked at her and nodded and he chuckled "Now that's a bit extreme" he said and nodded "Yeah, right on the spot" he said and he nodded "Oh, I guess that's fair enough then" he said and he shrugged and smiled softly, he noticed Harry speed of past him and Bella after him and he wondered what was up

Zayn looked at and chuckled "If you can be silent for a week, then it sounds like a challenge" he said and he and nodded and he looked at Bella and Harry by the tree and he shrugged "I have no idea" he said and he looked worried, he heard the sad voice Bella had when she spoke, he wondered what had happened, or if Louis had something to do with this, but he heard the name he figured maybe it was something that Liam done...but what?

Niall: I laughed. "Thanks. So, why do you think that Bella asked you to come over here?" I asked politly."I don't think she has ever tried to make me feel better intentionally. I've been having a hard time."

Liam: I smiled."It's okay." I looked at Harry as he walked off. "Let him go Bella, who cares what they think." I smiled and kissed her head. "Do you like me?"

Claire looked at him "I am not sure is doing it intentionally, she probably felt like you, you could use someone else to talk to, someone outside of the group that is a good listener, which happens to be me" she said and shrugged and smiled softly "I am sorry to hear that, I am sure things will look up sooner or later" she said

Bella looked at him and she stood up "I do care, and if you were his friend you'd care to" she said and she ran after Harry to talk to him before Liam asked her that question, which she heard and did not know the answer to it, her self, at the moment

Niall: "Maybe. I don't necessarily need someone to talk to, as much as I need someone who actually understands me." I explained.

Liam: I watched her run away. "Come on Bella!" I called after her. She ran quickly away. She didn't stop to look back.

(Can you be Harry for this bit please? :) the girl who plays him never replies anymore)

Claire looked at Niall and she nodded "Well, if that's the case, I am an understanding person, I am sure we'll get along fine" she said and she smiled softly at him and she bit her lip.

Bella ignored Liam calling her and she caught up to Harry "Harry...wait please" she said and she caught his arm softly


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