The Twilight Saga

This is my Renesmee Story! Hope you like it!










Jacob was the one person who I was meant to be with.

He Imprinted on me.

So shouldn't it feel that way?

Fate has brought me to him...

But is it what I really want?



Link to sequel, In A Heartbeat:

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Hmm interesting
kewlies ;D
There is gonna be some interesting twists >:DD
When r u starting
I like it
I'm gonna write right now >:D
cant wait. I am siked
there's a surprise ending i know it! lol
Chapter One

It's been two years since I was born. Two years since my mother had turned into a vampire. Two years since Jacob Black imprinted on me. Jake never really explained imprinting to me, and I never really knew how it was supposed to work.
I was two years old in my parents' eyes, but I looked and thought like I was fourteen.
My growing has gotten much slower since I was little. I used to age a couple years a month. Now its only about a year every six months, so that meant I could finally start school. High school.
I was going to Forks High, just as my parents' and my family had. Except my mother, Bella, my father, Edward, and my aunts and uncles decided to come back to school with me. Even though I had all the protection I needed. I was going to enroll as a freshman, but my parents' had said that by the end of the year I would look like a junior. So, I'm enrolling as a sophomore.
Jake and the wolf pack decided to transfer from the reservation school to Forks High, so they could protect me. But once again, what could high school do to me? Especially with a buff, werewolf, best friend to protect me.
Alice had woken me up this morning. I think she was more excited then I was.
"Wake up! You don't want to be late for your first day of high school, do you?" Alice squeaked.
I loved my aunt, but if she didn't go away, I was going to throw a shoe at her or something.
"Seriously? It's five-thirty!" I grumbled, covering my eyes with the covers.
Jake had just woken up and was sitting on my chair, with no shirt on.
I know he's just my best friend, but I, sometimes, wish he would be more.
I sighed and got out of bed. I walked into my closet and took a pair of dark blue, jean shorts and aan off the shoulder, purple shirt. I walked out and held them up, "Is this okay?"
"Perfect. Put it on!" She said.
I closed my closet door so nobdy could watch me and changed into my outfit.
As I walked out, I noticed Jake's eyes get wide for just a second, making me blush.
"It's perfect, Nessie. Let's go show everyone!" Alice grabbed my hand and pulled me down the stairs. Jake followed.
As she showed me off to my family, I was thinking about Jake. How his eyes popped open when I walked out of my closet with this outfit on. It made me blush an even deeper red.
My dad heard my thought and growled, sending all the attention his way. He was glaring at Jake, and Jake was looking at me. I pretended I didn't notice and ran back upstairs to get my books.
After I grabbed my books and my tote bag, I turned around to see Jacob standing in my doorway.
"Hey." I said. "We should probably go. We don't want to be late." Even though we still had almost and hour.
"We have time. I just wanted to say that... you look great, Nessie. Really."
"Um... Thanks." I said, tucking a stray strand of hair nehind my ear.
I sat on my bed and Jake sat beside me. I started asking questions of what high school would be like, and he answered all of them. We sat in my room asking and answering questions until we had to go.
"Come on, Nessie! We're going to be late!" Mom yelled up to me.
"Be right down!" I yelled back. I turned to Jake, "Let's go."
"Okay." He sighed.
We walked down the stairs and everyone was staring at us. My dad wasn't staring, though, he was glaring... at Jake, again.
I rolled my eyes and headed for the car. Dad and mom were in the front seats, while Jake and I sat in the back. Everyone else was in their own cars.
"Do you think I'll like my first day?" I asked Jake, but my mom answered.
"Yes, hunny. High school is great. Just don't let any of those boys hit on you."
"Yeah... sure." I mumbled. Even though I knew that, right now, there was only one guy I liked.
My dad looked in the rearview mirror, shaking his head at me. I stuck my tounge out at him.
"Don't forget, I will be watching you, Renesmee." He said.
"When aren't you watching me? It's impossible to get any privacy!" I nearly shouted.
As we pulled into the school parking lot, I realized my aunts and uncles weren't here yet.
"Where's Alice, Rosalie, Emmett, and Jasper?" I asked.
"They should be here, right about... now." Dad said, getting out and watching their cars pull into the lot.
Rosalie and Alice were in Rosalie's Ferrari and Jasper and Emmett were in Emmetts Jeep.
"Okay... Well I'll se you guys later. I'm going to go pick up my schedule." I said, turning around.
"Wait, Renesmee. I'll come with you." Jacob said, walking with me.
When we walked into the office, there was nobody behind the counter.
"Excuse me?" I said. "Is anyone here?"
"Yes, hun. What can I help you with?" The lady asked.
"Um... I'm new. I came to pick up my schedule."
"Oh yes. Of course. Your name?"
"Renesmee Cullen." I asnswered.
She handed me the schedule and Jake said, "Thanks Ms.Cope."
"No problem, dear. have a good day."
I walked out into the hallway, my eyes never leaving my schedule. "I have Health first. I hate health." I whispered.
"What are your other classes?" Jake asked, grabbing his schedule to compare. Even though he's a 'junior' this year.
"I have health, computers, english, art, science, p.e. , then algebra 2." I answered. "Do you have any of those classes?"
"Yeah... I have Computers and Algebra 2."
"Your taking Algebra 2? Why didn't you go into calculus?" I asked.
"Because... I failed it my sophomore year."
"Well... at least we have two classes together." I said, encouragingly.
"I guess I'll see you second period." Jake whispered, then walked away.
I sighed and walked to health. Which I had with both my parents. Great.
Thank you! :D
I love it girl


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