The Twilight Saga

This is my Renesmee Story! Hope you like it!










Jacob was the one person who I was meant to be with.

He Imprinted on me.

So shouldn't it feel that way?

Fate has brought me to him...

But is it what I really want?



Link to sequel, In A Heartbeat:

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i like it so far r u still going to write ur other story about kay and seth?
yes of course ill still be writing my other stories[; :D ill just be adding to these stories too :DDD
WOW. That was amazing you are a great writer. Is there a chance that this might be published into a book, if you don't mind that I'm asking
ITS GRAET!!! I LOVE IT !!!!!!!!!! W-O-O-O-O-W!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHN!!!!! OMG OMG OMG OMG
omg love it!!!
ok sounds good!
Chapter Two

It was finally lunch time. Finally, I didn't have to pretend to be normal. Because, I definately wasn't.
I went through the lunch line, then turned to find my family. The wolves and my family were all sitting at one big table. I went to sit next to them, and when I got close, they all stared at me. I hated attention. I felt the blood rush to my cheeks as I took in all the gold and dark brown eyes staring at me. I looked around and saw one set of eyes that was off. They were bright green. Almost like emeralds. I took in the girl's face. She had light blond hair, with natural dark highlights. She was really pretty. I wonder what her name is. Or who she is. And what she's doing... sitting over here.
"Renesmee, this is Kim. You remember? Jared's imprint." My dad said. "She'll be going to this school so you should get to know her."
I had only met Kim once. And she is one of the prettiest non-vampire or werewolf I have ever met. I remebmered, vaguely, how nice she was. "Hi, Kim. I remember you... from, when I was little. It's nice to see you again."
"You, too, Renesmee. You look great. How have you been?" She said, in her chime like voice. If she had golden eyes, you would have sworn she was a vampire.
"Thank you. And I have been... really good. How about you?" I said, sitting in between Jake and my dad.
"I've been great, actually. So, how is your first day so far?"
"It's been okay. I still have two more classes, then I finally get to go home and relax." I said.
"I know how you feel." Kim said.
"So have you made any new friends?" Mom asked.
"Not yet. But I'm hoping I will... I know I have all of you guys, but honestly, it would be nice to get away from all the mythical crap. No offense." I stated, trying not to laugh.
"None taken!" Emmett said, almost a little too loudly.
I looked at Jake and smiled, blushing a little bit.
"Stop flirting with the wolf, Nessie." Emmett said, laughing. Rosalie was fighting a smile, as was almost everyone else. But not Jake. Jake had a look on his face that showed... Worry? I put that thought aside and picked up my tray and threw it away. As I was about to turn back to the table, the bell rang.
I had P.E. alone. I was walking to my locker to get my gym clothes when some guy walks up to me.
I looked at him, taking in his magnificent face.
He had short, blond hair and deep blue eyes. His face was heart-shaped. He was tall, just a few inches above me, but he didn't even compare to Jake. "Um.. Hi." I turned the lock on my locker and said the number to myself, in my head. 39-5-37. It opened and I grabbed my gym shorts and gray t-shirt.
As I slammed my locker shut and walked away, I realized that this guy was following me. It was weird because I had an all girls p.e. "Shouldn't you get to your next class?"
"I should. But you... smell so good." He whispered, pushing me up against the wall of lockers.
This person was not human. He was a vampire. But I didn't know how to explain the eyes.
"These?" He said pointing to his eyes, "They are contacts."
At first I was wondering how he knew what I was thinking, but then I noticed he was touching me, so I was transfering my thoughts to him.
"It's a very... facsinating gift you have, Renesmee." How did he know my name? This was creepy. He was creepy.
I tried breaking free of his grip, but failed. Then I threw myself against the lockers even more so he wasn't touching me and screamed 'Dad Help!' In my head, hoping my dad was in listening range.
Luckily, he was. He was by my side in a second, along with Emmett and Jacob. It was a good thing we were in the far side of the campus, where no classrooms were. Only lockers. So nobody heard my family tearing him apart.
Jake didn;t help Edward and Emmett. He held me in his arms, covering my ears. I buried my head in his chest, trying to block out the sounds of shattering stone. When it was over, Jake let me go and saw that I was crying. My cheeks were stained with tears and my make-up was running. Alice would kill me.
"Ness. It's okay. Don't cry. Everything is going to be okay." Jake said, holding me tighter. It wasn't unpleasant. I liked it. But I could tell my dad didn't. Jacob let go and moved away as he heard my dad growl.
'Why do you always do that! Why can't you both just get along?' I yelled in my head.
One more tear streaked down my cheek as made my way to Edward's Volvo. I sat in the car for the entire sixth hour.
And when seventh period started, I still didn't get out. But somebody got in. Jacob.
I was in the drivers seat, with the radio blasting, when he got in on the passenger side.
"So. I walked into math class and saw you weren't there. So I came looking for you and figured you would be here. Are you okay?"
"Yeah... I'll be okay. It was just a little, scary. Y'know?" I whispered, turning off the music.
"I know. And I;m sorry you had to see it. But your lucky he didn't kill you."
"I know, I know. And I'll try to be more careful. I promise." I said.
"Pinky Promise?" Jake asked. We had always pinky promised when we told eachother secrets or promises. Ever since I was little, Jacob was my best friend. We would do everything together. But now I felt like it was more.
"Jake... Can I ask you something?"
"Sure, anoything, Ness." he whispered, concerned.
"I was wondering... how you felt bout me?" I looked away and stared down at my hands.
His eyebrows furrowed as he said, "Your the best friend I ever had."
"Oh... I just thought... it was something more."
"Oh... Nessie. Your only two years old... Well, fourteen. I don't think of you that way." He explained.
My eyes started to well up with tears. I tried my hardest not to start crying. I felt something for Jake, but he didn't return that feeling. It broke me. It hurt me, deep down. I felt my heart crumble into a thousand tiny pieces. As a single tear rolled down my cheek, Edward was at my door, opening it. He pulled me up into his arms and comforted me as I sobbed into his shoulder, ruining his shirt.
He put me in the back seat and Bella sat with me.
When Edward started to pull out of the lot, I saw that the passenger seat was empty.
"W-Where's J-Jake?" I asked, holding back my sobs, in Bella's arms.
"He went for a run. To clear his head." Edward answered. "He'll be back tonight."
"W-Wait? So he has to walk h-home alone?"
"He will be fine, Renesmee." Bella soothed. "He's a wolf. He will be just fine, hun."
"N-No. I d-don't want him alone. Stop the car, please." I demanded.
"Renesmee, you need to get home. Jacob will be just fine by himself. And he will be back tonight." Edward said.
"Sure. Whatever you say." I said.
We got home fast and I ran staright to my little room. I ran in, slammed my door and saw Jake sitting on my bed.
"What are you doing here?" I asked, angrily. After I had time to cool down, I felt like I hated Jake for turning me down. I knew I couldn't hate him, but I was mad. No, not mad, Furious.
"I wanted to talk to you. To apologize."
"Well, I don't have time to listen to your apologies."
"Ness. Just listen. It's not that I don't like you, it's that... your just too young. You'll always be my best friend-"
"Friend!" I scoffed.
"Let me finish." He said.
"Why? Why should I let you tell me this? You know, you might think it's helping, but your doing a pretty great job of making it worse! So why can't you just... leave me alone!" I shouted.
"My name is Renesmee!" I corrected. This was not good. He would hate me forever. We would never be friends again.
"Renesmee, I can't leave you alone. I've already told you, that I imprinted on you. You know what it's like! But you need to also know that, just because I turned you down now, doesn't mean we can't... have somethng later on. It's just that, your still too young. And when it's the right time, then we can take that next step. But now is not the right time. I just want you to forgive me."
"I... don't think I can. Not right now, anyways. Now, will you please, leave?" I whispered, opening my door.
"Sure." He sighed, then wlked out my door.
I closed it after he walked out and locked it. I ran to my bed and plopped face first onto it, burying my face in my pillow and eventually, crying myself to sleep.
awesome ;D
I cried when Jake hurt Nessie
I love it!!!
Amazing !
OMG! i luv it girl its gr8 can u plz post more :D
awwww thats so sad !


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