The Twilight Saga

This is my Renesmee Story! Hope you like it!










Jacob was the one person who I was meant to be with.

He Imprinted on me.

So shouldn't it feel that way?

Fate has brought me to him...

But is it what I really want?



Link to sequel, In A Heartbeat:

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cool :)
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yess ill be writing more tonight(:
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Chapter Four

The last thing I remembered was falling to the forest floor. But now, everything was cold. I wasn't moving, but I was very cold. I made an attempt to open my eyes, and failed. I was still recovering. I had worked too hard, my body couldn't take it, so I decided to take it easy. I knew I was laying down, but where? As the coldness got stronger, I felt a blistering heat on my hand. I scrambled through my mind, trying to figure out what or who it was, when I heard a faint voice.
"Nessie... Please wake up." I couldn't tell who it was by their voice, but who else would be with me, that had warm skin? That was and easy question. Jacob. I felt my heart start thumping louder, which set people off. I heard feet rustlisnt in torwards me. I felt the warmthness as, what I was guessing, the wolves piling in the room. I felt the joy of being surrounded by my family and friends as I finally got the strength to open my eyes. I slowly, not wanting to push my luck, slid open my eyes. I heard sighs of relief. I looked in front of me and only saw Jake. I knew almost everyone was crowded into my dad's old bedroom, but the only face I wanted to see, the only face I forced my eyes to see was Jacob's. I smiled widely as I took in his beautiful features. He smiled back.
"What... happened?" I asked, my throat was amazingly dry. I needed to hunt, I was in pain. I bet this is how newborns felt.
"You went looking for me. You ended up deep in the woods. We found you on the ground, out cold, Nessie. I'm so glad you are okay. What the hell were you thinking? I mean seriously? Am I that worth it?" Jake said, jokingly.
I tried to laugh but ended up, violently coughing. Jake sat me up and held his hands behind my back so I wouldn't fall back down. Someone had already gone to get me some water. Esme offered the glass and I took it. I chugged it down in three gulps. It didn't help that much. "Can we go hunting?" I looked at Jake, asking him, nobody else.
"Sure, Ness." He smiled and helped me up. Even though I was perfectly fine.
"So how long was I out?" I was hoping it wasn't too long. I didn't want to miss too much school.
"A week. Well, eight days." Edward answered.
I just stod there, my mouth hanging open. Eight days... that was too long. I am going to need to catch up on so much!
"Wow..." I tried saying more but Jake ended up dragging me from the room. He could tell I was in pain. He didn't like it.
We went hunting in the usual places. He, naturally, caught the biggest catch. He got a grizzly, while I got a measly elk. Four actually. So, technically, I got more. But I couldn't help it. It wasn't my fault I was asleep for so long.
When we got back to my house, not the mansion, it was nearly dark. I walked through the front door, followed by Jake.
"Were home!" I shouted, with no need to.
No answer. That's weird, usually this late in the evening, my parents are home. I put it aside and walked to my room, Jake followed.
I sat on my bed, "We need to talk." I patted the space next to me. He sat down and pursed his lips.
"Really? You know about what, Jake. I'm... so sorry. I didn't mean to go off on you. That wasn't fair." I whispered.
"Ness... I understand why you did. I know how you feel, kind of. And like I said before, just because it's too early to be together now, doesn't mean we can't be together in the future." He smiled.
I sighed, I know. It's just... I really don't want to wait for that long."
"Who said it was going to be that long? I'm not saying it won't be, we'll know when the right time is. In the meantime, we can still be friends, right?" He asked.
"Best friends." I said huging him, tightly. "I love you, Jake."
"Love you, too Ness. And your the greatest best friend i've ever had." He kissed my forhead an hugged me tighter.
I was happy now. Jake and I weren't fighting anymore, I was greatful to have such an awesome best friend. At least until we could be more than friends.
Awesome! Can't wait for the next update :)
AWESOME!! Keep it up!


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