The Twilight Saga


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This is ten years after Breaking Dawn and Jacob and Nessie are soon to be married, everything is great and everyone is happy. This couldn't go wrong...or could it?? What will happen when Nessie meets a new guy and falls for him?? What will Jake say?? And how will everything be ok again??


Song-Battlefield by Jordin Sparks


Cullens: Vampires

Nessie: ½ Vampire, ½ Human

Jake: Werewolf

Wolf Pack: Werewolves



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I love it!
Cant wait to see what happens next!

Chapter eleven ((Part ONE))
Edward Point Of View

My Girls, just left to talk. When they were gone for about a half hour Nessie and Bella both came running full speed in the house. “Mom no! I wanted to talk to you not dad, why tell him?” Nessie yelled. Bella gave her a look, the look. “Fine, Just no one else” Nessie said. “Deal” Bella told her then I was being pulled. Bella was making me run out the door and to our house. Once we were in our room I asked what was going on. “I’m freaking out!” she yelled. “What happened?” I asked. Bella look a deep breath then looked at me, “Nessie met another boy that she really likes-” she stared. Another boy? Well what’s wrong with that? “-Here’s the big thing, he’s half vamp just like her and just like us he only drinks animal blood. He even has a twin sister Edward!” Oh my… how is that even able to happen? Who would? Why would anyone? “What?” I asked. “Don’t act like you didn’t hear me Edward Cullen, You know what I said!” she yelled. Alright, she’s not in the mood. “We have to meet him” I said then got up off the bed. Bella nodded then we went back to the main house.
Tell me what you think...
Sorry its so short!
i cant wait to find out what happens post more soon
Love it!!
Can't wait to find out what happens next!
Loved it! Can't wait to see what happens! I'd be flipping out if I was Eddie!

I need to tell everyone that Im not going to write this anymore, I have way to many stories going on at one time so I have decided that Im going to stop writing a few of them. I don't plan on coming back to this story when Im done writing the others so there is no more updates. I thought about this for a long time and have even asked friends what I should do but this is the best answer I could come up with, Thanks to everyone that read everything I have posted. You guys rock! And Im sorry for anyone that wanted me to keep writing but it was hard with so many stories and now that school has started its even harder... Thanks again everyone and Im sorry........

Mrs. Emmett Cullen
Ur such i jerk!
I love this fanfic!
First Disappear now this!
I cant believe this!
I can't believe your cutting two fan fics :(
I wish you would reconsider...
but I do understand :)

I just wanted to say that i am done wit dis account and im making a new one.
I also wanted to say that all of my fanfics are no longer being written.
I may start them up again on my new account but if not, im sorry.

Mrs. Emmett Cullen


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