The Twilight Saga


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This is ten years after Breaking Dawn and Jacob and Nessie are soon to be married, everything is great and everyone is happy. This couldn't go wrong...or could it?? What will happen when Nessie meets a new guy and falls for him?? What will Jake say?? And how will everything be ok again??


Song-Battlefield by Jordin Sparks


Cullens: Vampires

Nessie: ½ Vampire, ½ Human

Jake: Werewolf

Wolf Pack: Werewolves



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The caller ID on it said JACOB. My plan was to answer it and find out who’s phone it was so I could give it back to them…
“Who are you? Why do you have Nessie’s phone?” Jacob asked
“Chill out, she’s over my house hanging out with my sister. She left her phone on the table” I told him, I guess this Jacob guy is her soon-to-be husband.
“Give her the phone” he said
Loved it!
Wow i would of pictured Jake more mad than that and him and Alex get into this huge fight over the phone!
I love Jake!
He's just like "Give her the phone!"
Jake is amazing!
Jake probably started flipping out as soon as him and Nessie finished talking!
He would be like "Who was that guy! Is she Cheating on me? blah blah blah."
Loved it!
lolz luvin it!!!!!!!
Great chapter, can't wait for more!
hey i love the cdhapter sorry i haven't been on i have been so bissy and plz plz write more soon =]
its kk....I understand

Chapter nine
Jacob point of view

“Chill out Jacob, I hardly even know the guy! I’m hanging out with Allie!”

Is that true? Is she really only with that Allie girl? What am I even saying? Of course she’s only there for the Allie girl, I mean come on Jacob! This is Nessie were talking about! The offspring of the once Bella Swan, she would never cheat on me or hurt me without it being an accident. I’m over thinking and blowing this way out of proportion, Edward must be wearing off on me, I really got to get out of the house more…
“Oh really, I’m wearing off on you huh?” Edward said with a smile. “Shut up bloodsucker!” I mumbled as I headed towards the back door, as I went to go out Bella showed up in front of me as she came from the woods. “You better stop with the bloodsucker thing because now you’re not only insulting the man your best friend loves and his family but you’re insulting your best friend herself now,” She said, making me laugh. “And Edward don’t be such an instigator” That just made me laugh more because Edward got the funniest look on his face. “Shut up!” He yelled, “Now who’s wearing off on who? You just sounded a lot like Jacob there Edward” Bella said with the cutest smile. Edward growled and my face dropped, What Am I Thinking?!? Bella is no cute, Nessie is real cute. I just have to keep telling myself that and I will be fine, maybe it’s just because Nessie is not around right now that I’m starting to feel a little like I used to fell for Bella again. It’s nothing to worry about I’m sure, just call Nessie again later and I will be fine, I just have to make sure no one finds out. Mostly not Bella or Nessie and I have to make sure I’m not alone around Edward at all until this stops…

((There Will Be A Part Two To This Chapter!))

Also...If anyone could make me a new banner that will go good with this chapter that would be great!!!
Tell me what you think!!
Love this chapter
Lol Nice Jacob... real nice
hey..i was thinking about what happen to Nessie and Jacob, and now i accidentally stumbled on this discussion..i bet that guy is Nahuel..isn't it? i bet Jacob is really furious about that..


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