The Twilight Saga


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This is ten years after Breaking Dawn and Jacob and Nessie are soon to be married, everything is great and everyone is happy. This couldn't go wrong...or could it?? What will happen when Nessie meets a new guy and falls for him?? What will Jake say?? And how will everything be ok again??


Song-Battlefield by Jordin Sparks


Cullens: Vampires

Nessie: ½ Vampire, ½ Human

Jake: Werewolf

Wolf Pack: Werewolves



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loved it.
I love it!
That was so funny!
Edward and Jacob are rubbing off on each other!
Cant wait for part 2!

Chapter nine (Continued)
Jacob point of view

My life really sucks; I swear someone up top is out to get me. Every time I think things are going good something happens and shows me just how crappy my life is. It’s like when my life is good it’s just the makeup of my life, its never real. As soon as I imprint and become engaged with my imprint something happens to make that a bad thing, I fall in love again with the girl I loved before I imprinted. I will bet anything that Bella would hate me if she knew that this is going on. “Hey Jake” Bella said as she walked in the room, oh great. “Hey Hon,” I said, oh crap “I mean Bell” she didn’t look convinced, what she looked was confused. She looked like she was about ready to call up Edward who was hunting. “Jacob, I’m not even going to ask what that was about all I wanted to tell you was that Alice wants to fit you for you tux and I made you lunch” she said then walked out the room. That was close, I called her hon. I only did that when I “loved” her, not ever after she was changed and Nessie was born. This is getting worse! What should I do? Should I tell her that I love her again? Should I tell Nessie that I’m having feelings for her mom again? Should I talk to Edward? Oh no! I am not talking to Edward unless there is a witness in the room that will be on my side, one of the guys. But the guys will only “tell” everyone else in the pack.
Why do I even want to talk to anyone? The whole talking out your problems is more of a girl thing; Bella is wearing off on me! Why is everyone wearing off on me? Why can’t they wear off on someone else? Well, I guess there is one up side to the whole wearing off thing cause I’m wearing off one Edward, at least that’s what my baby I MEAN BELLA says. God! This is driving me crazy! How do I get it to stop? I have to stop this before Edward gets to me cause I know that he has heard me a few times, and he growled every time. This is why I can’t be alone with him at all, EVER cause if he does something stupid and I fight back I will end up hurting both Bella and Nessie! I’m stuck in between a rock and a hard place! Just like Homer was in the Simpsons Movie!
Tell me what you think!
I love it!
Jake you are so messed up right now!
Cant wait to see what happens next!
Haha! Yea he is messed up
Oh Thanks!
Dun Dun Duuuuuuuunnnn!
Great chapter! BAD JAKE!

Chapter ten
Nessie point of view

The party that Alex had the other night was so fun! Jacob called while I was dancing with Allie and I guess Alex answered it, that wasn’t good because Jake flipped out. I have classes tomorrow so to get ready for them I took a shower and did my homework, the homework that I hate so much. In a few days Easter Break is here and I get to go home! I can’t wait and I know that mom can’t wait either, I talked to daddy and he says that she really misses me. I miss her to, I miss everyone and I really don’t want to see Jacob. I love him and I really miss him, more than anyone can ever process but he can always tell when there’s something wrong and there IS something wrong right now! I can’t get Alex out of my head! I really have to talk to mom about it and see what she can tell me, try and find out how she knew daddy was the right man to pick.

Authors Note:
Im sorry about the super short chapter...there will be a part two to it!


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