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When Bella comes to Forks, it was because she was broken-hearted,
because a golden-eyed vampire named Daniel Rosen left her.. in the
same reason Edward did in new Moon. This vampire has the power to
trick humans into believing he is a human,he does not glitter in the sun and he
can make his eyes any color he likes. But Bella found out he's a
vampire, and then the story unfolds like she loved him and he her, but
things got messy when he almost killed her. He is a nomad, he has no
coven.He never knew his human parents.He loved Bella too, but like Edward
wanted to protect her from
himself. So, he left her, much like how Edward did, and Bella comes to
Forks, because she and her parents wanted her to fix her life again.
She was broken-hearted, she was numb, but like in twilight, she meets
the Cullens, the only different things is that she knows what they are
in her first day, and she hates them, because they remind her of him. Bella is
not Edward's "la tua cantante" in this story, i figured it
will be harder if they're both angry at each other. Edward can't read
her mind too, and Bella hates the Cullens.. so how will the Bella Edward
loveteam unfold?... What if someone who is after Daniel comes after Bella? Who
will save her? Will she even be saved? Will time run out? And what if
"he" shows up at Forks, exactly
when they fell for each other already? And what if he has a deep
connection..with one of the Cullen's human lives?


Chapter 1~Reality~Bella

Chapter 2~Biology~Bella

Chapter 3~He What?!?!~Bella

Chapter 4~Port Angeles Bookstore~Bella
Chapter 5~Lifetime~Bella

updater (please ADD TO BE UPDATED)

writen by:littlemisswriter-rexanne
edited by:julia cullen

Thank you(in order of banner appearance) to  amy,ash blackwood-strigoi, kelsi anne for their wonderful
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Isabella Swan looks so much like




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love it
hah! sowee this commentr made me smile evilly :D
im going to post the sneakpeek! it's a VERY long chap! :D I've already sent the 3 parts to julia, :)
ooh! Rexanne is very good :)) she will post a sneakpeek! the rest are all in julia's hands still! :p please comment so we motivate julia to do it faster(lol) now, anyhoo, this is just a sneakpeek! i promise the rest are better (i hope.gulp.)

oohh.. where do we left off? er..right, in the crazy part where bella was saved by a sparkling volvo owner named Edward Cullen. I'll get all proper in the real chap :p oh, and this is in the middle part of the chappie, just posted it so you know what's comin up next! :P


Slowly, I began noticing how awkward our position is.

Maybe he did too, because he released all me , save my hand.

No, It's my fault. I should be the one to say sorry. What was i thinking anyway? hoping I'd live a normal life? Fat chance.

I didn't realize I was crying still until he wiped a stray tear from my eye. His hand was cool,gentle,soft..familiar.

"Sor-"I tried to say again.

"No."He cutted me off., with a flash of sheer determination.
His eyes were unreadable-but the intensity of his gaze was another story.

"I'll drive you back." He said with a squeeze of my hand.

I managed a small smile.His hand that was placed on the wheel was suddenly flying straight to my face. He stroked my cheek..then my lips.He stopped there.

I didn't pull away, it was comforting to feel that again, the thumpthump of my heart humming so fast with a little touch from him, the electric-like feel of his touch that sends me shivers, and the gentle form of his hands.

Only this time, the men were different.
I sighed and he moved his hands away from my lips, with a parting squeeze from the other hand.I returned it back.

Next thing i knew, I was climbing out of the Volvo,onto a restaurant I don't know how the hell he managed to find.I never mentioned it in the midst of everything, So God knows how he knew where i was supposed to be in this hour. Jessica,Angela, and the others turned to me with relieved faces.

"We were so worried Bella!"Jessica half-screamed then stopped when she saw my eyes. Maybe I was glaring, maybe my eyes were puffy, whatever was in my eyes, it made her stop.

"What happened Bella?" Angela asked with a soft voice.

I sure don't want to tell them, so i cutted off everything until I managed a reasonable excuse.

"I ran into Edward"I mumbled gently, while Edward smiled at them, and Julie confessed they already ate the so-called dinner.

"that's fine, I'm not hungry anyway." I said with relief, atleast I won't get interviewed..yet.

"You should eat"Edward muttered low, so only I will hear.i took it as a cue.
My heart thumped loudly. Holy crap! He invited me to dinner...Shut up.

"I'll drive Bella home, if that's okay?" Edward asked them,

Jessica's mouth was hanging open.

Angela was nodding with a small little smile.

Andriya was looking at Jessica and Angela.

Julie muttered "that's okay with me."

Angela broke the silence.
"Sure! take care Bella, Edward."

They hugged me one by one except Jessica, and walked back to Jessica's Mercury all the while Jessica muttered "what the hell" under her breath. let me tell you, it was not so low

Angela was the last one, she muttered "don't cry" and smiled, then walked to the car too.
I turned to Edward.He was looking at me. I blinked at him.

"Shall we?" he asked with a squeeze of my hand. I didn't even notice he held it again.

I nodded, and walked to the entrance, The waitress-or was it the manager? turned to him cheefully.Too cheerfully in my own opinion.She offered us to a seat near her workplace.This really is a bad idea.


so..wadya think? oh, and that wasn't edited yet, so sorry for grammar errors and such!

comment please? :/
all im thinking is wat the heck happened in the car?????
hand holding????
plz post soon!!!!
lamo.. i know :P that was a bit of a start cliffie, the sweetness of edward's gesture inside the car, mwahaha.
i know! hah! believe me i want to ! im typing right now!
LOVE IT!!!!!!!


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