The Twilight Saga


When Bella comes to Forks, it was because she was broken-hearted,
because a golden-eyed vampire named Daniel Rosen left her.. in the
same reason Edward did in new Moon. This vampire has the power to
trick humans into believing he is a human,he does not glitter in the sun and he
can make his eyes any color he likes. But Bella found out he's a
vampire, and then the story unfolds like she loved him and he her, but
things got messy when he almost killed her. He is a nomad, he has no
coven.He never knew his human parents.He loved Bella too, but like Edward
wanted to protect her from
himself. So, he left her, much like how Edward did, and Bella comes to
Forks, because she and her parents wanted her to fix her life again.
She was broken-hearted, she was numb, but like in twilight, she meets
the Cullens, the only different things is that she knows what they are
in her first day, and she hates them, because they remind her of him. Bella is
not Edward's "la tua cantante" in this story, i figured it
will be harder if they're both angry at each other. Edward can't read
her mind too, and Bella hates the Cullens.. so how will the Bella Edward
loveteam unfold?... What if someone who is after Daniel comes after Bella? Who
will save her? Will she even be saved? Will time run out? And what if
"he" shows up at Forks, exactly
when they fell for each other already? And what if he has a deep
connection..with one of the Cullen's human lives?


Chapter 1~Reality~Bella

Chapter 2~Biology~Bella

Chapter 3~He What?!?!~Bella

Chapter 4~Port Angeles Bookstore~Bella
Chapter 5~Lifetime~Bella

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writen by:littlemisswriter-rexanne
edited by:julia cullen

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Chapter 1~Reality

I made my way to the simple swing that for months had been our “romantic spot” and felt a shiver of nervousness crawl up my back. Last night, as I was enthusiastically chopping up some vegetables when by the phone rang. I jumped in surprise and accidentally sliced my finger. I don’t really know what happened, it was all too fast. One second, my fingers were a millimeter away from Daniel’s(my boyfriend,the vampire’s) mouth and then he was gone. I was too shocked to move but once my brain had started to work properly again so I could answer the phone, it had stopped ringing. He never returned last night, he didn’t snuggle up with me in my bed and he didn’t even call me. And today, I knew something was bound to happen, and the dread became fear.
I saw Daniel, sitting on the swing that was usually mine, glaring at his knees in deep thought.
“Okay Daniel, let’s talk.”
The other swing in the playground was creaking in the wind, and the sound made me fidgety. We were alone, like we usually are. The breeze blustered through the playground as I sat down on the swing next to him. He got up and stood in front of me.

“Bella….” he started, and the tone of his voice made me even more scared. He never used that voice with me. It was so…dead, alien almost. I watched as he hesitated, like he wanted to stop the words from escaping his lips. I touched his arm, but he gently shook it off. By then I suspected what was happening, but I guess I was just too much of a coward to accept it.

“I’m leaving.”

I knew it, but still it shocked me that he confirmed it. I tried to fight back the tears that welled up in my eyes. It was just so impossible.

“Wha… what?” I squeaked, even though I had heard what he said perfectly.
I watched his hands ball into fists at his sides.

“Bella, I’m leaving. It isn’t safe for me if you know too much.”
The tears won the fight and fell to my cheeks, because now, I was sure I knew what would happen after this. In fact, I was certain there wouldn’t even be an “after”.

“Are you going to come back?”
“No.” Why would he?

“Will I see you again?”
Again, an emotionless, careless, solid no. I was starting to really hate that word.

I started to sob and my whole body shook. He didn’t offer anything more; he just stood there looking at the ground.

“Is…is this because of what happened?”

I expected a yes but still he said no. And what he said next would be the words I heard over and over in my nightmares.

“Bella, I have to leave you now.”

“Did you ever love me?” I whispered.

“Bella… please.” He shot me a painful look.

“Did you?” I repeated again, because it was the only thing I wanted to know. Then he could leave me forever, and I would be ready. I couldn’t understand the feeling but somehow I knew that after Daniel, something better was headed my way.

“Why can’t you tell me?”

“Bella please don’t make this harder than it needs to be.”

It felt like I had been slapped in the face. I was instantly drained of any emotion. He didn’t answer my question. He didn’t answer because he doesn’t want to hurt me by telling me the truth.

He touched my cheek and left.

Somehow I managed to go to my house, because the next thing I knew, I was lying on my bed, the covers pulled up over my head. I cried myself to sleep thinking that maybe it was just a nightmare. That maybe tomorrow, I would see him smiling at me when we met on the swings in the park, like we had done every morning for the past four months since we’d been together. My angel was gone. Love, life, meaning… over. My world abandoned me and my heart broke to tiny pieces.

He’s gone.

bella in school Pictures, Images and Photos

The Days flew by.. I don’t know how I managed them. The months flew away from me. I would just wake up, eat, take a bath, study, go home, sleep. The numbness was a blessing… but it seemed to hurt the people who care, like Mom. She wants me to go to Dad’s little town. What a pity. My own mom doesn’t want me. But deep inside, I know that is not true. She just hates seeing me like this. I think she knows that I broke up with Daniel, and she knows me enough not to press me for details, which is rare for her. She’s just too…how will I put it? She’s nosy. But this time, I know she knows how broken I am. She just left me alone, but I caught her many times with her head cradled in her arms. She met a guy named Phil, and they hit it off. Some part of me is happy for her, at least one of us has a happy ending. The rest of me just hurts. And I’m afraid that “rest” wins over the “part”. But still, I try to tell her I’m happy. My acting skills are getting worse, and of course she had seen through the fake happiness. Last week she gently asked me if I wanted to move to Dad’s. She reasoned that Charlie missed me, but of course I knew better. She’s worried sick, and I don’t like that one bit. I decided it was best for her relationship with Phil that I’m not around glooming things up. And she told me she and Phil were getting married and going to move to Florida.That made me smile, but it still hurt. They seemed to glow with love and adoration, everything I missed about…him.

On the day of my departure, mom cried herself silly. I reminded her that it was for the better and that it was her idea. She nodded, hugging me fiercely, saying countless “I’ll miss you”’s and immeasurable “I Love you”’s I returned what she said, feeling a flick of pain at the words “I Love You”. I got on the plane, received by my dad and all, and once in my room, I figured it was the best decision I ever made. Oh dear God, I never knew how wrong I would be tomorrow. The house was like what I remembered except for a few things here and there, my room hadn’t changed at all. At dinner, (which I prepared) Dad reminded me that tomorrow I start school. Great. I lay in bed that night and let the tears flow. Soon enough, I was asleep, thinking this was just part of the nightmare, I would wake up from. Just my luck, of course, it’s not a dream, it’s reality.


I hopped into the Chevy, a homecoming gift from Charlie to me. I wasn’t too disappointed about it, but not too happy either. I just felt like… whatever. Like I couldn’t care less what my car looked like.
bella sad Pictures, Images and Photos
I’m numb. I drove to the school in a glum mood, the radio of my car was busily singing “Not Like the Movies” I didn’t know who the singer was, I just heard the DJ say the title.

(A/N: I heard it originally from my country by a FilipIna singer, but idk if she just sang her version or if she really composed and sang it.. but I ♥ her.. hahaha. It’s called “Not Like the Movies” by KC Concepcion, This is the video:

I’m your average dreamer, I’m a true escapist
Always expecting a happy ending
Maybe I’ve been watching too many movies
Maybe I should grow up and start pretending
When I saw your face though, everything was slow mo
And I started wondering “why?”
Why can’t it be?
Just a pathway full of roses
Leading to a sunset view
With the one you’ve always dreamt of greets
Why can’t it be?
It was like a movie scene, the way I fell for you
Only you didn’t fall, now it’s not like the movies at all
(…not like the movies at all..)
Should a’ kept my heart charged
Should have been more patient
Should I keep denying my addiction
What was I expecting
Did I have a vision of a scene
That only lived in fiction
Now I know that you are not gonna be my co-star?
And it starts to wonder why.

I allowed a few, okay, many tears escape. I groaned and banged my head softly on the horn of the car. Why can I just forget him? I asked myself, as a few more tears escaped. Annoyed and determined to correct my stupid mistake, I turned off the engine and made my way to the office, ignoring the fingers being pointed at me and curious stares of my new fellow schoolmates. I entered the office and a kindly woman handed me my schedule and a map and wished me a nice day. I said thanks and ducked out. My first class was Literature, and like any other class, it was boring to the bone but tolerable for a freak like me. A girl named Jessica Stanley was my seatmate, and she seemed nice to talk to. She was wearing everything colored in lavender and violet. She told me it was her favorite color. “Go figure” was what I wanted to reply, but telling myself that would be rude, I just said it looked cute on her. She was pretty and kind, and if I was my normal self now, we might have had been best friends by the end of the day. But the thing is, I’m on “auto pilot” so I couldn’t build a friendship with anyone right now. Maybe ever.

When lunch came, I sat an her table with Mike Newton, Jessica’s boyfriend, (Cringe) and I forced a smile when she introduced me to him. They are a cute couple, it’s just bad luck that I’m not too happy with relationships right now. In fact, they look perfect for each other. There were other people there on the table, Rowell Solo and Andriya Ivy (A/N: they’re two of my bestfriends, so just bear with me! I love them both!) , another couple who held hands all through lunch. The last of the group were Julie Silvestre and Angelo Bower (AN:Still 2 of my bffs!), two students Jessica said were the “smarty-pants’s” in their group. I didn’t know about them, but it seemed like they liked each other too. I could just feel it. I just could. But they seemed too shy to admit it. It proved to be correct when I remembered, in History earlier, Mr. Alvarez asked Angelo a question and he couldn’t answer because he was looking at Julie. Mr. Alvarez asked Julie to “save” Angelo and both blushed. The whole class laughed as if they were little first-graders teasing about “crushes”.

I realized I had to get away from this table, the hell, love was blooming everywhere! I finished up my veggie burger and laid my head on the table. And then I saw “them”. An audible cry of “No” escaped my lips.
Bella: New Moon Pictures, Images and Photos

We hope you guys like it! It’s kind of boring, but I hope it wasn’t that bad. Hahaha. HUGE THANKS TO MY EDITOR julia cullen once again! We are planning to make this story’s progress fast, since there will be twists and revelations and HUGE CLIFFIES (if you know me as the writer of Golden Eyes, then brace yourselves, this story’s twists are even bigger!)
love it <333
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Wow. You are an amazing writer, Rexanne. it's nice that you've mentioned your friends, it was really a nice gesture and um... I really liked this chapter.
thanks ashley!


WOW! You used a video of a Filipina singer!

... But not only that caught my attention; THIS IS GREAT!

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