The Twilight Saga


When Bella comes to Forks, it was because she was broken-hearted,
because a golden-eyed vampire named Daniel Rosen left her.. in the
same reason Edward did in new Moon. This vampire has the power to
trick humans into believing he is a human,he does not glitter in the sun and he
can make his eyes any color he likes. But Bella found out he's a
vampire, and then the story unfolds like she loved him and he her, but
things got messy when he almost killed her. He is a nomad, he has no
coven.He never knew his human parents.He loved Bella too, but like Edward
wanted to protect her from
himself. So, he left her, much like how Edward did, and Bella comes to
Forks, because she and her parents wanted her to fix her life again.
She was broken-hearted, she was numb, but like in twilight, she meets
the Cullens, the only different things is that she knows what they are
in her first day, and she hates them, because they remind her of him. Bella is
not Edward's "la tua cantante" in this story, i figured it
will be harder if they're both angry at each other. Edward can't read
her mind too, and Bella hates the Cullens.. so how will the Bella Edward
loveteam unfold?... What if someone who is after Daniel comes after Bella? Who
will save her? Will she even be saved? Will time run out? And what if
"he" shows up at Forks, exactly
when they fell for each other already? And what if he has a deep
connection..with one of the Cullen's human lives?


Chapter 1~Reality~Bella

Chapter 2~Biology~Bella

Chapter 3~He What?!?!~Bella

Chapter 4~Port Angeles Bookstore~Bella
Chapter 5~Lifetime~Bella

updater (please ADD TO BE UPDATED)

writen by:littlemisswriter-rexanne
edited by:julia cullen

Thank you(in order of banner appearance) to  amy,ash blackwood-strigoi, kelsi anne for their wonderful
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else when he was human.Decades later,

Isabella Swan looks so much like




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Luv ihtsz..aww poor bella..qreat chapter tho,ihtsz wOuld be cØ₥i1cA iif she start o02 hate dah cullen's den later o0N fallens iin luv wiit edward until her ex cum baq
lol.. you are kind of right dearie.. lol.

They dumped their tray full of food. I watched their every move. I was fighting so hard for the tears not to spill over, and fortunately I won the battle. I excused myself to the comfort room and cried there silently. Damn it. I though I left everything behind? Why is it that, when I want to forget something, I can't, and when I want a new start, somebody won't let me, but when i want a numb state, someone else will suffer??? After crying, I washed my face and dried it with a hanky.

I got out of the comfort room and Lauren, who for some reason hates me, asked me why I took so long suspiciously "I got lost" I mumbled. She glared at me.

Fortunately, the bell rang.

"Come on Bella, we have Biology." Angela declared shyly.

I nodded and snatched my bag.
tenchies areli! ♥ u!!!!
haha! just sent 2nd chap to editor..wiee..
love it <33
keep me updated!!
:) sure! :D
hopefully it'll be worth it ;)
Awwwww I love it!!! Pease ask your editor to very nicely hurry up!!! hehe
hehehe she sent it back FAST but I decided i'm going to add more ;)
need more
:D wow thanks j.! I hope julia sends it back soon, so i can post it, haha, :D


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