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Pretty self explanatory. Post swoonworthy pictures of your favourite guys here for the rest of us to drool over. Keep in mind the site guidelines which pretty much is "must be wearing pants"





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yep a stripper...he gave Ellen Degeneres some oves the other day..I did have a clipping of him doing it..but ..
I was kidding.......I saw the same show and found a clip on yourtube *gigantic smile*
Oooooo might be changing Teams :) Drool a rama happening here
Drooling is welcome just make sure you clean up after yourself so noone slips ;)
Will do :) Think I may have to keep the mop and bucket around my comp to wipe up any spills
I have to everyday..............

The day isnt complete without a bit of drooling
ok well it looks like i have another fave rob pic! i would take a dip with rob anyday- i'm sure my hubby wouldnt mind...much! lol!
I like seeing Rob wet... Mmmm-mmmm good. :)

The fact that he sometimes wears clothes should be criminal

Love that you can see the tattoo..........scrummy

James could bite me anytime he liked...

Ooh I love that one of Rob I hadnt seen that before............and thats saying something because Im a dirty perv

And Im counting 8......not that im complaining at ALL
hrmmmmm still love rob

more but this pic is a ok :)
Oh my *graabbing the mop*

Yes it certainly is a ok :)


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