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Pretty self explanatory. Post swoonworthy pictures of your favourite guys here for the rest of us to drool over. Keep in mind the site guidelines which pretty much is "must be wearing pants"





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J I've seen this I have this..I loooove this pic..sooooo handsome...but the green eyes..not sure why you would want to give him green eyes ...he looks straight into you with those eyes.... Rob is so handsome here..and not laying on the grotty bathroom floor...hee hee ..I didnt like my nice young lad lying on the floor..but the hand down the pants was ok..hee hee..sweet dreams with the hand down the pants I allowed to say that..oops..sorry mods..
ah this was the shot from the GQ mens mag photo shoot..I bought the mag..knew I saw the photo from somewhere...I might click off a couple from another mag I got some lovely ones of Rob....I shall add to this site tomorrow...gee he stares straight at you with those ( albeit green eyes).
Yes Michelle you need to add to the man candy collective XD
I shall... I need to calm down a bit first LOL!!!! older ladies could have heart attack form looking at these...
Pheww thanks for the eclipse photos can you pm me the website
Yes hang on..still excitedly jumping around....
Jumping with you!! Im so fricken excited!!

Can I just say............leg hitch!!
I like the green eyes.....I assume whoever did it changed them so he would look like Edward when he was human.

So smexi
pretty much says it all ladies...thank god he is 18 and I can be a bit pervy...legally...its personally criminal for the guy to wear clothes..Matthew Macconaughey eat your heart out...sweet dreams with this pic..
p.s I meant this for the b & w jacob abs pic...
Yes thank gos he is legal now I dont feel like such a dirty perv LOL

So smexi

I can forgive him for being dressed just this once...



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