The Twilight Saga

Meant To be Forever


His angelic face, his green eyes and his enchanting smile took my heart.
I really dont know whether we have a soul or no, but i was unconditionally n irrevocably in love with Edward, a mere human. 

A vampire in love with a human...

Hey friends this is me and my friend Drish's Fan fiction.. :)

All comments appreciated..!!


Bella's P.O.V.

People are beginning to notice our never changing appearance. Alice, my sister and I have been staying in Alaska for the past 8 years; well officially, we had to be underground for a couple of years. 

If we do not move now, people would know that we are different, yes, we are different. 

It has never been easy being a ‘VAMPIRE’, but now being with Alice has really helped me a lot. 

It’s been 30 years that I met Alice in the forests of Congo Basin while I was on a hunting trip. She with her pixie like hair, dark charcoal black eyes with childlike innocence was sitting on a rock. She was in pain. I was prepared to be attacked as our scents were unknown to each other, we were well aware of each other. We belonged to the same kind, the VAMPIRE kind. She startled me by not attacking me but addressing me by my name,” Hello Bella or you prefer Isabella?”

It was a beautiful voice but I could feel the suffering in it. 

“How you know my name?” the words rushed out of my mouth. She asked another question without replying my 1st question,” How are your eyes liquid gold?” she was shocked. 

‘Well I prefer animal blood upon human blood’.

She smiled,’we will have eons of time for discussions, but for now I am Alice Mary Brandon’ 

“I guess you are thirsty?” I continued in a friendly tone. 

“Yes, but I have to control myself. I don’t want to kill any more innocent lives.” 

“Oh!” I exasperated. “You don't have to kill humans to quench your thirst. I don't.” 

Her eyes shifted to a lighter color, “Is it possible?” she asked curiously her voice pitching up a higher octave. “Yes, I do it this way!” 

“Can you teach me how?” 

“Sure wanna go for a drink!” we both chimed are laughters. 

Since then we have been together…………….. 


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Bella's Diary, is the only other site i go to. But I have never been this hooked on a series like i am this one.
that was fab!!loved it!!update soon!!
Thnks sarah...!!..N i'll update it as soon as i can.. :)
LOL..bella...!!..Thnks...N i think u'll really love the new guy..!!.. :P
Great Chapter :)
Edward's P.O.V.

‘Rio de Janerio’ a beautiful place but I have to leave it now. The beaches, the sand and the sun. I will miss it all. Being an orphan, I have the only privilege of doing whatever I want to do without any interference. But the losses are on a heavier scale. I have no one to support me emotionally nor financially. So I have to depend on the scholarships granted keeping aside my own preferences. Now I have decided that I will be spending my rest of the high school in Forks High School, Forks, in Washington. I have been granted a scholarship due to my good grades. I hope that my expectations are not let down.
I will be moving with my so-called uncle, whom I haven’t seen since I was 11 years old. He once called my orphanage. That’s when I realized that I still have someone relates to me and would be happy to accept me as a member of his family.


When my plane landed, it was raining.
Good for a change.
Changes are good but some are not!
I was just 9 when my parents died in an unknown manner. They were on a hiking trip in the forests of South America without me because was suffering from Chicken Pox. When I saw their bodies, I was grief stricken. I still remember the peculiar marks on both of their necks. Since then I have been trying to figure out the reason for my parent’s death.
I saw my uncle, Richard Anderson waiting for me with a name card which was holding my name, Edward Mason. I walked up to him and greeted him,” Hi! Uncle Richard?”
He nodded and hugged me in reply,” Hello, Eddie my boy! You kept me waiting for so long!”
He helped me with my luggage and we reached the house. Richard helped me to my room. My room was on the first landing of the house. I had to join the school today itself as I was already starting my year late. I didn’t had much time to appreciate my new room. Richard dropped me to school today.
Great Chapter :)
Thnka a lot Gabrielle..!!.. :)
uhh more n more for edward honey go ahead u r realy good writer..
Thx a ton kinjal..!!..
N i promise that u'll get loadz of Edward..!!.. <3
wow thats good


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