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Merciless Angel


Fury and vengeance lurked deep in his emerald eyes; piercing into they soul of whoever looked at him. It was his guard against ever letting anyone come in. He acted like he didn't care—that the world meant nothing to him—but I could see the agony and yearning behind the barrier. He would never admit these emotions of weakness though. Because to him showing weakness was worse than death. Live to kill, Kill to live, and love only to suffer, was his personal motto. He said he would never love anyone or anything, because there was nothing left of a soul in his body. But I didn’t believe him for a second. Angels were created to love...and he was an angel...a merciless Angel.

Please note that I started this story a long time ago, and my writing has improved a lot


Hunger. Thirst. Lust. Pain. All unavoidable things. Things that no matter what you do; they come back. Always in the back of your mind like bees--stinging your brain over and over again until you kill them. But some things don’t have to be unavoidable…things like death.

I could avoid death forever; but did I really want too? Did I want to walk this earth forever, searching for something I may never find? Did I want to fight endlessly, never loosing? This city was a clot of death, destruction, unjust behavior, and filled with monsters. Literally. Was this where I wanted to spend eternity? Did I truly want to spend eternity anywhere on this desolate earth?

The answer to all these questions is simply no. I didn't want to walk this earth forever, fighting and killing. I didn't want to stay in this empty city filled with demons. But it doesn’t matter what I want. Because I have to stay in this city and do what I was brought here to do. It’s not my choice…and it never will be. Not everything is about me of course, but the majority of things are.

Chapter 1- (Destiny's POV)

“Destiny, could you please turn your music down for one second and listen to me?” Frank commanded from beside me. I opened my eyes sighing exuberantly in the process, and paused my Ipod before turning to face him.

“What do you want Frank?” I asked, already irritated with the predictable behavior of yet another father figure.

“Don’t talk to me like you’re a pouty five year old; act your age for once.” He grumbled, his perfectly trimmed mustache twitching impatiently.

“Do you even know how old I am?” I challenged innocently. His eyes narrowed resentfully.

“You’re...” He paused, clearly stumped by the question. “...sixteen and much too young to live in Chicago by yourself.”He said a matter-of-factually.

“I’m not living by myself, I’m living with Ryan.” I told him for the fifth time. “Remember, he’s my brother. And by the way, I’m seventeen.” I stated, agitated already. Frank acted like such a know it all, yet he didn't know a thing about me. I clicked the play button on my Ipod and turned it up to block out his angered answer.

I was so sick of Frank. I had only know him for a couple of months, but it was enough of him forever. My mom had gone through many boyfriends in the last few years, and Frank was her latest. He was “stable” as she had put it. He had a retirement fund already, a steady job, and had accomplished so much. My mom thought some stability in life would be good for me.

Of course, like everything she did, she forgot to actually consider what I thought. She never took the time to think about if I even wanted a father, or wanted to meet any of her 'boy toys'. I was used to it by now, because I had met so many, but I still wasn't down with it.

I had moved so many times in the last five years from her crazes that I had actually lost count. I had traveled all over the United States and Canada, never staying anywhere for more than half a year. I never got the chance to make friends, and a boyfriend was completely out of the question.

I would go to school, and pretty much just shut up and do my work. Although sometimes I would start a few fights, disrespect the teachers, or start a fire, they couldn’t punish me because I would already be moving across the country. For the first few moves I had argued with my mom and begged her to stay, but I was accustom to it now.

Truthfully, I was always fine it just being my mom and me, but lately she had suddenly needed companionship, so I would constantly be helping get ready for dates or shopping for 'sexy clothes.' She was like a teenage girl obsessed with boys, except she wasn't actually a teen. Though she was quite young to be a mother.

Her and my dad had 'hooked up' on several occasions when they were young; one time producing my brother, and another time producing me. My mom said we were blessings, but I couldn't believe her. Her life had changed for the worst when she was fifteen, and she had been struggling ever since.

My dad left after I was a few days old, so it wasn't like I missed him. Sure, I wished my mom had someone that would balance her out, but I didn't feel the need for a male presence in my life. One bossy parent was enough.

So that's why I was moving to Chicago to live with Ryan. My mom deserved the chance to let her romance with Frank grow, and I didn't want to be an obstacle. Plus, I was sure it would be easier to live with my almost twin brother. We were the same in spirit and soul, and I was positive we would get along just fine.

Maybe this would be my new beginning. Maybe I would find the thing that would make me fight to stay there. Maybe, and maybe not. It was just a new adventure that I was ready to take on.

“Please fasten your seatbelts, we are preparing to land.” The female attendant’s voice rang over the intercom. I clicked my seatbelt in and got ready to see my newest home.

“This place is a dump.” Frank grumbled, shaking his head as the taxi drove through the cluster of cars. I couldn’t agree in the least.

In this city breathtaking city you could barely tell if it was night or day. All the lights of buildings and billboards twinkled against what part of the dark sky you could see. Throngs of people covered the sidewalks and streets. Every store I had ever heard of seemed to all be on the same street. The skyscrapers towered over all the tiny shops, and the thousands of windows reflected the bright lights.

“It’s…amazing!” I breathed as I continued to look out the window. “Look at all the lights! And the people! Their so colorful and unique!”

“Destiny, be serious! Look at all the homeless people! They cover the street like bugs. And all the prostitutes and gangs! How can anyone want to live here?” He snorted in disgust.

“How can anyone not want to live here? Think of all the cool people you could meet? And all the great parties and concerts?” I half screamed, completely blissful.

“You’re not making me feel any better Destiny. You can’t trust anyone here. Not unless you want to end up in Tokyo missing a kidney.”

“Don’t be so uptight Frank.” I rolled my eyes. I think I had finally found my favorite place in the world. I couldn’t wait to explore this giant city.

“I’m not uptight; I’m just responsible and realistic. I can’t believe your mother agreed to let you live here.” In the reflection of the window I saw him shaking his head still.

“She trusts me. She knows that I’m street smart and I can take care of myself. And she knows that Ryan will help out.” I stated in her defense.

“That boy doesn’t know the difference between drugs and candy.” Frank growled. I turned away from the window to glare at him.

“Did you just diss my brother?” I asked in awe. I loved Ryan more than anything. Ryan was my favorite person in the world, and I had missed him terribly for the last year.

“No, I just told you a fact.”

I sighed loudly and turned back to the window. I just had to get there, then Frank would be out of my life. Well, at least for a while.

“563 Greenwald Street.” The taxi driver announced as he slowed down. I scrambled out of the taxi quickly as it came to a full stop.

“This is where he lives?!!” Frank yelled in surprise. I looked up. I didn’t think it was so bad. It was rundown sure, but it was downtown, and it was better than some places I had lived as a child.

“Yup.” I replied. I opened the trunk of the taxi and grabbed my two suitcases. Frank told the taxi driver to wait for a few minutes while he got me settled in.

“He’s in 3B.” I announced as we entered the building. The inside was worse than the outside. The wallpaper was falling off, green moss piled in the corners, and it looked like it had never been dusted or cleaned. I was sure Frank wanted to say something, but he kept his lips in a tight line.

We climbed up the ancient stairs that felt like they could collapse any second if too much weight was put on them. I tried not to breath, because I was sure that the air mixed with dust and other chemical smelling substances wouldn’t be good for me.

Once we reached the third floor Frank looked like he was going to have a fit right then and there. The hallway had no visible lights, and the floorboards had huge gaps between them that looked like someone had tried to glue them together with gum. It was a comical scene, and I felt like laughing.

“Just take a deep breath.” I said calmly. Not waiting for an answer I walked forward to the door with 3B painted on it. I knocked three times. After a few seconds I heard light steps and then the door opened.

“Ryan!” I yelled. I dropped my suitcases, cringing as the floorboards shifted, and jumped into my brothers arms. His familiar smell soothed every nerve in my body. He smelt musky with a hint of mint.

“Hey baby sister. I missed you.” He whispered into my hair. I pulled back and inspected him. He was taller, probably around 6'1. His hair was shorter than I remembered, put in a spiky style. His eyes seemed a shade of blue darker, but his smile was same.

“I missed you too!” I said, and I gave him another hug.

“Nice to see you again Ryan.” Frank said politely as he stepped forward sticking his meaty hand out awkwardly.

“Always a pleasure.” Ryan said as he shook his hand.

“Nice place you have here.” Frank said sarcastically. Ryan nodded, stifling a laugh.

“Come in.” Ryan said moving to the side, his arm still around my waist. Frank looked over into the small, messy apartment and shook his head.

“Wish I could, but I have a taxi waiting downstairs. And I’m sure Destiny is sick of me.” He said quickly.

“Um…Thanks for bringing me Frank. Tell my mom I will call her tomorrow.” I said civily.

“Sure, sure. Have fun kids.” He urged. He reached out and squeezed my arm then turned back to shuffle down the dark hallway.

I turned to smile at Ryan, and he smiled back. Then he stuck out his hand and gestured to the door.

“Ladies first.”

I grinned, feeling more at home than I ever had before.

*note* All characters are mine, along with the plot and ideas

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OMG!!!! that was amazing write more soon!!!!:}
omg!!! awesome!!! post more asap!!!!
just read your story for the first time--I love it! I hope you update soon!
Hey guys! I'm sorry it's taken me so long to update! I have been doing midterms for the last two weeks, and I've spent all my extra time studying. But I have a week off school now, so I promise to update again right away! Thanks and I hope you enjoy the chapter. (sorry it's short)

Fallen Angel- Chapter 10
(Kale’s POV)

A smile pulled deviously at my lips as I turned the sharp corner. Their feet padded heavily on the wet ground behind me, raspy breathing coming from their mouths. I sprinted easily, not losing pace at all. If it was a chase they wanted, A chase is what I would give them.

“Call Sanders! We almost have him!” A deep voice commanded from behind me. The screech of the cell phone waves flowed through the air, ringing in my ears. I forced my legs to work a little bit faster, putting stress on the muscles. The burn felt nice as it seethed through me.

“Beckett, O’neil, go around the side and cut him off!” The deep voice commanded again and two sets of footsteps turned a different way.

“That’s right, try using some brains.” I grumbled under my breath. When ahead of me I saw the faint shadows of two men, I turned sharply again and jumped up onto a ladder that was a few feet away from the ground.

I climbed up the metal steps fluently, and chuckled as I felt the vibration of them stumbling up it behind me. Once I reached the top, I hoisted myself on top of the building. I walked slowly to the middle of the rooftop and waited.

The leader came up first, followed by two muscular men. The other two still were climbing up the ladder. Too bad they would miss the show. The other three formed a line and inched forward slowly.

“Don’t try anything funny boy.” The tallest one said gruffly.

“Yah, just come nice and easy and we won’t have to hurt you.” A short, dwarf like man said. What an old corny line.

“Did you get a new hair cut? I swear your hair was longer last week when we did this.” I said mockingly at the short man. His brows furrowed and silver streaks flashed in his eyes. A scowl twitched at his lips.

“I take that as a no.” I breathed.

“That is quite enough. We have you this time. There is no running away now.” The deep voiced one said. He took a step forward, and I took one back.

“Sorry to end this party, but I have things to do.” I shrugged and flashed them one more smile before I turned around and jumped off the edge of the building.

( Destiny’s POV)

Dizziness evaded my mind, and nausea spun in my stomach. I vaguely remembered my arm, and how much it had hurt. I wasn’t sure how much time had passed, but my arm didn’t hurt anymore. I sat up and looked around. I was on the couch in the middle of Ryan’s apartment, and he was curled up in the chair sleeping.

“Ryan?” I croaked, my throat feeling scratchy. He stirred slightly, and his head lolled to the side. I rubbed my eyes and observed what was on the table. Unmarked glass bottles lay across it, along with jars of what looked like spice. What was it?

I reached forward and grasped a bowl of salve. It was a dark green color with red specks in it. I lifted it to my nose and sniffed it. The strong sent burned the inside of my nose, and sent a flame down my throat. This couldn’t be a drug; it didn’t give me a buzz or anything.

“Ryan.” I said more strongly as I walked over to him. This time his eyes opened, and he looked around warily.

“Destiny? Is your arm okay?” He asked lazily straightening out in the small chair. I nodded as my fingers traced over the faint marks on my wrist.

“What is all this stuff?” I asked gesturing to the assortment of goods on the table.

“Healing ingredients.” He answered quickly, but truthfully. My eyes darted across the apartment to the window. Outside it was dark, early in the morning I guessed. I would have to get to school soon.

“What happened Ryan, to my arm? Why did I react that way to a few cuts?” I pushed hoping he wouldn’t try to get out of telling me the truth.

He seemed to struggle with words for a moment, and then his voice went quiet and soft. “I’m sorry Destiny. For everything. I’m sorry I brought you here.”

His words hurt me. He was sorry I was here? “You don’t want me here?”

“That’s not it Des, I love you. You’re my little sister. But you’re in danger here, in a city like this.” He said, not clarifying why exactly.

“I am in danger anyplace Ryan. But I need you to tell me what’s going on.” I stated.

“I can’t.”

“Why not? Whatever kind of trouble you’re in, I can help you.” I replied honestly. I wanted to be able to help him, to be able to live with him without these problems.

“I’m not in any trouble Destiny. It’s just…” he leaned towards me, his eyes serious. “There are things you don’t know, dark things out there that could hurt you.”

His words sent chills down my spine. I swear I could see flashes of lighting in his eyes as he said the words. My mind was racing with all the possibilities of his words, but I still came up blank.

“Please Ryan. Tell me what the hell is going on.” I somewhat begged.

He considered for a moment, then answered. “I will pick you up after school. Then we can talk further. OK?”

“Ok.” I whispered. He leaned back in the chair and closed his eyes. I sighed, and then headed for a long, hot, shower.

After I was done my shower I put on some makeup and ran a brush through my wild hair. I pulled on some black jeans, a dark blue shirt, and a black hoodie. I grabbed my backpack, ignoring Ryan who was sleeping in the chair again. I headed out of the house a few minutes earlier than I had too.

It was a partially sunny day out, no more rain. I walked slowly down the already crowded streets toward the school. I half hoped to bump into Kale, but my hopes were crushed as I got closer to the school.

When I came through the glass doors the secretary, Ms. Rudson, glared at me just like the first day. I guess I still didn’t live up to the expected appearances of the students.

I was the first one in the classroom, so I took the quiet to my advantage. I pulled out my sketch book and pencils and began to sketch. Once again I didn’t check my work, or concentrate even. I just let my fingers guide the pencil across the page.

Eventually others began to show up, but I completely ignored them. I didn’t dare pull my eyes away from the work until a familiar voice interrupted me.

“That’s kinda creepy.” Chase said humorously from above me. I looked up at him and smiled. Then I looked back down at my picture. He was right, it was kind of creepy. But what he didn’t know was that it was of Kale again.

Destiny's Drawing

I hope her brother does finally tell her the truth this time though :D
Really? I want to read that book:-)
It was great!!!! wow!!!! you need to write more asap!!!!!! =)
Sorry. I forget about this story, but have caught up now.
Keep going this is great.


great !! :D
hi iim a new reader, and well I was wondering if this is the second book or is this the first? oh and I loved it so ccan you keep me updated?
It's the first. And sure, I'll update you


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