The Twilight Saga

Writers: Paramore-Fan-13 And Kimberly T.-(Or Babi-Angel .)

PG-Contains Low Level Violence And Offensive Language.



A Young Teenage Girl (Claire) Is Taken By A Vampire (Marcus) So His Future Vampire Daughter (Rosey) Can Have A Mother.When She Learns Of The Child's Fate,She Breaks Free Of The Vampires Grip Taking The Child With Her,But Everything Goes Tragically Wrong When The Vampire's Pet (Jamie) Stops Her.Will Rosey Be Turned? And What Will Happen To Claire?...

Chapter 1:BreakAway.
I Stumbled Across The Hallway Heading To An Open Door.I Had To Find Away Out Of Here.Every Second As I Hurried Down The Hall I Glanced Over My Shoulder,Expecting To See Him There,Coming For Me.Minute By Minute I Grew More Paranoid,I Wanted To See Him With His Beautiful Look And Gorgeous Red Glistening Eyes,But I Knew No Matter How Much I Did Want To See Him,I Couldn't.He Would,He Will,Kill Me.I Heard Gentle Footsteps Behind Me,He Shouldn't  Be Awake,It's Day,Light,This Was My Only Chance To Break Free And It Had Just Been Destroyed.I Wasn't Going To Fall Without A Fight,As Fast As I Could,I Spun To Come Face To Face With His Little Pet,Jamie."What Are You Doing Up Claire Bear,You Should Be In The Master's Chambers Asleep."Jamie Quickly Snapped Grabbing My Wrist,Throwing My Backwards Into A Mirror.Leaving Shattered Glass Splashed Over The Floor And A Large Piece Digging Into My Back."Master Marcus Will Not Be Happy With Your Attempt To Leave."Jamie Adding In Smugly Pulling Me Off The Ground And Into A Standing Position In Front Of Her.She Lifted Me Up,Carrying Me Swiftly Back To Marcus's Chambers Dropping Me At His Feet."An Attempt To Leave I See Young Claire,Silly,Silly,Silly."
"Why Can't You Just Let Me Go You Sick Freak!."Marcus Rose From His Nearby Chair And Before I Could Blink Basically ,Was Standing Right In Front Of Me.Leave Me Alone!."I Yelled Already Knowing What Would Happen.With That I Felt His Ice Cold Hand Hit Me Straight Across My Face Sending Me Backwards Into Jamie."You Slap Like A Girl,P****!."My Face Slammed Against The Cold Polished Wooden Floor.I Screamed In Pain Feeling Jamie Pressing Her Hand Hard Against The Still Bleeding Cut On My Back."What Was That ForYou Stupid Cow."I Felt The Pressure Of Her Leaning On Me Leave,As Marcus Flung Her Away.His Arm Wrapped Around Me."I Have Something You Need To Learn About."
I Felt Marcus's Hand Press On My Shoulder."Speed Up,I Don't Have Forever."Marcus Walked Behind Me Leading Me To The Unknowen Which Lay Ahead."Wait Here Just A Moment."Marcus Vanished Leaving Me Standing in A Dim-Lit Passage Way,Waiting Afraid.

Chapter 2:Rosey
"Close Your Eyes,Take My Hand,Trust Me."Marcus Whispered  In My Ear.My Hand Fell Gently Resting In The Palm Of His Hand."I Guess All I Can Do Is Trust You."His Soft Lips Lingered By My Neck For Just A Moment Before He Pushed Me Gently Forward Into A Child's Room.I Followed Marcus's Glance To The Only Window In The Room To See A Young Child,A Little Girl.She Had Flowing Long Blonde Hair Which Curled Slightly.She Turned And Looked At Me With Innocent Vibrant Happy Green Eyes.She Wore A Simple Red And Black Velvet Dress,Surely One Marcus Chose For Her To Wear."Her  Name's Rosey,She's Yours To Look After For Now.She's Very Special To Me Claire,This Is A Big Step With Us,I Need You To Look After Her,She Needs A Mother."I Looked Up At Marcus."This Is A Big Step With Us,What Is That Meant To Mean?,And If I Refuse To Care  For Her You'll Force Me To,Won't You?."His Amazingly Gorgeous Laugh Filled The Room,Causing Rosey Still Sitting By The Window To Giggle."I Say That Because,I Can  Tell You Like Me And I Would Never Force You To Do Anything,Claire,My Love.How About I Leave You And Roesy To Get To Know Each Other,Rosey Would Love That."

Chapter 3:Trust.
I Turned To Argue With Marcus But He Was Already Done Leaving Me Alone With Rosey.
"Hey There,"I Said Gently As I Walked Through Her Room To Be Standing Beside Her.Rosey Looked Up At Me And Smiled Before She Returned To Playing With A Little Porcelain Doll."Roesy,Mind If I Play Dolls With You?"Marcus's Grip Suddenly Appeared On My Shoulder,Swiftly I Was Swept Out Of The Room.Once Again His Icey Hand Hit Me Across The Face,Leaving A Horrifying Red Handprint Plastered To My Cheek."Why,Claire,Why Did You Break My Mirror?."Carefully Stepping Backwards From Him I Rose My Hand To Lay It Gently On The Mark."Marcus,Why Do You Think I Broke It,Jamie Broke It,She Was The One Who Pushed Me Into It,That's Why I Have A Cut!,On My Back!."I Hated When He Laughed,Escpically When The Laughter Was Aimed At Me,His Laugh Quickly Faultered When He Slapped Me,This Time Harder.I Stumbled Backwards In Terror."Claire You Are The Silly Girl Who Tried To Leave,Don't Blame Jamie,Jamie Was Ordered To Stop You,That's All And She Did.Marcus,Once Again,Turned Away From Me Facing Rosey's Room,And In The Doorway Stode Rosey Holding Onto Her Doll."What's Going On?" Marcus Briskly Leaned Down.Pushing The Doll From Rosey's Arms And He Lifted Her Into His Arms,Like He was Carrying A Baby."Don't You Worry Sweet Pea,Claire And I Are Just Upset With Each Other At The Moment,Now Go Back To Your Room And Play."He Gently Lowered Her To The Ground,Holding Out Her Doll For Her."Go Sweetpea."His Arm Quickly Wrapped Around Me Pulling Me Up From The Ground."You Sick Freak,Marcus,Why Do You Keep Her Here,She's So Young,Only  About Seven I Would Guess,Why Did I Trust You,Why DO I Trust You?."I Glanced Up To Look Him In The Eye.I Saw The Anger In His Eyes.His Hand Reached Across My Face And Slapped Me Again.Before My Head Even Hit The Floor,I Blacked Out.

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I like how you describe Rosey.
But Marcus seems to change his mind very quickly, from bad guy to good guy, and back to bad guy.

You could fix some grammar things that would make it better.
It takes a lot of work to start each word with a capital letter.
But it would be easier to read if you have spaces between sentences.


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