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Don't be fooled, "Midnight Moon" is a rip off my my REAL story, Midnight Shadows. twilighter09 is a fake and a thief, and if you want the real story, read this, not that other mess.

Okay so i just began writing a fan fic ! This is just a preview of what is to come . My story takes place after breaking dawn. Renesmee was never created, but Jacob managed to get over his hatred for the Cullens and maintains a friendship with Bella . Still, he is heart broken, so he takes comfort from Leahs presence, similar to how Bella took comfort from his . But, something was different. Was he actually falling in love with her ? of all people ? and could she, maybe love him back ?

well, this is a quick scene from my upcoming story! I hope you enjoy it . Stay in touch to read the finished project, beginning, middle and end.

OF COURSE, TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK OF IT !!!! oh, and at the bottom somewhere there should be a link of this in word, for better viewing purposes. Its in rich text format, so it can be read on any computer.


 *the setting is a cabin, leah and jacob are rained in, and have to spend the night together.


Falling asleep tonight was going to be impossible. There was no avoiding Leah now, or these new feelings I was developing. All my thoughts were engulfed by her, the yearning to touch her, to feel her skin on mine. I knew she would flip out if she had any idea of what was in my head right now, but even that didn’t stop me. All too soon, my inappropriate lusting was interrupted by Leah’s deep panting beside me. Her face was full of some emotion I had never seen before on her – some sort of deep passion. Without warning, she clawed my arm, digging her long nails into my bare skin. Not exactly the kind of touching I had in mind…

“Ouch!”, I yelled out of habit, even though the pulsating burn was already fading away. Leah opened her eyes in response, wide with a new emotion.

 “Oh my God! Jake! Are you all right? I don’t know what happened, I was having a… a bad dream.” She sat up in a panic eyeing my wound, which was already nonexistent. She moved her eyes back to the dark floor, her hands gripping at the sides of the bed. She looked nervous, maybe even scared. Hmm, musta’ been some dream.

 “It’s nothing”, I told her honestly. I rushed to her side and wrapped her up in my arms. What am I doing? I thought to myself. And why does this feel… good? What will she think? I prepared myself for the almighty Leah backlash. Unexpectedly, she hugged me back. I could feel her hot tears running down my body. Electricity pulsed through my every nerve. I’m pretty sure this wasn’t the type of feeling you were suppose to get when some chick was crying into your chest for who knows what reason.

“You’re okay now”, I whispered into her ear.

“Yes, I am.” Her tone confused me. She sounded… comforted – like she was in the arms of someone she truly loved instead of someone she barely considered a friend. Still, the tears rolled on.

 “Do you wanna talk about it?”, I offered. I wanted to know what was going on in her head. I wanted to fight the nightmares away, to make everything better for her. What the hell? When did I become Leah’s protector? This was all so new, but at the same time it felt so much like Déjà vu. Jacob Black: Always trying to save the girl who didn’t want to be saved. Could it be anymore ironic? I stared down into Leah’s face. She was more beautiful than she had ever been. No makeup, hair a mess, eyes puffy. Gorgeous.

 She was just so vulnerable, and so real. It was nice seeing her unguarded; so unlike the wolf-girl hybrid I was use to. And her lips… perfect and full. And so close. It took everything I had in me from crushing them to mine that very moment. And I wouldn’t be able to stand the rejection if – no when, she pushed me off. She pulled away from me and ran her hands through her thick hair. I wonder what it felt like.

“It was …wrong. Everything about it was so wrong!”, she muttered out between sobs.

 “But it felt so right.” This cryptic conversation was eating away at me. I was bewildered enough, I didn’t have the patience for pointless trivia games.

“Lee, explain. Who was it about?” I felt my body move closer to hers. ' “You.” Her whisper was so soft any normal person wouldn’t have heard it. Me? Now I was in her nightmares? I didn’t know what to say. I cocked my head to the side a little and stared at her with prying eyes. I shouldn’t have been offended, but something deep inside of me stung from the accusation.

 “Leah, come on. I know we aren’t exactly best friends but I would never hurt you. You HAVE to know that. But if I’m the cause for all these nightmares then maybe I should go.”

 I stumbled over the last few words. They didn’t sound right. The last thing I wanted to do was to leave this girl.

 “That’s just the thing Jacob”, she huffed out. “I don’t want you to. “ Huh? I felt my face twist with confusion. What the hell is she talking about?

“It wasn’t a nightmare, at all.” She threw her head against my chest, and her warm tears started flowing once more. This time she let her small hand trace over the shape of my shoulder. What did she mean it wasn’t a nightmare? What else would explain her digging her nails into my skin, or the flood of tears? Right as I was about to ask her just that, I remembered the strange expression on her face seconds before she awoke. The pieces were all falling together. Leah had not been scared before. Her so called nightmare had been the opposite. She was dreaming about me. – No, us. And it obviously confused the hell outta her. Join the club. Even though the pieces were finally intact, I still couldn’t comprehend the situation. I needed her to clarify. Was it really possible that these foreign feelings that consumed me had transpired to Leah? Nope. I doubt it. I’ve never been lucky. Why would that change now? I reached out to grab the hand that was grazing over my shoulder.

 “Leah”, I began. I held her hand, wrapped tightly between my much bigger hand, and placed it on my chest. She was still looking down refusing my eye contact. I nudged her chin upwards. Unwillingly, her gaze locked with mine. The electricity was back, and it was threatening to shake my entire body. I stared into her eyes, and I knew at that moment that mine mirrored the same craving. They burned through me with a fire so hot, I felt almost faint. (If I wasn’t naturally a toasty 108.9 degrees, I would probably be worried.) In that moment, that insignificant flash of time, I no longer needed words to tell me what was happening. Still, I found them rolling off her lips. Her soft, supple lips.

 “I want you Jacob black.”


 * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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Can't wait to read more, Jasmine!

Im going to try to have Chapter two up before the end of tomorrow . Alotta homework right now though !
take your time ;)
What? Totally wrong? Jacob belongs with Nessie.
it's a pretty version of another dimension of possiblities tho......and less sucky for Jake because lets be real.....he HAD to imprint on a tiny part of Bella instead of getting the real deal? It's almost like beggin, luckily its an involuntairy process...
shut up
Midnight Shadows is a great title! Loves it.
Leah’s POV


For a normal person, it probably would be too cold for a visit to the beach. I guess there are some perks to being part wolf.
It had only taken me a couple minutes to arrive at La Push. The wind was blowing an airy breeze to the west, and the sun was bouncing light off the ocean waves. Kinda pretty, if you’re into that sorta thing.
I walked towards the shore, away from the forest I had just come out of. Once I found a suitable tree stump, I slumped down and took off my shoes. The cold, black sand felt good against my toes. It was so long since I took the time to actually enjoy the simple things.
A few stretches later, I was ready for running. I took pride in being the fastest person in the tribe. It felt good to be known as something other than the bitter girl Sam didn’t want. I remember going to the grocery store and having people stare at me like some sort of harpy. I could feel my face shoot up in a scowl as the memories loomed in the back of my head.
“Poor girl, that Leah Clearwater.”
“Oh, I know! First Sam, then her father. I’m not surprised she stays locked up in that house.”
It was statements like these that kept me away from the general public.
I counted my steps as I sprinted across the beach. 1…2….3…4. 1…2…3…4. The water and the sand beat against my bare feet in an effortless attempt to hold them to the ground. It was no use; I was soaring. I could feel myself pick up speed, the wind funneling through my hair. This feeling was second to none. I was in the zone.
All of a sudden, my super keen hearing picked up something in the distance. I whipped my head around towards the trees where the approaching footsteps were coming from. Big Mistake.
Before I could stop myself, I was tumbling head first into the gritty sand.
“Hummph!” My body smacked the dense ground with no shocks, knocking the air right out of me. I could feel a wound opening and closing in the same second as my hand crunched into a nearby seashell.
“Ouchhhh”, was all I could manage to croak out.
“Hahahahahahaha!”, someone cackled behind me. The mystery person was getting closer, and they thought this was FUNNY?! I could feel the blood rush to my cheeks, partly in anger and partly in embarrassment. I rolled over on my back, anchoring myself onto one elbow, focusing in on my witness who was now standing just a few feet away, GRINNING. The smuggest grin I had EVER seen. And of course, it was none other than Jacob Black.
I was PISSED. Who was he to invade my alone time? With blinding speed I was off the shore and at his face. Well, sort of. He was huge, dwarfing me with his size. But I didn’t care, he was going to pay for his intrusion. Still controlled by my anger, I threw my fist towards his cheek.
“Nice try”, he laughed out, still overly joyed by the situation.
I was momentarily distracted by his smile, still pulled across his face. The smugness was still there; a bleak reminder of my face plant.
With my free hand, I punched him square in the stomach. I was satisfied as he keeled over. A smile of my own lit my face as I turned around and stomped away.
“Wait, wait, wait,” he mused, still chuckling.
I turned around, crossing my arms.
“What do you want Black?” I spit at him, glaring as hard as I could.
“I’m sorry.” he said. “Are you okay?” His eyes were genuine, with no trace of amusement left.
“Yeah. I was just fine before you got here. Is that all?”
His eyes squinted at me. Maybe I hurt his feelings. Good.
“Nope, that’s all.” He pivoted on the balls of his feet and turned to walk away, shaking his head. Good Job Leah. I thought. Scare everyone you talk to away. But it wasn’t my fault this time, and I had the sand in my mouth to prove it.
“Hold up kid.” I stopped him with a sigh. “I never got to... Ya know... tell you thanks.” Ugh. I hated thank-you’s.
Confused, he turned slowly. I fidgeted, clearly uncomfortable under his gaze.
“For what?”
Was he really going to make me say it?
“You know what.” He was making this harder than it had to be. “Letting me be a part of your pack and all. For Seth you know?”
I could see a smile slip onto his face.
“Yeah, of course. For Seth.”
I felt the heat charge to my face again. So cool, like I was really fooling Jacob. It was odd enough sharing all my personal thoughts with him in pack mode, but it was something completely different, standing here, knowing I still can’t hide the truth. Was I that easy to read?
I wish I could have just left, avoided it all together, but something kept me there. He just had a presence that felt so… nice. Why hadn’t I noticed this before? Before I could think about it, I asked a question I pretty much knew the answer to.
“Why haven’t you been in wolf-form lately?”
“Uh. Well. I...”, he began, clearly looking for the right lie.
“Because of me.” I cut him off. I could handle the truth.
“No it’s fine. Jacob I know I haven’t been the easiest person to be around.”
“No, stop. Just shut up for a second!” I was trying to be nice, but he was really irritating me. He relaxed, and crossed his arms.
“ I won’t be so… annoying anymore. I seen what happened with you and Count Dracula’s new wife… and..” Jacob cleared his throat and shuffled on his feet a bit. I guess talking about Bella still made him uncomfortable. I rushed my words to get to the point.
“Just know I won’t be getting on your nerves anymore, alright? I know what you’re going through and I won’t make it any harder.”
Why did I care about making his life easy? Well, he did get me away from Sam. I guess I owed him that much.
He was quiet for a while, so I looked up at him. His eyes were boring back down into mine, thinking.
“Earth to Jacob. Helloo!” I snapped my fingers, trying to wake him up from his daze. Why the hell was he staring at me like that?
In response to my snap, he blinked a few times and shook his head.
Well yeah. Uh, thanks.. I guess.”
What a weird kid.
“Kay…Well I’m gunna go.” I placed my left hand on my waist, rocking back and forth on my heels. It was that weird feeling again, like I couldn’t leave. This whole altercation was beginning to get awkward.
“Wait, Lee.” His smile was back. “Claire’s birthday party is next Tuesday. Sam wants my pack to come. You going?” Ugh. I forgot all about that. It really wasn’t my cup of tea being around little snot-nosed four year olds, and worst of all, Sam and Emily. And I know he really wouldn’t want me around…
“No. Are you kidding?” I rolled my eyes at him.
“ I think you should. It’ll be fun.” He swatted at a bee passing by. “And Quil’s suppose to be Claire’s personal piñata.”, he chuckled on. His invitation felt friendly, almost like he wanted me to come, instead of it being a request passed along to all of his pack. “We can go together.”
That sentence took me by surprise. Together? I looked back up at him again, I’m sure the confusion was still scribbled across my face. I guess a little party wouldn’t be that bad. And I didn’t have to be around Sam the whole time. Not to mention, taking a swing at Quil with a bat might actually make it worthwhile.
“Yeah, yeah. That sounds, interesting.” I tried my best to sound nonchalant about the whole thing.
“Alright. I guess you can go back to kissing the dirt then. Sorry I interrupted you.”
I laughed lightly.
“You’re an ass, Black.” His returning smile made my heart skip a beat. What the hell?
“I know”, he replied. “I’ll pick you up at four. See ya.”
I turned around, and pranced away. Still smiling. Strange. My stomach felt funny, all knotted up, and I didn’t recognize the sensation. I think I’m happy? For the second time today, I had to laugh at myself. This was something new, but I couldn’t say I didn’t like the feeling.
you did to add the rest
huh ?
Chapter Three; Jacobs POV

There should really be a law that teenagers who could turn into gigantic wolves and hunt vampires should not be forced to go to school. Monday mornings these days were the worst, even waking up was a drag. But hey, I’m use to doing things I don’t want. I rummaged through my messy closet for something to throw on, finally settling on a brown t-shirt and some faded blue jeans. School was boring, but at least it would give me something else to think about, other than Bella. Or worse, Leah. My whole head was bouncing around -them being the main cause. It really was ridiculous.
“Dad, I’m headed to school.” I opened the door to my dad’s tiny room, to find him fast asleep in his bed. No fair. With a sigh, I closed the door back and made my way out the house, slinging my bookbag over one shoulder. The rez’ s school building was only a mile or two away, and I was early, so I decided to walk.

You’re such an idiot!, I thought to myself. My mind ran over last Saturday at the beach when I invited Leah to Claire’s party. It was definitely lack of better judgment. I don’t know what came over me. She just looked so – different. Happy. And Sandy. And hot. Hot Jacob? Okay you’re really losing it. Still, I couldn’t refrain from wandering back to that morning. It was the first time I had seen her. I mean actually seen her. The way the sun made her flawless skin glow… how her eyes shimmered crystal green, with the faintest hint of hazel…

“Crack!” Something hard smacked into my face. Well, I smacked into it. I looked up to see a tall wooden figure, indented where my facial features hit it.

“Hello tree, I see you’ve met my face”, I mumbled.

I heard a few chuckles from across the street; it was a group of girls who had obviously seen my leafy encounter. I was close to school now, unaware of the time that had passed.

Before I could play it cool or retreat, one of the girls was walking towards me. Crap. I didn’t recognize her, odd. What was she doing on rez grounds?

“Hey,” she smiled her ultra-bright teeth at me. “Seen your little…accident ha-ha. You okay?”

By this point, she was standing about a meter away. And damn, this girl was something. She had to be the best looking girl in this state (disregarding the illustrious Cullen’s, that is). But her beauty wasn’t original; just a really good combination of tanning, dieting, and make-up.

I stood there for a moment fighting with my tongue. It didn’t want to work right for some reason.

“Oh, yeah.” I stuttered. “Just testing out my head”, I hit my hand against my temple in a knocking gesture.
Great. Apparently my brain didn’t want to work right, either.

Trying to cover, I asked a question of my own. “I’ve never seen you around here, where are you from?”

“Really? You haven’t heard? This is such a small town, I thought everyone knew. Well, anyway, I’m Olivia. My mom married Jack Woods, and figured we would come stay with him. And voila, I got stuck here.
I did faintly remember all the controversy about Mr. Woods re-marrying only a few months after his wife died, to an outsider too. I just don’t recall anyone ever mentioning a step-daughter.

“Ah, well when it’s not raining, cloudy, or humid, this place is kinda nice.”

“Well, you should show me around sometime, give me a little La Push 101.” She took a deliberate step closer, and flashed that breathtaking smile at me once again.

“Yeah, I think I will have too.” I stared at her, waiting for this amazing magic to happen – for me to imprint on this seemingly perfect girl. But nothing happened . Of course.

“Well, I’m going to get going. Don’t wanna be late on my first day,” She said. She turned around, sending her blonde hair spiraling. It smelled sweet, almost like Bella’s. They must use the same shampoo.
”See you around soon?” She looked back at me with hopeful blue eyes. I smiled back.
“Sure, sure.”

The rest of the school day was a blur. I walked into my house, kicking my shoes off at the door. Now I had a brand new girl in my head, only making things crazier. Billy was gone, probably went fishing with Charlie. I walked the short hall to my room, and jumped onto my bed, which protested under my weight. Things were getting more and more complicated, if that’s even possible. Not to mention, I had Quil and Embry on my back about the whole Leah situation. Why would I even tell them?? They are probably going to give me hell for the rest of my life.

Their opinions still didn’t change the fact that Leah and I were going to that party together. And part of me, though I’ll never admit it, was kinda happy about it.


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