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Okay, so I've only been reading Stephenie's books for two weeks now. I saw on her site everything about Midnight Sun, and I decided not to even read the chapters she posted there because I wanted to respect her wishes about the whole thing. I thought that, if she felt so strongly about it, then she shouldn't have to finish the thing because, really, that was a completely awful thing for someone to do. And I was really getting upset about how everyone kept going on and on in the forums about how much it's not fair that she might not write anymore. I mean, they're her books, it's her world, and if something happens and she doesn't want to continue, that should be her choice. It was all very simple in my head.

Then I was bored this morning, trying to avoid some studying I'm supposed to be doing for a military promotion test. So I went ahead and gave in to the temptation that I'd been trying valiantly to ignore, and I went to her site and clicked on the dang link because, really, each book that she published in 2008 just got better and better for me, so I wanted to see what she did with another point of view on characters that, frankly, I didn't love much at all, at least at first. I really only kept reading the saga because the story was so good, not because I liked the characters much at all.

I read those twelve chapters in two hours straight. I didn't move from the couch until I was done. As I was nearing the end, I didn't want it to end. And then I started thinking that it wasn't fair.

I don't mean that it's not fair to us fans, although there's plenty of people who feel that way right now, from what I've seen. I mean that it's not fair for Stephenie, because those chapters moved me more than most of the Twilight Saga combined. I think that the characters were more alive, became more complex, and her writing was just better. I actually liked what I read of Midnight Sun much better than Twilight just because it explained so much, and I enjoyed the viewpoint so much better. I also think that it takes true talent to be able to go back to a story you've already written and tell it almost seamlessly in another point of view (and I'm sure the few hitches would have come out with some editing), not to mention true dedication.

So it's not fair that someone took that away from Stephenie, and no, it's not fair that that person potentially took such a beautiful book away from all of us. And, while I'm trying very hard to supress it, there's a corner of my mind that wants me to beg and scream and plead and offer my only child in servitude if Stephenie will only change her mind and finish it. But I'll supress it, because I still think it should be her choice. But it's also still just not fair, to everyone including her.

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What an eloquent statement of how so many of us feel! This recounts my experience almost to the letter, but you've done a much better job than I could of describing the injustice of it all.
My evil plan has been to try to buy as many Twilight books and movie copies as possible, so that Ms. Meyer will be rich beyond belief. Then someday, bored with all the fineries in life, she'll look back to her roots, and - tah dah! - Midnight Sun will beckon.
I actually thought of that at one point too Mrs Cope. Maybe Stephanie is letting her fans come down from the the excitement of Bellas story .
that sounds pretty cool!
I agree with you but I still need so badly for Midnight Sun to be finished! It is driving me crazy! I am extremely angry at the person who caused her to stop writing it because they stole an awesome story from everyone!
i agree..ive read the partial draft of midnight sun and i gotta say it's good...i mean come on it's edward's point of view..
I think we've all wished a little violence towards whomever that was. Stupid person. Ruined all our fun. I can imagine several things to do to that person, and one of the nicest ones includes the words "drawn and quartered."
I know we're all disappointed in what happened with Midnight Sun, and Merewen has a very valid point! This is definitely more unfair to Stephenie Meyer! Also, I was of the understanding that Stephenie didn't feel as if the "leak" was intentional because she had given all the drafts of Midnight Sun to people she felt she could trust.
I too thoroughly enjoyed Midnnight Sun and as well felt that it was the best of the Saga! As someone stated earlier, it takes talent to go back and perfect and further develop what you've already written!
It might not necessarily have been one of those people who did the leaking. How hard is it to say to a friend, "I'm doing this, and it can't get out, but do you want to read it," if that friend is also a fan? I'm not saying it was malicious or anything, but definitely not the brightest thing in the world to ever happen. Someone messed up, innocently or not, and now everyone's paying for it. It just makes me a little bitter when I think about it. Whether or not it was the people she specifically sent the drafts to who leaked it, whoever's "great idea" it was to post it on the Internet, of all places...well, that person needs a little lesson in something we in the military call OPSEC. Operational Security is knowing that nothing stays "just between you and me." Especially when it comes to the Internet!
hey wats up merewen hey just wanna say nice writing!!i mean really you're somehow LIKE stephenie meyer!! YOU'RE GOOD
I've resisted reading the Midnight Sun she put on the site. It is not easy to do. But I'll use Edwards self control as an example. I've just seen what that happens to other book series that are famous. Some author in the future will do those "guest writter" stories. Or they will write a whole book such as Midnight Sun. Writters have done this with "Mists of Avalon" for example, and lots of Ann McCaffery's books. The thing is the stories are never the right "flavor" so to speak and you read them because you want more ....but the disapointment. If she does not write more. I hope noone eles does.'
I read a page and then decided to wait & respect Stephenie's wishes. I wish she could see this so that she would know that ppl did respect her wishes so that she may continue writing as she so chooses
I have NOOO idea how I'm not dead yet.. but my breathing stopped after I started reading this.. I would have been the first person to sufocate without any help..hmm atleast it would be a memorable death.. anyway it feels as if you took all my scrabled thoughts and phrased them just right for myself to understand.. and also this is exactly what happened to me.. except that the corner in my brain wasn't thinking in offering my own child in servitude since I don't have one.. I was actually thinking about my dog tho.. oke not the point.. but I'm still shocked.. apperantly twilight has made so many people share the same perspective about so many things in life that I shouldn't really be so shocked of having all my thoughts written nicely on some discussion board.. but I still am.. NICE WRITING btw.. very veryy nice writing..


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