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Okay, so I've only been reading Stephenie's books for two weeks now. I saw on her site everything about Midnight Sun, and I decided not to even read the chapters she posted there because I wanted to respect her wishes about the whole thing. I thought that, if she felt so strongly about it, then she shouldn't have to finish the thing because, really, that was a completely awful thing for someone to do. And I was really getting upset about how everyone kept going on and on in the forums about how much it's not fair that she might not write anymore. I mean, they're her books, it's her world, and if something happens and she doesn't want to continue, that should be her choice. It was all very simple in my head.

Then I was bored this morning, trying to avoid some studying I'm supposed to be doing for a military promotion test. So I went ahead and gave in to the temptation that I'd been trying valiantly to ignore, and I went to her site and clicked on the dang link because, really, each book that she published in 2008 just got better and better for me, so I wanted to see what she did with another point of view on characters that, frankly, I didn't love much at all, at least at first. I really only kept reading the saga because the story was so good, not because I liked the characters much at all.

I read those twelve chapters in two hours straight. I didn't move from the couch until I was done. As I was nearing the end, I didn't want it to end. And then I started thinking that it wasn't fair.

I don't mean that it's not fair to us fans, although there's plenty of people who feel that way right now, from what I've seen. I mean that it's not fair for Stephenie, because those chapters moved me more than most of the Twilight Saga combined. I think that the characters were more alive, became more complex, and her writing was just better. I actually liked what I read of Midnight Sun much better than Twilight just because it explained so much, and I enjoyed the viewpoint so much better. I also think that it takes true talent to be able to go back to a story you've already written and tell it almost seamlessly in another point of view (and I'm sure the few hitches would have come out with some editing), not to mention true dedication.

So it's not fair that someone took that away from Stephenie, and no, it's not fair that that person potentially took such a beautiful book away from all of us. And, while I'm trying very hard to supress it, there's a corner of my mind that wants me to beg and scream and plead and offer my only child in servitude if Stephenie will only change her mind and finish it. But I'll supress it, because I still think it should be her choice. But it's also still just not fair, to everyone including her.

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Thank you. I kind of felt like I needed to get that out because there are so many fans out there going, "I want SM to finish Midnight Sun! When's she going to work on it/get it finished/publish it," and no one seemed to be saying anything about how she might be feeling, as an author who was trying to do something new and special with a world that's so well-loved. I mean, yes, I too feel like I'd give anything to have her finish it and publish it, but it's not up to any of us. It's up to her, and no one seemed to care as much about how she was feeling compared to their own feelings of "unfairness." Really, it was most unfair to her, not to any of us!

Sorry, I can get on a soapbox about this one! *steps carefully down*
haha nice say!! you're actually right!!!
I don't think she would have posted it except that, like she said on her page, there was a version already out there, and it wasn't even the draft she preferred! So she at least wanted to get the "correct" version stuck in people's heads. Maybe she was thinking she'd be able to finish it some day, and she didn't want fans to come back saying, "But that's not how it happened!" (One can only hope...)
you're right too!!! hmph im very much anxious to read and finish midnight sun already...whoever did it (the one who leaked midnight sun) should have thought first before leaking it....probably that person has no brain,oh well...
I like countless others read the chapters she posted. I appreciate the statement that you have made. It's very respectful and to the point. I completely agree, an injustice to all was done by that leak. I feel that it is her story to tell..if she chooses but I so badly hope for it. She is so completely talented!! It amazes me all that she has given us and she is only starting out. I've read of course all the Twilight saga as well as the Host. She has so very much to offer. I look forward to anything by Stephenie. It's my understanding that she plans to continue Midnight Sun, but is waiting for all of this to blow over so that she can just get back into the story herself and not be hastled by one and all. Regardless, she has soo many characters to work with and plenty of point of views/stories to tell. The possibilities are endless.
Yes i read Midnight Sun all 264 pages Stephanie put on her website . I absolutely loved it . I think she should continue with it and have it published. It seemed to me like as soon as the story was starting to get suspenseful it was all over . All of the Twilight books had me on edge . Breaking Dawn was the one book I didnt put down until I was done reading it . LOL I lost alot of sleep reading that one
pity the person that leaked it does think as amazingly as you.
you make many veryyy valid points.
and as much as i wish i had the money to bribe stephanie to finish it and write the rest of the series in edwards pov..
you've made me reaaally think about how stephanie would be feeling about all this.
but i want it so bad!!!
sureeely shed feel better getting all edward talk out of her head and onto paper ;)
but your right.
(i feel like ive got 2 people in my head- one wantign to be selfish and demand midnight sun, the other not wanting it to be published at all just coz of how Stephanie must feel...)
That's exactly how I feel about it. I'm trying to keep my more noble side to the forefront, but it's hard sometimes when I think about how good those chapters were!
Ok... so I'm reading through everyone's comments, and I don't feel like such a crazy person anymore now that I see that we all seem to be on the same page. When I hit page 264, I couldn't wrap my head around the fact that it was over??!! I was/am not ready for that! I understand the reasons behind not finishing the book, although... I don't think I can STAND IT!! I pray that her frustration and anger (justified for sure!!) will heal over time and SM will be inspired to continue with Edward's story. Fingers crossed!
i've gota agree with u inara i was really mad when i found out about some one stealing her partial draft because that was like totally wrong because it just made her really upset and it just made her fans upset because we are all ready for midnight sun to come out because it is from edwards point of view and who wouldn't be ready for it to come out .
DIDO - Merewen! You said it all - taking the words right out of my mouth!
You've got the same mixed emotions as I do. Of course it's Stephenie's choice if she wants to finish it or not (and by the way I think I read somewhere that she is going to finish it) but deep down inside it's upsetting to know that such great talent will maybe go to waste because of one stupid idiot who thought himself so smart. Believe me supressing it doesn't help. I, personally, am just crossing my fingers and hope that she will finish it.


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