The Twilight Saga

Hi guys! I just read the midnight sun and had the idea to write the continuation.

I wrote just a few chapters and I want to know what are you thinking about this, if you will like it, I will post more.

This story begin from the place where Stephenie Meyer finished.




What would you do if a person, who is mean for your life, woud faces with fatal danger?You will be trying to protect him?Would you do it if that danger will be you?Would you try to protect her from yourself?Would you be able?Could you do it if you couldn't live in the world in which she didn't exist?Could you be unselfish?Could you be a GOOD?                                                                                        



                                        12. Complications





Then I was driving to home I tried to forget about it. Forget it. Out it from my head. It couldn't be. Alice was wrong. I could see her vision in front of my eyes again. NO! I sharply hit the gas that my '' Volvo'' turned to the paths leading toward the house, jumped in the opposite direction.
'' Edward, you won't avoid the conversation.'' Alice thought . She, of course, heard that I was reaching toward the house. I amazed as trees growing at the roadside remain healthy.
'' I need to talk with you.''  I knew what she will say. And I absolutelly didn't want to hear it. I was selfish again. I was bad. I knew that.
Therefore I was disgust with myself even more. But I didn't  want to be a good no more. I just hadn't the strenght for it. Ironically, but when you are the strongest creature in the world, you can't resist the fragile human's girl.
I drove into a garage at full speed. '' Volvo''  with squeal stopped. Why couldn't I stop myself so aesily?
Alice was waiting for me. She stood quietly lean against the wall. Her thoughts broke into my consciousness.
- Edward, - she said silently.
I shook my head. I wanted to block her thoughts, but it was  impossible when she was so close. Thoughts with new force broke into my consciousness.
I clentched my teeth. - No.
'' She is wrong. She is wrong.''
- Edward, you know that perfectly, you can't run from it.
'' I know.''
- Alice, what if I don't want to run? What if I am tired from wanting to run away?
'' What if I want to be with her? And no matter how it ends...
I shook my head. No. I had to stop, I can't  think like that. Alice was right, I don't have any rights to put Bella in the danger.
''  I  have no rights in her at all.''
I see her vision again in front of my eyes.
- You are wrong, Alice. - I said.
- I would like to be a wrong, Edward.
- I know how to avoid it, - I took it out of myself. I didn't want to be mad at her, I had to be mad at me.
- Edward, you don't understand, Edwrad! - she exclaimed. - You don't want to hurt her, do you? You don't want to injure her, do you?- she was terrified from that thought. I saw how this view came out  of her minds... I growled. I was in the agony.
- Stop it!
I rushed away from the garage. I didn't want to listen it no more. I didn't want to see it no more. Her thoughts was just killing me. It was sad, I always thought I was strong.
'' No, I won't let it , I am able to resist her sent, am I? It won't overcome me. I will not do anything bad to her, I will not do anyhing for only reason.''
I knew that reason. I couldn't live without her. Or in other words -  I couldn't exist. She was the one who lighten up my world, she was my reason, the reason of my life. I couldn't exist in the world which in she wouldn't be. I couldn't no more...
I started running into the forest. I laughed bitterly - night run again. I felt sick about my thoughts, I felt sick about what Alice saw...
I couldn't  take this view, it was too much for me. I was running and from my throat escaped the growling, it was like a doubt, very painful and very dark.
Rain was pouring so hard that after few minutes I get wet to the skin. I ignored it. I was running further into the forest, I was running and my legs were bringing me there, where I was been more than one time, there, where calmly slept the reason of my worn out soul.



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This is amazing!!!
Please post more soon!!!
Can you please keep me updated when you do?!?!?!
Sure :)
I loved it, I loved it, I loved it! Pleaaase post more soon!!
I will :)
can u post more soon enough ????? cz i'm dying to know how he felt saturday when they were in the woods !!!
I enjoyed reading it and want more please.
hey janet
it's gud that ur goin ahead wid this continuation thing
i too want to cont my version
but i guess if i post it here along wid u it'll get very confusing for those who would read it
that's why i m posting my version on my blog
but i definately want u nd all oder members to read it nd comment on it there
hope to hear frm u soon.........:))

That is surprisingly amazing
oh thanks...


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