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I know Edward loves Bella and has since almost the first time they met but, before Midnight Sun I had no idea how Edward REALLY felt about Bella. It didn’t surprise me to find out they were thinking and feeling the same way. They both love each other so much. I love knowing Edwards thoughts and how he really feels. Do u feel the same?

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i haven't finished reading it yet but i like the thought of hearing from Edward side
the thoughts that edward hears r so funny and i luv knowing what everyone is thinking.
I love that he loves her even beyond her "scent"
I enjoy that his age is not his maturity...
He is older and sees her for something of a love from someone who has search for 108 years to find love to find someone that he would spend eternity with... or that he would no longer want to live without...
I know that we all want her to finish but people may have ruined that for us.. I wonder who had the copies and who leaked.. i mean really why spoil it for everyone and break the law??
Anyway He loves her so much he would let her go let her make the choices she wants.. and still keeps her safe and would continue to even if she loved someone else...
He seems controlling at times but he just wants her to see that she is better than she thinks and that she has a whole life to live...
I wish she was not so "poor me" or "imnot good enough" like shes begging for compliments.. I am glad that she learns to stand up for what she wants whether it is the change or her friendships or her baby.. It is really odd to watch ehr come into her own and still love Edward and have Edward stand by here through everything even her choice to die no matter which way it is through change or childbirth..

Sorry if you havent read all four books and this spoiled something for you but if you have not read all four books then really what are you doing here?
thanx for your comment and i agree with u. I will understand if SM doesnt finish MS.
I wish she would just finish the book already! I think the perspective of Edward is more fun to read. It seems to fill in all the blanks from twilight which makes it way better. Before i read this i was kinda wondering if he actually did feel the same way or not so it just makes it all the much better to actually see what he was thinking.
yes i luv knowing what edward is thinking and feeling
It was amazing to find out how much he loved Bella. It just made their couple stronger for us
I read Midnight Sun after I finished Breaking Dawn (I was going crazy for more...) and I enjoyed reading this. It felt like I already read it bc its from the beginning but it was very interesting to know Edwards thoughts!!!!
i haven't read it yet so i cant say anytging
sure , i do but i haven't read midnight sun and i so much want to .
can anyone tell me where i cud find it ???????????


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