The Twilight Saga

Hi All!

Hoping you're well and slowly healing from the grief of the final installment of the movies being released last November!

On that note, I saw today on a Twilight fan page on facebook, something about Midnight Sun the movie coming out late this year!?  Eeeeeyyy? 

Is this someone's pipe dream or is it really happening?  I'm sure plenty of you Twihards out there are keen to know either way, and I'm sure many of you will know more about this than me.

I'm wanting to get the facts before I get my hopes up, but it doesn't sound right.   Wouldn't there have been a Summit press release or something on Stephenie's page about this!?!?

Can anyone clarify?! 

Ta muchly and happy Twilighting...I'm dusting off the books and starting from scratch again!

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Very true. I have lost count as to how many times I have re-read them. My friends and family have a Twilight party once a year where we do a movie marathon and play some scene it games. Nerdy I know, but a really good time. :)

OMG!  That sounds like so much fun!

Too bad I'm the only Twihard in my family lol.

I'm on my own - everyone else thinks the movies and books are bad, except my stepmum - she can tolerate them lol.


Penny Twihard stop by Jacksonville Florida anytime and we will break out the games. :)

Sounds like a plan!!  :D  Too bad I live in Tasmania - that tiny island off the south of mainland Australia! hahaha

When I'm in America, I'll be sure to look you up ;)

Tasmania?! Wow, I just saw a Wild Krats episode about that island. Beautiful place. Now I'm jealous. 

Hahaha...yes, I must confess - I wouldn't want to live anywhere else in the world!  Nothing like living  in a city built between the water and a mountain, and surrounded by forest! :D 

You should visit one day!!  You wouldn't regret it!  I SUPPOSE you could give the rest of the country five minutes of your time too - haha!  Sydney and Melbourne are just big cities at the end of the day :P  They do have zoos with our cool native animals - that's a plus! ^_^


It'd be great but it's looking unlikely at this stage.

It sounds like Stephenie is well and truly over it :('s hard to accept it's over :(  It was my obsession for a long time! 

I have been hearing the same rumors that there will be another Twilight movie called Midnight Sun. I have been searching the internet to find any info about it. I read an article the other day that there is a director that will do the 6th movie if Stephenie Meyer finishes writing the book. Supposably the movie will be out winter of 2014, but I'm just going to have to see it to believe it. Midnight Sun is the story Twilight in Edward's point of view so my question is why would they start all over from the beginning after Bella has been changed and her and Edward are married and have a daughter together. I am really hoping that there will be a new movie because I am not ready for The Twilight Saga to be over with, lol!

I keep wishing Stephanie would write more too. I think it is a lost cause though. Maybe she will be inspired to write more after it has been a few years. Sometimes things we are burnt out on tend to reignite after time.

Yeah...she might feel inspired again after several years of the hype quietening down :)

Who knows!  Let's hold out hope! :D 

Is it true please don't crush my hopes n dreams ;)


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