The Twilight Saga

Hi All!

Hoping you're well and slowly healing from the grief of the final installment of the movies being released last November!

On that note, I saw today on a Twilight fan page on facebook, something about Midnight Sun the movie coming out late this year!?  Eeeeeyyy? 

Is this someone's pipe dream or is it really happening?  I'm sure plenty of you Twihards out there are keen to know either way, and I'm sure many of you will know more about this than me.

I'm wanting to get the facts before I get my hopes up, but it doesn't sound right.   Wouldn't there have been a Summit press release or something on Stephenie's page about this!?!?

Can anyone clarify?! 

Ta muchly and happy Twilighting...I'm dusting off the books and starting from scratch again!

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I just read the post oh man a twifan can only dream huh keep hope alive ppl keep hope alive :)


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