The Twilight Saga


The story line will go back and forth between the Saga and the Sookie Stackhouse Novels (vampires and supernatural novels for adults but I’ll keep PG-13).

This story is base by the characters created by Stepehenie Meyer for The Twilight Saga and by Charline Harris for The Sookie Stackhouse Novels a.k.a True Blood.

I’ll be using the main characters from the Twilight Saga and adding more characters along the way from True Blood (main Eric Northman, Pam and Godric)

          Also I’ll be using some elements from True Blood.

1.    The creator of a vampire holds a certain and powerful authority towards their creation and when an order is given she/him must obey. (Sort of like the Alpha Orders)

2.    In True Blood they have sheriffs in every area to regulate the vampire activity and keep them in check and the sheriffs answer to kings and queens in each state –but since we have the Volturi(the absolute power in the vampire world) we all need are the sheriffs to regulate and keep their secrets in the shadows.


Our story begins with two siblings back in 980 AD. Their names Leif Eiriksson and Freydis Eiriksdottir. They were two out of four children born to Erik Thorraldsson a.k.a Erik the Red –a very powerful Viking.

After some unfortunate events they are turn into vampires. Leif now known as Eric Northman has lived this 1000 years on his own and run his own business, while Freydis –now known as Isabella Northman- holds an important position with the Volturi.


          And now Aro has an important and ambitious task for her.


          Without knowing, Bella embarks in the most difficult mission she has ever encountered in her 1000 years of existence.

1.      NEW LIFE


Leif Eiriksson and Freydis Eiriksdottir were two out of four children of Erik the Red –colonizer Viking of Greenland.

Freydis (a fierce and strong-willed woman) wanted to be in the fights along her father and brothers, but back then woman were merely use just for taking care of the family, village and have food when the warriors got home after duty.


One day around 980 AD their village went under attack and many were killed –along with their family- by a clan of outlaws wanting to gain more power. Leif and Freydis –along with few others- were able to get away. They traveled along Norway, Sweden and Denmark to try to locate and recruit others that have been affected by the same clan –in order to destroy them.


        Leif believed in his sister’s strength and thought of her more than just a woman, but a true warrior. He loved her.


        After three years of excursions Leif and Freydis army were separated by one of the confrontations.

Leif was badly wounded and carried by two other man of their army; they were running along the forest trying to locate the rest of the group and his sister.

He was lying on the floor –and was dying- when the other two man disappear.

Standing beside him was this young man, younger than his sister. His whole body was cover with strange drawings, when he got closer Leif was able to appreciate this beautiful man, with perfect features and flawless skin. But as soon as he saw the young man eyes and impossibly white skin he immediately knew this man was beyond human.


“Are you afraid of death?” asked the creature gently.


“I’m just afraid for my sister to find it, anything else I can handle.

What are you?” asked Leif, he wasn’t afraid. He saw a certain peace in the creature strange crimson eyes.


“I’m just here to give you one more chance to exist”


With that he bent his head down to his neck and bit him.



Freydis was left to lead the rest of the army but at no success -they were outnumbered.

Then out of nowhere the group of the outlaws was dying around her but along with her own people. She was in the eye of the storm of the massacre that was happening around her, she stood there frozen.

Then two red eye creatures were standing about 5 yards away from her.


“This one here is a fierce little human, she doesn’t compare to any of the others in this field. Don’t you think Eleazar? Just imagine with those skills and our strength…But that smell, very mouthwatering. I’m sure we’ll be able to find another human liker her”

Freydis gulped, she wanted to back away and start running away from those demons –she thought of them- but her body didn’t respond.

He started to move towards her, she could feel the fear that never came when fighting with the outlaws, because she knew that this was her end. She closed her eyes and prayed to Odin that her brother was safe and alive.

“No Aro,” that Eleazar creature answered “I don’t think we will”

She opened her eyes and Aro stop and turn to Eleazar with a puzzle look. “What do you mean?”

“There’s some sort of shield blocking whatever there is in her mind”

Aro started to move towards Freydis again, and grab her hand. His touch was icy cold and his skin felt hard as a stone. She was trembling; she thought why they didn’t just kill her.

“Don’t be scare child, we won’t harm you. You are much too talented and fascinating to be killed” he closed his eyes and rested his forehead on their hands. “Nothing” he whispered.

“Interesting. That indicates a rather powerful latent talent” Eleazar stated.

“Ah, exactly what I was looking for” said Aro in the most enchanting and velvety voice ever heard.

Then everything went black.


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Hope you enjoy my story.


And here is the link to my very first fanfic ever.

Alternate Ending for Breaking dawn.


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I was on a plane on my way to the states –Forks, Washington State. I called my brother that I was sent by Aro to accomplish a…mission and the little problem I need help with.

He laughed of course “Oh little sister you are in deep sh…”

“Thanks for the support Eric” he also change his name, he thought Leif was so last millennium, “but would you help me with the Northwestern problem or not?” I added sarcastically.

“You know that I’ll never allow you to get your hands dirty and I can call in a few favors I have up there to see who is responsible, before we move in.” he said in full big brother mode tone, but ruining the moment of awe with his dorkieness “you know I’m always up for hunting and destroying imbeciles.”

“Thanks Eric, it’s always good to know that I have a cold-hearted murderer at hand”

“Oh sweet Bella, you’re too good for your own good”

I sighed, I knew what he meant. “He laid the creator order Eric, you know we’re helpless.” I muttered our whole conversation, I didn’t need the occupants of the plane know that they were sharing a plane with the greatest and most dangerous predator alive. Besides it wasn’t just the order, there was another reason…my secret that bound me to obey always to anything that Aro demanded from me.

“He did? Wow…” he was silent for a minute or two. “There must be something more there”

“That’s what I thought; he rarely uses that unless he knew I’d object which is rare”

“You are a nerd little sister” he laughed even more.

“I’m responsible Eric, unlike someone I know…by the way how is the lovely Pam” Pam is his child, unlike Aro, Eric asked -leaving to her own will to say yes- to come and help with his business, since she’s been on her own quite a while. Plus she was ecstatic to come and help.
He runs a restaurant during the day and a night club in a town name Shreveport, Louisiana.

“Oh my Pam, helpful as ever, I don’t know what I’d do without her” he responded amuse and in a sarcastically fake tone of adoration –she was there.

“Thank you Eric, you know I’m truly your other half” she added in the same tone.

I laugh. And Pam asked, “How is Italy, have you been to Milan lately” she had a taste in fashion and shopping, one I did not share.

“We are up to our necks with useless reckless vampires; I don’t have time for shopping trips.”

“Hmm, tell me about it, I’ve seen what you wear, all the Volturi clan is in need of a makeover.” She was a bit enthusiastic for makeovers. One time I visited Eric, she almost drag me to the mall –almost. I shiver at that though –but being stronger and a good warrior pays off.
“I’ll tell Aro the next time I talk to him, but I don’t know when that’ll be”

“What do you mean dear?” Pam asked puzzle, I guess she wasn’t there when I told Eric.

“I’ve been assign to occupy the Northwestern sheriff position in the states.”

“Really? That is fantastic; you’ll be a lot closer to us. Where would you be staying?”

“For now, with an old friend I met back in Volterra, he lives in Forks, Washington State”

“Hmm, never heard of that city?”

“It’s a small town about three hours of Seattle”

I could feel that she was rolling her eyes; I giggle “Only you Bella will be happy to live in a small town. But wouldn’t you draw much more attention in a small town like that?”

“No, there is only three there and I don’t think they interact with the humans too much to realize that they are not humans. Maybe just Carlisle –my friend- he’s a doctor there.”

I heard both Eric and Pam gasp and choke with their saliva –if that is ever possible for us.

“Wait doctor…for…what?” Pam was choking with laughter now.

“For humans, what else?”

This time was Eric “How is that even possible…”

“He abstains himself from human blood and has work for three centuries…”

“I’ve…we’ve lived for a millennium and I don’t think we have that kind of control” Eric said with shock.

“He’s very persistent Eric and passionate on what he does. He doesn’t want to be a monster, I’ve explain that to you too Eric”

“Yeah I know, but that is…unbelievable!”

“Well” said Pam, still shock in her voice but recover quickly “Whatever happen to Jackson then“ Jackson was the sheriff of that area

“It looks like it’s the work of some nomads trying to step in”

“So, I’m guessing Eric will go where you are to hunt those animals?” she asked with a devilish and menacing tone. Well I have two cold hearted murderers at hand.

“Yes Pam, would you like to come?” I asked but I knew what she’d say.

“Do you even have to ask twice? Ok, I gotta go sweet thing, I have business to attend to since your brother doesn’t even bother to do so.”

I laughed “Good bye Pam”

“Well then I guess we’ll see you soon, Good luck.”

“Sure thing”

“Anyways” Eric continued “so there is no way you can get out of this one?”

“Nope” I sighed, “the good part about this I will get to see Carlisle again and meet his coven and his child can read minds you know.”

“Really? Bella please don’t be a cougar and enamored this child” he said in a teasing tone.

“Ugh, Eric, you know I have no time for that and ugh you make it sound as if I was a fifty year old divorce human that needs a young man to feel alive.” I gag in response.

“But you are a one thousand year old vampire that has never experience anything like that…” He sounded serious when he said that and he was silent for few seconds “then you know what go wild sister enjoy life, let your hair hang down” he chuckle to his own joke.

“I’m not you Eric…” in that I was right I drink animal blood, he drinks human blood, I’ve never being intimate with anybody, what I do is strictly business, him…he lets Pam run his business so he can be strictly intimate with every moving creature.
Female vampires are his choice, he didn’t found female humans interested…too breakable for his habits. He only saw them as dessert not anymore as main course, since the older we get, the less blood we need. “I was just not made for that anyways and I have a lot on my plate. This child cannot be over 100 years old so…you do make it sound that I’m a cougar on the hunt. Which I’m not.” I hissed back. Look I’m almost arriving and the light of the seat belts is on, please visit, I’ve missed you.”

“Of course, call me once you settle and think about it sis, enjoy” he chuckle.

“Good bye Eric.”

I’ve plan to make my appearance as human as possible as not to startle their peace and not to appear as a threat in their territory. Plus I did the modern way…I use the phone to call him. It had been very difficult, but I was able to find a number where he could be reach at.


“Hello?” a sweet female voice answered, she must be his mate.

“Hello, good afternoon. May I speak with Carlisle Cullen please?”

“He’s at work at this very moment.” She answered unsure if she should share the information. “May I ask who is calling?” she asked, not jealous or territorial as I thought, no, it was just out of courtesy.

“Oh yes I apologize, where are my manners. I’m Bella Northman” I use my brother’s surname. Very inventive, I accuse Eric to use a nickname for Vikings as surname.

“Oh yes, I’ve heard a lot about you. I’m Esme Cullen, Carlisle’s wife.” She said his name with such love and adoration but at the same time in an enthusiastic tone –to know that I’ve called.

“What a lovely surprise, I’m glad Carlisle has found someone. He was so lonely when he found us in Italy.”

“Well thank goodness things have changed”

“That’s what I heard. May I ask what is Carlisle working at?”

“Sure, he works at the local hospital”

“Marvelous, so he did it, I’m so please he pursued his dream and I’ve never doubted him.”

“Yes indeed.”

“Esme, I’d love to get to know you more, but I really need to speak to him, it’s very important that I get in touch.”

“Sure, I’ll give you his cell phone number”

“Thank you very much dear, it was nice talking to you. Though I hope I’ll get a chance to meet you in person.”

“Of course, Carlisle has talk so much about you”

“Then you must know me well, then. I can’t wait to get to know you.”

I immediately called Carlisle.


“Hello Carlisle, it’s me Bella Northman”

“What a surprise, Bella it’s been too long.”

“Yes well, I’m afraid this isn’t just a catch up call my dear friend. I need a favor.”

“What is it Bella, I’d do everything in my power to help you.”

“Thank you Carlisle, you know Aro has finally…back off” I heard Carlisle chuckle lightly, I was always up to date with every slang words in the world –which he has heard some of those.

“What do you mean, are you free to go on your own?”

“Exactly, so I do not wish to continue living in Italy and the only person,” Carlisle was more of a human than a vampire –he’d used the unfortunate fate that was giving to him to use in advantage for the good. “I’ve come close and that understood me well, it was you Carlisle.”

“Thank you Bella, I’m glad you can trust me…”

“No thank you, but I will need shelter, just for a while until I find something more permanent.”

“Of course my home is always open to good and dear friends as you.”

“Home…hmm, I’ve been living in Volterra for a long time and never thought of it as a home,” I gulped thinking back at my human home, my sweet mother…it wasn’t even a home for my secret either.

“Well then Bella, you’d come to the right place. We’ve chosen this town because is constantly overcast and we are free to go out during the day without making a spectacle of our selves, not that you need to worry about that.” Thankfully I did not have to worry about the sun as other vampires, for some odd reason my cold granite skin doesn’t shine like others.

“Really? Fabulous, even better. Thank you Carlisle, I most appreciated. I’ll call you as soon as I have the flight information.”

“Sure, I’ll be waiting for your call dear.”

“Oh by the way, I dug around and found –what it looked like- your home number and talked to Esme, she sounds lovely. I’m glad you found someone.”

“Thank you, how about you sweet Bella”

“Working as always, I’ll call you back with the information then.” He laughed a little at my evasiveness of the subject.

“Of course, I cannot wait to see you again and for you to meet my family.”

“Me too, I’ll see you later then.” I sulk in my seat…home a word that hasn’t been in my vocabulary for millennia. And family, I only have my brother and also…I sighed and shook all the nostalgia coming back and let Aro know ‘I’m welcome’ and make the proper arrangements for my departure if I could only take them with me. I will need to speak with Aro again…sometimes I loathed Aro with all my will and wish him to be destroy.

*end of flashback*

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