The Twilight Saga

Just shortly after Edward left in New Moon, Bella ends up pregnant with his daughter. She starts freaking out wondering how to tell Charlie when Jacob comes over; he already went through the transformation before Edward left. He freaks when Bella tells him and goes and tells Charlie about everything about the Cullens and the myths there in Forks just as Victoria is about attack Bella. Charlie lets himself get bitten instead of Bella shortly after Jake ran off. Bella sits with him for three days. After months have gone by, Bella gave birth to her daughter. Charlie has gained control of his thirst. Bella though everything was going perfectly fine until someone from her past, who was supposed to be dead comes back to Forks. That person is James. James ends up kidnapping for a few weeks, but over the last few months she has gotten some training with Charlie how to defend herself. She manages to chain him and she ends up pregnant again. As she gets home, she gets an invitation in the mail; she got invited to Edward's and Tanya's wedding. She's still human.

Isabella Marie Swan
P/B: Moria Star

Edward A.Mason Cullen


Alice Hale-Cullen

P/B: Moria Star

Renesmee Carly Cullen

P:B Kate

Other Characters:

James:Moria Star



Jasper:Brittney Sanders





Charlie:Moria Star

Tanya: Moria Star

Original Characters




Emily Swan

Clara Oswin Oswald

James and Bella's daughter. She has both her mothers and fathers powers.


Boy and girl

Stay dedicated

3-5 sentence replies please.

You may find gifs for the characters who don't have any :D

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Edward-"No, it's not..."

Bella sighed and shook her head."Edward, its fine."

Edward-I shookd my head and kissed her

Bella frowned for a moment before kissing him back.


Bella woke up rubbing her stomach that had grown to size of a beach ball over the past week. She missed her family. She climbed out of the bed and started down the hall to the bathroom when she heard a voice and turned around.

Kate looked at Bella."Someone should be resting."

Edward-I was walking down the hallway when I heard Kate talking to Bella. I decided to walk over to them. "Kate's right."

Bella frowned and shook her head."I needed a human moment."She sighed.

Kate rolled her eyes."Edward, just take her back to bed."

Edward-"Yes Mother." I smiled, joking. I walked over to Bella and picked her up, and took her back into the room

Bella made a frown and walked back into the bedroom rubbing her stomach. "Stop playing tricks on the nice lady baby." She whispered to her belly


Katie shook her head once the illusion dropped and followed Bella into the bedroom." You really miss him to have the baby project his image to everyone else don't you." She asked and was answered with a nod. She

(did it cut off your sentence?)

Edward-The illusion started again. "Bella you know I'm here. And I'll never leave you like that again." I looked at her. "Weather I'm a projection or the real thing."

[-most likely-]
Bella sighed and shook her head at the illusions rubbing her stomach. "She definitely get her power from her father."she said as she looked at Katie and gave her a small smile. "Thanks for letting me rest here while we head back to Forks."

Katie smiled back at her."Don't thank me. You can't be on the road forever while your pregnant."She smiled at her and placed a hand on her belly.

Charlie wondered around the house once Nessie was put to bed. He was worried about his daughter.

Edward-I knocked on Charlie's door, I needed to check on Nessie while Bella was gone. I knew Charlie was getting worried, and I was going to at least try to give him some peace of mind.

Bella sighed and looked at Katie and nodded. "I know, but I need to get home to see my daughter and Edward." She looked at her belly again.

Charlie answered the door and looked at Edward. "She's fine Edward if that's what you are wondering."


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