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Just shortly after Edward left in New Moon, Bella ends up pregnant with his daughter. She starts freaking out wondering how to tell Charlie when Jacob comes over; he already went through the transformation before Edward left. He freaks when Bella tells him and goes and tells Charlie about everything about the Cullens and the myths there in Forks just as Victoria is about attack Bella. Charlie lets himself get bitten instead of Bella shortly after Jake ran off. Bella sits with him for three days. After months have gone by, Bella gave birth to her daughter. Charlie has gained control of his thirst. Bella though everything was going perfectly fine until someone from her past, who was supposed to be dead comes back to Forks. That person is James. James ends up kidnapping for a few weeks, but over the last few months she has gotten some training with Charlie how to defend herself. She manages to chain him and she ends up pregnant again. As she gets home, she gets an invitation in the mail; she got invited to Edward's and Tanya's wedding. She's still human.

Isabella Marie Swan
P/B: Moria Star

Edward A.Mason Cullen


Alice Hale-Cullen

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Renesmee Carly Cullen

P:B Kate

Other Characters:

James:Moria Star



Jasper:Brittney Sanders





Charlie:Moria Star

Tanya: Moria Star

Original Characters




Emily Swan

Clara Oswin Oswald

James and Bella's daughter. She has both her mothers and fathers powers.


Boy and girl

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3-5 sentence replies please.

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Hey moria if you need Gifs of teen Renesmee let me know.


Bella sighed and looked towards the house. She could still hear him screaming. She flinched and walked down the driveway nearly missing a motor cycle parked straight in the middle. She walked over to it and saw it still had the keys in the engine. She hopped on and started driving back to her home, her daughter, and Charlie.

 Nessie-I was watching cartoons, waiting for Mommy to come back. I looked grandpa, "When is Mommy coming back grandpa?" I wondered if he knew...or not. He probably didn't but that didn't stop me from asking. 

Edward-I was with Tanya, holding her close to me and kissed her. Bella was still in my mind...I mean I still think about her. Sometimes I think I am kissing Bella when I am kissing Tanya. Of course i don't tell Tanya-she would freak and I wouldn't blame her

Charlie looked at her and sighed."I honestly don't know kiddo. She hasn't called to let me know if she is." He kissed the top of her head and looked out the window.

Tanya kissed him back wrapping my arms around his neck. Sometimes it felt good to be with me but sometimes she felt like he still loved his human. She knew she couldn't blame him for that. He loved her first.

Nessie-I nodded, "Okay." I smiled at him,then looked out the window watching for mommy. I got up and walked over to the window, watching and waiting.

Edward-I kissed from her lips down to her neck. I smiled at her and continued to kiss her. 

Charlie nodded and sighed a bit. He really was worried about Bella. He more worried about how she would react to news about Edward marrying someone else. He sighed and smiled a bit at Nessie. Nobody knew that Bella was kidnapped except for him and possibly Alice.

Bella sighed as the bike died near a gas station. The engine just barely survived since the bike wasn't in the greatest condition. She frowned as she looked at the gas station. The same one that she couldn't get out of her nightmare.

Tanya smiled at him and lightly bit the side of neck. She knew how to hid her thoughts from him and Alice. By the time their wedding came, she'll be long gone.

Anywhere for that matter. I really don't care.

Nessie-I went upstairs to go play with my dolls. I kept thinking where was mommy. I looked out the window every minute to see if she was back.

Edward-"I love you." I mumbled against her skin and smiled as she bit me

Bella sighed and started walking the way she felt like the way to Forks. She remember driving by the gas station last year. She bit her lip as she looked back. She knew nobody was following her; it was just plain out of habit for her.  She managed to fine her way to Forks after a few hours of working.

Tanya smiled back at him."I love you too."

Nessie-I stopped playing and I walked over to the window, still waiting. I bit my lip and closed my eyes. "Mommy where are you?" I whispered,  wishing she could hear me.

Edward-"I can't wait until were married and have our honeymoon."


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