The Twilight Saga

Just shortly after Edward left in New Moon, Bella ends up pregnant with his daughter. She starts freaking out wondering how to tell Charlie when Jacob comes over; he already went through the transformation before Edward left. He freaks when Bella tells him and goes and tells Charlie about everything about the Cullens and the myths there in Forks just as Victoria is about attack Bella. Charlie lets himself get bitten instead of Bella shortly after Jake ran off. Bella sits with him for three days. After months have gone by, Bella gave birth to her daughter. Charlie has gained control of his thirst. Bella though everything was going perfectly fine until someone from her past, who was supposed to be dead comes back to Forks. That person is James. James ends up kidnapping for a few weeks, but over the last few months she has gotten some training with Charlie how to defend herself. She manages to chain him and she ends up pregnant again. As she gets home, she gets an invitation in the mail; she got invited to Edward's and Tanya's wedding. She's still human.

Isabella Marie Swan
P/B: Moria Star

Edward A.Mason Cullen


Alice Hale-Cullen

P/B: Moria Star

Renesmee Carly Cullen

P:B Kate

Other Characters:

James:Moria Star



Jasper:Brittney Sanders





Charlie:Moria Star

Tanya: Moria Star

Original Characters




Emily Swan

Clara Oswin Oswald

James and Bella's daughter. She has both her mothers and fathers powers.


Boy and girl

Stay dedicated

3-5 sentence replies please.

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Rose smirked at Emmett and followed after him.

After Carlisle got in the car, James started riving towards the airport. They got there in 3 minutes. James grabbed the bags he packed for Bella and baby while Carlisle got his.

Emmett-We started following Bella's and James' scent

Edward-We went a different direction from the others, going around instead of staying straight ahead

Bella sighed and followed James into the airport. James handed the tickets to board the plane and they got on. Bella looked at Carlisle.

Carlisle rubbed her back and found their seats.

Rose smiled at Emmett and followed the scent to a house in the woods a few miles away from the boarder to Oregon.

Emmett-I smiled back and knocked the door down. "Bella?!" I yelled out and looked around

Rose looked around and walked back to Emmett."Someone knew we were coming. All the scents leaving to and from the house is covered up."

Bella sighed and fell asleep her head resting on Carlisle's shoulder.

Emmett-"James knew we would. Should we call the others?"

Rose nodded. She walked upstairs again just doubling checking to make sure there weren't any scencs she missed. She walked back to Emmett.

James picked up Bella in his arms when they reached their destination. he walked off the plane with Carlisle following behind with the luggage.

Emmett-I took out the phone and 3 way called Alice and Edward. "We found where they were staying. James knew we would come after him. He's already fled. The house is on the border of Oregon in the forest. Just follow Rose and my scent. He's covered his tracks."

Edward-"We'll be there." I hung up and took off again with Esme


Alice said and looked at Jasper. She started running toward the house.

Bella sat up in a bed in a hotel in Rio. She looked at the note that was on the dresser next to the bed. It said that James had to go hunt. She got up and walked out of the bedroom. She looked at Carlisle."Where are we?"

Carlisle sighed."Rio."


Jasper-I followed behind her

Esme-We headed to the house to meet up with the others

Alice got to the house and walked in the door.

Bella shook her head."Of course. The one obvious place they probably won't come looking."

Jasper-"We should have known this would happen."

Edward-"We'll find her and Carlisle..." I knew we would.

Emmett-"I can't wait to rip James' head off."


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