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Just shortly after Edward left in New Moon, Bella ends up pregnant with his daughter. She starts freaking out wondering how to tell Charlie when Jacob comes over; he already went through the transformation before Edward left. He freaks when Bella tells him and goes and tells Charlie about everything about the Cullens and the myths there in Forks just as Victoria is about attack Bella. Charlie lets himself get bitten instead of Bella shortly after Jake ran off. Bella sits with him for three days. After months have gone by, Bella gave birth to her daughter. Charlie has gained control of his thirst. Bella though everything was going perfectly fine until someone from her past, who was supposed to be dead comes back to Forks. That person is James. James ends up kidnapping for a few weeks, but over the last few months she has gotten some training with Charlie how to defend herself. She manages to chain him and she ends up pregnant again. As she gets home, she gets an invitation in the mail; she got invited to Edward's and Tanya's wedding. She's still human.

Isabella Marie Swan
P/B: Moria Star

Edward A.Mason Cullen


Alice Hale-Cullen

P/B: Moria Star

Renesmee Carly Cullen

P:B Kate

Other Characters:

James:Moria Star



Jasper:Brittney Sanders





Charlie:Moria Star

Tanya: Moria Star

Original Characters




Emily Swan

Clara Oswin Oswald

James and Bella's daughter. She has both her mothers and fathers powers.


Boy and girl

Stay dedicated

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Alice sighed."I thought we did that last year. What game is he playing? This is something more then he wanting his child."

Bella sighed and sat in a rocking chair. Three weeks has gone by and Bella was rubbing her stomach which had grown at a rapid pace. She looked at Carlisle as he walked into the bedroom.

Carlisle places a couple of fingers on her wrist."He went hunting again."

Jasper-"Maybe he wants Bella...he wants to be with her."

Emmett-"Why? He kills humans, he doesn't go goo gaga over them." I noticed Edward staring at me. "Sorry...I didn't mean it that way."

Edward-"Doesn't matter anyways."

Alice frowned and looked at him."Of course it matters Edward. Why would you say something like that? Its been three weeks. We'll fine her."

Edward-"I'm talking about what he said. I know it matters to me to find her..."

Emmett-"What should we do now?"

Jasper-"Maybe they went to another state...they probably flew."

Bella frowned when she saw a phone on the dresser. She grabbed it and dialed Alice's number. She looked at Carlisle and relaxed a bit.

Alice grabbed her phone once it started ringing."Who is this?"She asked.

Edward-I looked up at Alice, wondering who it was

Jasper-I looked at Alice as well, thinking it was James calling her

Bella frowned and felt the baby coming. She let out a scream before talking into the phone."Alice, its Bella.Ow!" She bent over a bit.

Carlisle rubbed her stomach and helped her lean back.

Alice held the phone away from the ear."Bella, why the hell did you say ow?"

Edward-My eyes widened and even though It was rude, I snatched the phone away from Alice. "Bella...where are you? Are you okay? Did he hurt you??"

Jasper-I looked at Alice then Edward

Alice raised an eyebrow at Edward."Well rude."

Bella whined."No! I'm fine, just going into labor here. Ow! She whinced a bit."Rio!" She dropped the phone ending the call and screaming in pain.

Carlisle placed a hand on her stomach."Relax Bella."

Edward-"There in Rio. We have to go find them now. She's in labor." I said and took off.

Jasper-"Come on!" I said following

Esme-I followed

Emmett-I put Rose on my back and took off

Bella screamed again and felt the ripping again."Get her out!"

Carlisle sighed and placed a wash cloth on her head."You need to relax Bella. I'm doing the best I can." He grabbed the scalpel and cut into her stomach.

Alice followed them.

James snarled and tackled Edward pinning him to a tree. He looked at the rest of the Cullens."Move and I will kill him."

Esme-I looked at Emmett,Rose, Alice, and Jasper. "Do what he says." I said as I watched James pinning Edward to a tree.

Edward-I looked at James, "Where's Bella?!?"


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