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Just shortly after Edward left in New Moon, Bella ends up pregnant with his daughter. She starts freaking out wondering how to tell Charlie when Jacob comes over; he already went through the transformation before Edward left. He freaks when Bella tells him and goes and tells Charlie about everything about the Cullens and the myths there in Forks just as Victoria is about attack Bella. Charlie lets himself get bitten instead of Bella shortly after Jake ran off. Bella sits with him for three days. After months have gone by, Bella gave birth to her daughter. Charlie has gained control of his thirst. Bella though everything was going perfectly fine until someone from her past, who was supposed to be dead comes back to Forks. That person is James. James ends up kidnapping for a few weeks, but over the last few months she has gotten some training with Charlie how to defend herself. She manages to chain him and she ends up pregnant again. As she gets home, she gets an invitation in the mail; she got invited to Edward's and Tanya's wedding. She's still human.

Isabella Marie Swan
P/B: Moria Star

Edward A.Mason Cullen


Alice Hale-Cullen

P/B: Moria Star

Renesmee Carly Cullen

P:B Kate

Other Characters:

James:Moria Star



Jasper:Brittney Sanders





Charlie:Moria Star

Tanya: Moria Star

Original Characters




Emily Swan

Clara Oswin Oswald

James and Bella's daughter. She has both her mothers and fathers powers.


Boy and girl

Stay dedicated

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Edward-"Should we split up? Or stay together as a group?"

Jasper-"Maybe it would be better if we stay together, just in case. It would be much easier for all of us."

Alice nodded in agreement. "It might be faster too."

Bella turned behind her while her senses where on hyper drive. She stared at James who just ran into view. He snarled and she started running not caring where her feet took her. She kept at het speed as she ran onto the reservation. She slowed down and looked around. The wolves weren't on patrol. She frowned in confusion and headed towards the cliff. She knew Alice would see her jump and most likely that she was ok not knownig that the Cullens were allowed on the reservation. She paused at the edge when she heard James behind her again. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath before she jumped on the cliff into the cold water below.  


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Edward-"Alright, let's go." I took off, and Alice and Jasper followed behind me.

Jasper-I looked at Alice as we took off, going to find Bella before anything bad happened

It's cool.
Bella sat up as fast as she can with her outstretched stomach after her dream. She looked at the passing cars and scenery. She knew they were back in Forks and she leaned back in the seat of Katie's car. She placed her hands on her stomach and looked out the window. Bella caught glimpse of golden brown hair before shaking her head.

Edward-"I can smell her."

Jasper-"So can I." I looked straight ahead, "That way." I pointed.

Bella sat the seat up and rubbed her stomach.”Katie, stop the car please.” She opened the door once the car came to a complete stop. She leaned against the nearest tree before sliding to the ground. She looked at Carlisle as he kneeled infront of her. ”I think the baby's coming.” She whispered in pain.

Carlisle placed a hand on her stomach and shook his head. ”She just hated the movement of the car.” His head shot up when he heard footsteps

Edward-I took off with Jasper and Alice following behind me. Her scent was getting stronger and then I suddenly stopped. I saw her, my body just stopped completely and I stared at her. I blinked a few times just to make sure that my mind wasn't making this up. No, this is real Edward. Her scent is real, the absence of her thoughts are real, and she's physically here. She is here.

Jasper-I looked at Edward as he just stared at Bella, not doing anything. I looked at Carlisle and made him calm from being in defense-mode. "It's just us Carlisle."

Bella looked up and smiled a little in slight discomfort. She placed a hand on her belly and frowned a bit as she felt the kicking calming down slowly.
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Edward-I went to her and I reached my hands out towards her. I picked her up, seeing all of the pain and discomfort in her eyes. I looked at her body, it was broken as mush as her heart was. "Bella." I whispered to her, and looked back up into her eyes.

Jasper-I stayed behind, giving them two a moment


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