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Bella is having a hard time at the moment,and her brother Jacob had ran away. When Edward moves into town he falls in love with her -but does She feel the same, and can he help her?


When Jacob comes back , what will he think of Edward ?





The heart wants what the heart wants.

Does she love me?

BEWARE my chapters are short


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Misery Business



Chapter 1

"Edward, wake up. We are going to be late for school" I heard my new sister Alice Cullen shout through to me.

"I'm already up, geez." I replied back. I opened the door and saw her standing there bag ready and her coat already on. Her outfit was amazing.

"Its not even that late we still have ages." I said.

"Yeah but we have to pick up Bella."

"Who's Bella?" I asked

"My best friend." She answered. -So that was who she was on the phone to for hours last night. "Unless you want to walk, you'd better hurry up" She stuck her toungue out.

"Girls." I muttered under my breath.

I quickly grabbed my jacket and bag and ran out into the rain-one thing I hated about this place, it always rained. I'd been here three days and it still hasen't stopped.

"Jeez, its freezing" I moaned as I shut the door to the Alice's new car. She had just got it two weeks ago for the sixteenth birthday.

"You get used to it." She murmured.

I hope she's telling the truth, I thought to myself. Up until a year ago I'd lived with my mother, Elizebeth Mason in Los Angles. She died in a car crash and since I was only fourteen at the time, I was put into care. In the past 10 months I have lived with 4 different families. But this one was different, I really liked these people, Emmet especialy-although he's not well at the moment so I haven't really spoke to him. Carlisle and Esme were really kind, they made me feel so at home in three days. I couldn't ask for more.

                       Chapter 2

"Oh.About Bella I'll tell you later, its a long story." Alice's voice interupted my thoughts. I could hear the sadness in her voice. I was anxious now.

"Sure" I said back. I heared the sound of a door slam and I looked up,that was when I saw her...

She was the prettiest girl I had ever seen. Her long brown curly hair fitting perfectly around her face. She half-ran to the car,carefully as if she was afraid she might fall.

"Hey,Bella " Alice said as she turned round to smile at her.

"Morning" She said. Her voice sounded a bit shakey, as if she was nervous or something. Maybe even depressed , I couldn't tell.

"This is Edward, my new adopted brother that I've been telling you about." I half turned to look at her and she was already looking at me.Her dark brown eyes piercing. She had dark spots under her eyes and she looked like she could use a goods night sleep.I opened my mouth to speak but nothing came out.

"Hello" She said. I quickly fixed my features and managed to choke out a 'Hi'.

Alice began talking to Bella and I looked out the window. Seeing only her face,the weakness that was soo clear in her eyes.

I had known her for five minutes and I wanted to know everything about her. I wanted to help her, that was if there was anything wrong.

I was in all of her classes. I sat next to her in English and Biology, but she never said anything. Most of the time she just stared in to space.

I sat with her and Alice at lunch. I didn't eat-it looked to grose. Neither did Alice,and Bella,well she just stared at the plate. Every now and again her eyes would flash up to me. She answered when Alice asked her a question or spoke to her. But that was all.

After lunch I walked her to P.E. She was still silent. We got to the girls locker room. And that was when she spoke to me.

"Well I gotta go change, see you soon ." And she smiled. I could see that it took a lot of effort to put it there.

"See Ya" I said and smiled back politely...




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Ok here is the next chapter. Sorry it took so long. I have school and tests and chores and drama classes and I hardly have time to write
Chapter 8
I looked away.
"well...C'mon Bella lets go dance,you too Rosalie" Alice said grabbing Bella's hand.Rosalie followed.
"Good luck" I said to Bella. She let out a groan.

I decided to look for Emmet I had a pretty good idea where he was. I walked over to the food table-yep he was there. He was stuffing crisps in his mouth
"Hey!!" I said as I tapped him on the shoulder. He turned to me, finishing off his mouthfull of crisps.
"C'mon you have to meet all these people," He said. He walked over to a bunch of girls and motioned for me to follow him.
The party was almost over. I was glad,the party started nearly three hours ago. I was going to pass out!!!
I hadn't really danced. It's not really one of talents,but Alice being Alice said that the party won't end until I danced. UGH!!!
"There's a slow song coming on soon why don't you ask Bella to dance with you?" Alice asked me.
"Where is she?" I looked around I couldn't see her.
"Hmmm...." Alice said while looking around the room."I can't see her...Ill go look."
"Ill help you," I told her.
I saw Emmet and Alice dancing and walked over to them.
"Have you guys seen Bella?" I shouted over the music.
"nope" Emmet said. "The last time I saw her she was talking to Mike.
"When was that," I asked
"ehmmm...about 10 minutes ago," He said.
I turned and looked around for Mike. I suddenly spotted him in the corner of the room, leaning over someone. Wait!!! I recognised the girl as Bella. I ran to the corner where they were and caught the rest of what Mike was saying.
"Come on Bella, I know you like me." He said.My heart sank. Was this true?
She was about to say something but I decided to step in there.
"Bella, there you are!! " She snapped her head up and she breathed a sigh of relief.
"Excuse me!!" Mike half-screamed. " We were in the middle of something,"
"MIKE I DON'T LIKE YOU GET IT THROUGH YOU'RE THICK HEAD!!!" Bella screamed at Mike. I almost laughed. I looked at Mike his face was red and he was fidgeting.

"Uhmm...well....I...I ...Have to go now bye" Mike uttered. He turned and walked away.

"Are you ok?" I asked Bella.

"Yup, im fine." She said.

"Ok well everyone is looking for you, lets go tell them you're I found you ." I said to her.
I was going to look for Alice. I spotted her talking to a bunch of people and began to walk over to her.
"Wait." I heard Bella say. I turned around. "Yes ?" I asked.
"I can hardly walk over a flat surface without falling, and I have heels on and I don't want to help...... me go upstairs..because I have to go to the bathroom and I really will fall please--?" she looked at me nervously the blush I loved creeping up on her face. I smiled at her. She seemed to stop breathing. I went to her and grabbed her hand,feeling an electric tingle shoot up my arm. I think she felt it too because she snapped out of her daze.
"Sure,my pleasure" I answered her question.
"T-Thanks." She said a smile creeping up on her face.
We walked up the stairs and she walked down the hall to the bathroom. I said I'd wait so she doesn't fall down the stairs.

Just as we got back downstairs a slow song came on- I recognised it as "I'll Be" by Edwin McCain. I figured this was my chance.
"Do you want to dance?" I asked her.
"Uhmmm....I can't dance" She said.
"I'll help you" I replied. "Ok then" she said.
I pulled her to the middle of the dancefloor and put my hands on her waists,she put hers on my shoulders. We started swaying to the music.
I gazed into her eyes and saw something I didn't recognise - Lust? Desire? I didn't know. But I did know I had to ask her soon or someone else would.
"Bella...Will you go out with me ?" I asked. I bit my lip
"I...I" She began
really is great keep going
There's. Mistake. It says Emmet and Alice were dancing but It was supposed to say Emmett and Rosalie
loved it
keep going
yay! you finally updated! woo-hoo!
and i loved it!
but cliffy!
please update soon!
Wonderful Chapter!!!
really REALLY looking forward to MORE =D
Sorry about the cliffy next chapter is up though
*~*New Reader*~*

absolutely luv it!! =)
If you want me to keep you updated could you please send me a friend request as I send out an email when I update.
Jasper will be in the chapter after this!!!
And in the next chapter its Edwards birthday!!! :)

Chapter 9

She smiled and looked into my eyes, I stared back.
"Out, like a date?" She asked and bit her lip, if only she knew how tempting that look was to me.
"Yes" I replied, suddenly nervous.
Her lips turned into a full smile.
"yes I will," YES YES YES YES YES YES!!!
I pulled her a little closer and we stared into each others eyes for the rest of the song.It was perfect, but every song had to end sometime.
I didn't want to let her go. It felt so right, like she was made to fit into my arms.

"There you guys are !" Alice exclaimed. Great Alice perfect timing. My arms felt empty without Bella in them, I wanted to wrap my arms around her but that would freak her out.
"Hey Alice," Bella said. I held in a laugh. Alice was obviously mad and everyone who knew Alice knew not to tempt her when she was mad. She may be small and pixie-like but she has a temper. But when I looked at her she was beaming. The lights went back on, and people started to leave, saying things like 'great party' or 'bye Edward'. I just smiled back. When everyone had left minus Bella, Rosalie, Emmett, Alice and I Alice turned to Bella,
"C'mon Bella lets go to bed." Alice said grabbing her wrist and dragging upstairs.
"What about the mess?" I asked. She looked at me and shook her head.

"I hired a cleaning service to clean it up, they will be here at seven in the morning, just before Carlilse leaves for work so he'll let them in." She said really fast before continuing up the staircase.
"Goodnight Bella," I called when they were at the top.
I heard a faint "Goodnight Edward" and then it was silent.
"Do you have to go? you can stay" Emmet whined. I turned around to see Emmet and Rosalie standing at the door.

"Yes Emmet, Jasper will be here early in the morning and then we are having a family lunch to catch up," Rosalie said giving Emmet a hug.

Rosalie and Emmet were complete opposites but they were perfect for each other. Rosalie had a really bad temper and was really stubborn but she was also one of the nicest girls you will meet, if you mess with her or any of her friends you're in for it-big time. Emmet may look like a twenty year-old wrestler but he was really just a 17 year old teddy bear, who likes to joke around and prank people alot, he was probably the only person in the world who could calm Rosalie down.

When they started sucking each others face I decided it was my cue to leave.
I walked up the stairs and into my room.
I got changed into pajama navy pajama bottoms and a white tank top. I then began walking to the bathroom to brush my teeth. When I got there Alice was just coming out. I smiled at her.
"So....." She said asking me to finish the sentence.
"I asked her out on a date, she said yes" I said triuphantly with a grin.
She litruly began jumping up aand down like a four year old on Christmas day.
"So thats why Bella was so quiet, I asked her but she didn't say anything. She's in trouble for not telling me" And with that Alice danced away to her room. Where she got the energy from was beyond me she had just been partying for hours and she was still as hyper as always.I laughed out loud. Just then Emmet came down the hall.
"What you laughing at?" He asked.
"How can Alice be so hyper at this time of night, does she ever get tired?"
He caught on to what I was saying, and laughed too.
"I don't know bro" He said while punching my arm.

He had recently started calling me bro, when I asked him about it he said he was glad to finally have a brother. Emmet was the first to get adopted then Alice then finally me.

"who's Jasper?" I asked. I was curious.
"Rosalie' cousin," he said "He's moving into town tomorrow, from Texas. He used to visit every year in the summer. He's coming over tomorrow so you can meet him then."
Emmet yawned. "Im off to bed night."

After I had brushed my teeth I went back to my room, turned the light off. I fell asleep as soon aas my head hit the pillow and of course dreamed of Bella.
So did you like it ?? Lol.
LOVE the new chapter =D
the next chepter will be up in about 1 hour. :) im writing it right now :)


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