The Twilight Saga

This the story of what happened to Dr. Temperance "Bones"Brennan,who went on the run after being framed for the murder of her friend.She took her daughter Christine,and left her life and partner/boyfriend Seeley Booth.Now it has been two years.Christine is now three,but very advanced.Brennan is still a wanted fugitive.Booth is still searching for  his girlfriend anThd daughter.Brennan has now taken on a new identity.But what happens when she lets her guard down and meets someone new? What happens when things get serious?What happens when booth finds her?And when she has to choose between Booth and her new partner what will happen?Read on............


Dr.Temperance 'Bones' Brennan/Emily Deschanel-me



Seeley Booth-Dr.Temperance"Bones"Brennan

Christine-Angela Booth/Christine Deschanel-Chloe

last time booth saw her


Lawrence Mitchell-THERE IS NO ONE LIKE US

Angela Montenegro-Dr.Temperance"Bones"Brennan

maxwell mitchell-me


Detective Campbell-Chloe

the detective after bones



Have fun .

PLEASE play a boy and girl.

Stick to the storyline please.

If youre leaving but coming back reply this(*plus the amont of time)

If your leaving and not coming back reply this(#plus why)

.Please lets try to finish this rp.



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Christine & Detective Campbell?

yep i  reserved your spots


I drove off the freeway onto a little dirt road that would begin.Suddenly I stop the car and pull out my last disposable phone and call the one person,this decesion affects.Voicemail just great.I wait for the beep."Boo..Booth I'm sorry.This is whats best for me and christine.I couldnt tell you or bring you along,if something happens to me she needs her father.Boot please move on,without me.Tell Angela and the other I say I'm sorry but im innocent.Catch him and clear my name.I;m sorry.I love you Booth."i allow the message to go in before destroying the phone.I restart the car and dive away."Me and you chistine against the world."i say to my sleeping daughter. 

Christine-I slept oblivious to the world around me.All I remember hearing is the sound of my mothers voice.

Booth- When I heard the shaking in her voice, I just knew it was over. I knew how she felt. I knew it was all true, I called to return the message, waiting for the beep "I love you too Bones. you and Christine tell her I love her too and I won't give up. We'll get you two home."

Campbell-I walk into the meeting room and slam my clipboard down."I don't care if it takes me a month,a year,even two years.I want her found."

Angela- "she didn't do this. I know Brennan. she wasn't there that night

I drive into the town known as Ravenswood.Its where people who doesnt wannabe found go to stay and live.I unbuckle Christine and book a motel room for us.As i lie her on the bed the bed trying not to wake her."I love you Christine,daddy does too.Well be alright as she sleeps i work on my look.New hair new clothes,new identity,I am Emily Deschanel.

Campbell-"Everyone is guilty until proven innocent."I glare at Angela.

Angela- "you don't know Brennan like I do, Campbell. She's not a killer. She didn't kill Sawyer,"

Booth- "angela is right, Anna. she didn't do this. she's a lot more complex than that

I sit on the bed ."last phone ,christine,Im going to call Angela."I dial her number and someone picks it up."Angela.?"


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