The Twilight Saga

This the story of what happened to Dr. Temperance "Bones"Brennan,who went on the run after being framed for the murder of her friend.She took her daughter Christine,and left her life and partner/boyfriend Seeley Booth.Now it has been two years.Christine is now three,but very advanced.Brennan is still a wanted fugitive.Booth is still searching for  his girlfriend anThd daughter.Brennan has now taken on a new identity.But what happens when she lets her guard down and meets someone new? What happens when things get serious?What happens when booth finds her?And when she has to choose between Booth and her new partner what will happen?Read on............


Dr.Temperance 'Bones' Brennan/Emily Deschanel-me



Seeley Booth-Dr.Temperance"Bones"Brennan

Christine-Angela Booth/Christine Deschanel-Chloe

last time booth saw her


Lawrence Mitchell-THERE IS NO ONE LIKE US

Angela Montenegro-Dr.Temperance"Bones"Brennan

maxwell mitchell-me


Detective Campbell-Chloe

the detective after bones



Have fun .

PLEASE play a boy and girl.

Stick to the storyline please.

If youre leaving but coming back reply this(*plus the amont of time)

If your leaving and not coming back reply this(#plus why)

.Please lets try to finish this rp.



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okay,fine hurry up though,im gonna go crazy.

"I'm so close

i know but you said that the code was mahematical maybe ots a code.''

"wait. Zack, he'd know."

maybe,but he doesnt know sawyer like i me look again.''

ok. you're sure you will be ok here?

yeah,ill be fine but we'll have to leave soon we've been here too long.we'e gonna stay in a cabin in the woods.low key,no neighbors jst us.and itll be easier if you come again.''

"ok now if you need me Brennan you call ok?

i know ange.lets go do the ultrasound,so well see f this is gonna work out or have problems along the way.''

'Ok here we go

we go through the whole ultrasound.while lawrence and christine go for dinner and to the diner to explain my absence.its not painful but it is uncomfortably,but it has to be done.but when were done im releived to hear that the baby is in good condition and that im already five wees along.and when lawrence come back with christine i have to explain it to her,and after a little meltdown and a talk with angela,she was better and excited .but there was one thing angela and me had to figure out how toclear me at least a month or beforethe baby is borned.''seven and a half monhs ange.''

"I know bren we're gonna get you home


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