The Twilight Saga

This the story of what happened to Dr. Temperance "Bones"Brennan,who went on the run after being framed for the murder of her friend.She took her daughter Christine,and left her life and partner/boyfriend Seeley Booth.Now it has been two years.Christine is now three,but very advanced.Brennan is still a wanted fugitive.Booth is still searching for  his girlfriend anThd daughter.Brennan has now taken on a new identity.But what happens when she lets her guard down and meets someone new? What happens when things get serious?What happens when booth finds her?And when she has to choose between Booth and her new partner what will happen?Read on............


Dr.Temperance 'Bones' Brennan/Emily Deschanel-me



Seeley Booth-Dr.Temperance"Bones"Brennan

Christine-Angela Booth/Christine Deschanel-Chloe

last time booth saw her


Lawrence Mitchell-THERE IS NO ONE LIKE US

Angela Montenegro-Dr.Temperance"Bones"Brennan

maxwell mitchell-me


Detective Campbell-Chloe

the detective after bones



Have fun .

PLEASE play a boy and girl.

Stick to the storyline please.

If youre leaving but coming back reply this(*plus the amont of time)

If your leaving and not coming back reply this(#plus why)

.Please lets try to finish this rp.



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Angela- "Bren? sweetie thank goodness you're ok, we'll get you home don't worry

I know Angela just take care o yourself and Booth..."Suddenly i hear a voice in the background."Ange is someone with you...who is that."

Angela- "It's ok no one can hear us. sweetie I'm in my office. Listen I know this is hard for you. I promise we will get you and Christine back in Booth's arms before you know it

Campbell-"I don't care how well you think you know her.Even the most innocent people has a hidden agenda.

Christine-I nod my head and blink sleepily at her.

Booth- "I stood over death with her many times. I know Bones better than I know anyone. she didn't do it

Campbell-"Well if she didn't,then who did?" With that I walk out of the room.

Booth- "Pelant's framing her. I know it I feel it in every one of my 206 bones. Just trust me. I know this is all wrong

ok good.I love you Ange.This wont be our last call.Watch your back Pelants smarter than he look.Bye ange kiss micheal for me.

 Angela "I will sweetie you be careful ok?  I love you too

Yeah ,i know.Bye."I hang up the phone i break it.tears come to my eyes as the realization of what my life become.MY sobs wake christine and she touches my face and smiles.

Angela- I walk back out of my office after having a good but silent cry. I've never heard Brennan so afraid before. it's a strange feeling knowing she's out there all alonw

(Hey guys i have to go,it's 11:46pm where I am)

Campbell-I sits down in her office and review the Brennan case.

Christine-I look at my mom's face.She looks so sad.


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