The Twilight Saga

********************************Ch1************************ "Awww Alice, do you really have to pick my clothes out for me?" I groaned, while Alice was creating an outfit suited more for a runway model then a fifteen year old half vampire.
I watched as Aunt Alice’s extraordinary face crumpled up into a shattering pout.
“Don’t you love me Renesme?” Alice demanded, looking as if she were about to cry, which was highly unlikely.
Here we go again I thought. I heard my father chuckle downstairs and I hissed, which sent Emmett into booming hysterics.
“Of course I love you Alice but is this really….necessary” I asked pointing to the edge of the bed, where a denim miniskirt, paired with white leggings, a frilly pink scoop neck top with some Versa chi shoes were layed smoothly on top of the bed.
“I know I’m starting high school tomorrow but those clothes are a bit too..” I trailed off noticing her heart broken face which I couldn’t ignore even if I tried.” Oh fine, I’ll wear them.” I groaned, leaving the room.
‘Thank you so much Nessie, you wont regret it,” Alice exclaimed in her chime like voice.
I already do I thought walking to my room. On the way to my room I thought about what was in store in me for tomorrow. Tomorrow was the day I’d be staring high school for the first time. I was worried about fitting in. Not fitting in with the popular girls…fitting in with the humans to be precise. What would people say when they saw me? I know that Im half human, but would I be able to pull it off? Mortals were not supposed to know about the supernatural.
Even though Alice had picked out such exquisite clothes for me, I would never be as beautiful as Alice, Rose, Esme or my momma, Bella, because they were full immortal while I wasn’t. I knew I looked beautiful to the human eye but I was not like my family. I heard my dad growl at my thoughts, which I growled back at. I hated when he read my mind. Edward could read anyone’s thoughts…except for my moms. How lucky she was.
I heard someone walking to my room. The footsteps were not the gentle kind that belonged to my family. They were low thuds and I heard a beating heart. A heart I could recognize anywhere…even if I was dead. It was Jacob, my Jacob.

“Hey Nessie,” Jake said shutting the door behind him. My heart fluttered as he sat down next to me. He was grinning at me like he had just won the jackpot. His pearl white teeth were a contrast to his russet smooth skin. His long dark black hair which was up to his shoulders was sprinkled with water, from the dreary weather outside. His jeans had dirt on them from running duty with his pack.
“So are you excited for tomorrow,” he asked me, his eyes sparkling.
“Oh yeah I can’t wait,” I rolled my eyes and watched his mouth curl up into my favorite smug smile.
“Aw come on it will hell awesome, Ness,” Jake told me, putting my hand in his. My hands reacted to his hot temperatures. “We will be together, which will make it better,” he said, positive as always.
“We ?” I repeated, raising my eyebrow at him
“Oh yah I...Uhh..enrolled at Forks High as well. Didn’t I tell you?” he looked like a child who had just been caught doing something naughty.
I just smiled at him because I knew someone would be there at least to go through the dreary day with me. Jake understood that I was alright with the plan and he smiled, pulling me closer to him.
There was a delicate knock at the door
“Come in,” I said, pulling away from Jacob. He glowered in response but didn’t argue because he knew that if it was Edward at the door he’d rip him limb from limb.
The door opened reveling my whole family. I stared at my parents but their expressions were as smooth as silk.
“Honey if anyone asks who you are, tell them that you were adopted by Carlisle and Esme Cullen,” Bella told me. I nodded because I heard this before. The story in town was that Edward and Bella had moved to Alaska to settle down there.
Edward was just staring at Jacob intently. I was confused by my father’s glare.
“Please Jacob; try not to do anything stupid tomorrow that will make you lose control…for us. For Renesme,” Edward pleaded his eyes wary.
“Don’t worry leech,” Jacob grinned and Edward expression grew relieved.
Jasper was staring at me and I knew he could feel my nervousness and was trying to calm me down.
“Nessie, you will be fine, everyone will adore you, they’ll be lining up to be your friend,” Alice chanted, looking at me closely, probably looking at my fuure, but not seeing it properly because her eyebrows were scrunched up in concentration. I knew that she could not see my future clearly as she saw the others.
“I know Alice, but I’m just worried about being around humans other then Charlie and Sue. What if someone’s blood smells….refreshing?” I asked my voice barely in a whisper.

Esme sat down next to me, putting my head to her shoulder. I shivered slightly at her freezing temperature.
“Jacob will be there, and I highly doubt your instincts will take over,” Carlisle reassured me. “You will barely notice it because of the animal hunting today.”
Rosalie reminded everyone that it was getting late, and I needed my “beauty sleep”, so after some good nights, everyone left. Edward and Bella kissed my head as they left. Edward glared at Jacob which caused Jake to crack up.
“TEN MINUTES mutt,” Edward told him. “Starting Now” he said closing the door as he left.
I looked at Jacob, but before I could say anything he pulled me into an embrace.
“Nessie, I know something is wrong, you’re not yourself,” he told me, looking closely into my eyes. As if I didn’t know that.
How could I explain to him that I felt like a freak? I did not belong in the vampire world or the human world. I wanted to be a full vampire, pretty like my mother but I was not. I was stuck as a half vampire. I wasn’t even full human, only half. I did not mind before, but now that school was getting closer I had been wanting to be a full immortal or mortal. But I belonged to neither one. I had talked to Carlisle about my decision about becoming a full immortal but since I was the one the first of my kind, he did not know if the procedure was different, but he was researching it. I felt my chest getting heavy and I looked the other way so I would not cry in front of Jacob.
“Nothing is wrong Jacob, just my nerves going haywire about tomorrow,” I assured him, plastering on a fake smile.
Jacob looked at me but didn’t pressure me any further. I felt pretty exhausted so I fell onto the bed, grabbing Jake with me.
“Please stay tonight,” I asked him, breathing in his sweet scent.
“What about Mr. Overprotective,” Jacob asked chuckling.
“Don’t worry, I’ll handle him,” I said smiling touching his warm velvet cheek.

He smiled at me pulling me closer to him and said, “ Your wish is my command” into my ear.
I sighed and cradled myself to his warm chest and he kissed my hair. With my arms around him, not ever wanting to let go, I let my mind wander to a place where I belonged. A place where Jacob was waiting.

Moonless Night

**************************Chapter 2*****************

I woke up to the sound of Alice’s angelic voice.
“Come on Nessie, get up” Alice groaned, pulling me out of my bed gently.
“Hmm...Jacob,” I whispered, touching the left side of the bed which was empty.
“Jake left in the morning, hell be here in a half hour to pick you up,” she told me. “Now get up before I suck your blood,” Alice laughed.
I rolled at her lame attempt to threaten me. Last night I had slept like a baby, with Jake’s arms around me. Trying to take advantage of the fact that I was half asleep, Alice started to take my clothes off.
“Alice,” I screeched waking up fully. “I can do that by myself,” I told her
“Oh sorry I didn’t know that,” Alice said sarcastically trying to look hurt which made me laugh.
After putting on my clothes, Alice set me up into a chair, looking me up and down. She was probably panning a makeover in her head.
“Hmmm” Alice hummed in concentration, so I knew my thoughts were correct. She grabbed a piece of my chestnut brown hair and starting teasing it.
“Don’t look,” she told me, glaring
“I wouldn’t even if I had a choice,” I muttered
Alice glared at me and said, “I’ll pretend I didn’t hear that”
Two minutes later she gave my hair a final tease and told me to look into the mirror. I did as I was told and grudgingly looked up. My hair looked…gorgeous. She curled my hair more then its usual self and put a little silver barrette in it. It flowed smoothly just under my shoulders.
“Oh Alice it is so pretty,” I said, keeping my eyes on my hair.
Alice chuckled and kissed my cheek, following me down the stairs.
As I went downstairs, my family murmured with each other. Emmett was watching a football game but as soon as I reached the last step he let out a holler which made me blush.
“You look beautiful as usual love,” Edward told me, smiling

“You’ll be the Belle of Forks High,” Rose told me.
My momma came up to me and pulled me into her arms causing me to shiver but I hugged her back. I heard a horn honk outside and I knew that was my cue so I ran out the door with my bag.
Jacob was leaning against his black motorcycle with a huge grin on his face. He looked like a professional motorist. He stretched out his hand and I took it graciously.
“Hey Ness, you look beautiful,” he murmured lifting me onto his bike. I bet my face turned six shades of red. “You ready?” he asked me looking deeply in my eyes.
“As ready as I will ever be,” I told him, the butterflies in my stomach going haywire.
“Hold on tight,” Jake whispered and clutched the handle as I put my arms around his warm waist, but as soon as he hit the gas pedal; my dad came out the door, Bella behind him.
“Jacob, you will NOT take Renesme to school on a bike,” Edward said, his face furious.
“Don’t worry bloodsucker, she will be safe with me,” Jake said glowering at Edward.
“Let it go Edward, I know Jake will keep Nessie safe,” Bella calmed him down, looking at me. I knew she was remembering her human days when Jake had taught her how to ride a motorcycle. When Edward had left.
Dang I thought, as I saw my dad wince. I felt guilty at once for making my dad remember that horrid day.
Jake pushed the gas pedal and raced out of the driveway as fast as he could and clutched him closer to me. The whole ride hardly took five minutes. As Jacob parked his bike, I saw all eyes on us and I looked down. The scent of blood around was strong, but it could easily be ignored like Carlisle had said. I knew they were looking at Jacob. Jacob was not like a normal sixteen year old boy. He looked like he was in his twenties and his body certainly did not belong to a sixteen year old. But that was just a wolf thing.
But some eyes were not only on him, they were on me too. I heard people murmur around us. We would be the talk of the day since we were the new students.
“Ignore them,” Jake told and he took my hand in his and led me into the small pale building.

We went to the main office and I could fell the eyes on me, while Jacob talked to the secretary. As luck would have it, Jake was in my first class. I looked at Jake but he just smiled at me, his teeth gleaming. Also as luck would have it, Biology was our fist class. Yuck. Mr. Warner, our teacher told us to take a seat in the front. Thankfully, he did not ask us to introduce ourselves like some teachers do.

I was quiet while Mr. Warner told us about the human body, what I already knew about. Jacob was concentrating on his notes and I stared intently at the teacher aware of the eyes on me.. That class ended quickly to my surprise and Jake dropped me off to English and squeezed my hand before heading off to physical education, which he was eager to do. I introduced my self to the teacher, and she welcomed me into her class with a warm smile. I was about to sit down when a girl with deep blue eyes looked at me and asked me if I wanted to sit with her.

“Hi, I’m Lucy,” she chirped as I took a seat beside her.

“I’m Renesme,” I told her

Lucy had strawberry blond hair that framed her heart shaped face. Her hair was so long that it flowed down her back. She had a few freckles that were brushed across her nose. She asked me questions about my self and I answered them easily. Lucy chatted enough for the both of us. Class went by a flash with Lucy sitting next to me. I started to drift off in my own little world, but nodding and smiling in the right places.

“Would you like to sit with me at lunch?” she asked, disturbing my thoughts as we headed to the crowded cafeteria.

“Sure,” I smiled at her.

I saw Jake sitting down at a table by the window, waving at me with a huge grin. I’m pretty sure my heart stopped for a minute.

“Umm…Lucy do you mind if you sat with me and my friend and Jacob today,” I asked her, my eyes still locked on Jacob.

“Oh sure, let me just go tell my friends,” Lucy told me, skipping to her table.

I went to Jacob and sat next to him. He grabbed my hand and kissed it, making me blush. Apparently he has already met Lucy in the hallway.

“Doesn’t she remind you of someone?” he asked me, a gleam in is eyes, so I knew that he knew the answer.

“Alice.” we both muttered under our breath.

“Jake are you planning on feeding the whole pack or what?” I asked looking down at his tray, which had Fettuccini Alfredo, mashed potatoes, garlic bread, pop and three bags of chips.
“Jake smiled, “No, I’m just really famished, and some of it is for you…so people do not notice that you don’t eat.

Oh I had forgotten about that part so I picked up a pack of chips from the tray, ut before I could pop one into my mouth a gust of wind blew over picking up a sweet scent along the way.

I looked up and saw him. Standing at the entrance of the cafeteria was a boy around Jacob’s age. He had snow white complexion. Even though he was a good distance a way from us, I could tell his eyes were golden. His hair was short and a chocolate brown. His cheeks were flushed and I could smell the blood that ram through his veins. As he walked toward us, I could see that his gaze was on me. As he got closer I heard a beating heart, his heart. I couldn’t grasp what I was looking at. He was too beautiful to be a mortal and his golden eyes gave it away. The way he looked at me made me feel uncomfortable. Jacob saw the boy’s gaze on me and growled and his body started to shake, but I squeezed his hand. This boy was clearly not human. He was a creature of the night. He was a half vampire just like me.

********************Chapter 3*******************

I sat at my desk that night trying to finish my insipid biology homework, but my mind kept drifting off to the scene I had faced at lunch. The half vampire had passed our table, his solid golden eyes fixated on us. There was something he way he stared at me that had been confusing. His eyes did not portray hatred…..only confusion.
“Nessie?” Jacob asked, touching my shoulder lightly, his eyes full of worry. “You okay?”
“Hmm...Yeah I’m fine,” I told him, my thoughts still on the beautiful pale face I had set my eyes on at lunch.
“What’s on your mind Ness?” Jacob asked concentrating on my face.
“Oh nothing,” I assured him
The room went quiet for what seemed lie a few minutes.
“Nessie, who do you think that guy was?” Jacob asked me quietly. “I mean he obviously wasn’t human.”
“I don’t know Jake. I mean of all schools, a person exactly like me goes to the same one as I do…”I trailed off
“Who do you think created him,” Jacob asked me not looking anywhere but my face.
“I don’t know Jacob,” I snapped at him a bit too harshly.
Jake went quiet for a moment, hurt showing on his face all too clearly.
“Oh I’m so sorry Jake...” I tried o say but Jacob cut me off.
“Oh no that’s okay; I know it must be confusing and hard for you.” Jake assured me, taking my hand.
Jacob chuckled as the redness flowed in my cheeks. A loud impatient howl came through the woods.
“Aw shoot,” Jacob muttered as he gt up from the bed. “Its my turn for running duty tonight.”
Another howl came from the woods, clearly impatient
“Leah could you try to be a bit more patient or is it too much for your little hand to handle,” Jacob yelled through the window, obviously wanting Leah to hear.
I could hear a wolf snarl through its teeth.
“Will you come back soon?” I asked not wanting Jacob to leave.
“Ill be back right after I run the perimeter, I promise,” Jacob said, walking out the door.
Two seconds later Jake came back and kissed my cheek so fast that I could have missed it if I had blinked my eyes.
“JAKE!” I screeched, while I could hear him laughing and running out the door.
I could feel my cheeks blazing and I did not have to look in mirror to see that my face was as red as a tomato.
I went downstairs; making sure my face was back to normal. My family was doing whatever they did normally in the evening. Alice and Jasper were out hunting and Esme was cleaning the already spotless house. Carlisle was intently focused on a book he was reading, while Emmett was laughing at a lame commercial on television. Rosalie was sitting beside him rolling her eyes and examining her perfect nails. I could hear the piano playing mellifluously in the other room by my father. My mom was staring out the window lost in thought. She came to when I took a seat beside her.
“Hi honey, how was school?” Bella asked, kissing my hair.
It took a lot of strength to not crack up at that clichéd question.
“It was fine,” I told her. It wasn’t a lie. I mean it’s not like she specifically asked me for details.
“Did you make new friends,” Edward asked, coming out of the family room.
“Yeah...her name is Lucy, shes really nice,” I told him, keeping my gaze away from his.
I knew Edward had seen the half vampire in my thoughts and was trying to get me to tell him about it. At that moment I felt a breeze through the window followed by Alice and Jasper coming through the window.
“So who is the new guy,” Alice chirped, and I swear if looks could kill I would have been a murderer.
Edward just kept concentrating his gaze on me but I started to think about all the lakes in the world too keep him out. I saw his lips twitch at my attempt to keep him out of my mind.
“Renesme met another half vampire at school,” Alice reported. “That’s why she is so quiet.”
Carlisle looked up from his book and looked at me.
“Nessie can you show me please,” he asked gently.
I waked over to him and put my hand to his cold velvety face. Carlisle closed his eyes and I felt the energy flow thorough my body to his. I showed him the full lunch replay. I heard Carlisle gasp at the golden eyes.
“Thank you, Nessie” Carlisle said. “This is very interesting.”
“So he is just like Renesme,” Bella crooned. “Did you talk.”
“No” Edward told her “He was just as amazed by her as she was by him.”
“Hmm...maybe you can bring him over sometime” Carlisle told me. “I would like to know his history”
I nodded and felt myself blush but I did not why.
“It’s getting late, Im going to go to sleep,” I told my family, slowly heading upstairs.
I got up to my room, having no intention of going to sleep, but I still got into bed. After awhile my mind still was not drifting off, so I stared out the window looking for Jacob. He must have been in La Push, because he was not in the dark woods. I sighed getting back into bed.
I replayed everything that had happen today in my head in fast forward, slowing down at the part where he had entered the cafeteria. For some reason when I thought about him my stomach felt weird. I did not feel nervous abut going to school like I had yesterday. I knew Jake would be with me tomorrow which made me smile, but I also know that I would see him tomorrow which made me drift off to sleep so tomorrow would come sooner.

****************************chapter 4***********************
“Wake up sleepyhead, time to go to school”
My eyes were still a little hazy when I looked up to see Jacob’s beautiful face.
“Mmm...hey,” I whispered, snuggling against his feverish chest, being careful not to think about him.
“Get ready Ness, ill meet you downstairs,” Jake said. “I bet you cant get ready in 10 minutes”
“Want to bet?” I asked, raising my eyebrows.
“Uh no… thanks ,” Jake said, the corner of his mouth twitching from smiling.
Jacob left the room and I heard him go into the kitchen to raid the refrigerator. I went into my enormous closet which was a gift from Alice and looked at my selection. Why did I care what I wore? I never did before. I scanned the closet and settled on a pair of black skinny jeans and a baby blue baby doll top. I combed my brown curls, which settled smoothly down on my shoulders. I ran downstairs and saw Jake chomping down some cereal.

“Five minutes,” I told him smiling, knowing that I beat him and he grinned back at me, showing his perfect white teeth. “Come on lets go”

Oddly enough I was in a hurry to get to school. I looked around for my dad hoping he did hear my thoughts, but from the look o his face, he did. We got to school in two point five minutes. Again we suffered an hour and fifteen minutes of biology quietly. English went by in a breeze with Lucy informing me about her crush, David Johnson. I faintly recalled seeing him in the hallways.

I met Jacob in the cafeteria sitting with David. He waved to get my attention and David chated easily with Lucy while Jacob and I talked about his sister Rachel, who was here visiting. Lunch went by rapidly, but my eyes kept scanning the cafeteria lokig for a certain pale face but could not find it.Jacob walked me to history and scanned the class. I saw him scowl when he laid his eyes on…him. Jake kissed my cheek and left without saying a word. I did not get Jacob’s attitude. I didn’t see the hybrid in my class yesterday, so he must have transferred into this class. I slowly took a seat next to him.
“Hi I’m Renesme,” I said through my shaking voice.
“Emerald,” he replied in a beautiful velvety voice.
It was sort of awkward after that. I tried to think of something to say while Mrs. Dubouse passed a sheet around the class. I concentrated on my sheet so I was surprised when Emerald spoke.
“You are a hybrid like me,” Emerald said, using the name for our kind.
I nodded unable to reply to that beautiful voice.
“Amazing, I’ve never met one of my kind before in my 234 years,” he said staring into my eyes. I could not stop looking at his angelic face.
“You’re the second one I’ve met,” I told him, remembering Nahuel from several years ago.
“Do you live alone or with that other creature?” He asked, wrinkling his nose. He obviously knew that Jacob wasn’t full human.
I told him about my family and I how I was conceived. He raised his eyebrow when I told him Bella had survived.
“My mother died while giving me birth,” he said quietly. “My father,” he said with scorn “never came back after the day he learned my mom was pregnant.”
I did not know what to say so I kept quiet.
“Your eyes...they are like mine,” he said in amazement. “Animal blood drinker right?”
“Yep…mountain lions mmm,” I said, knowing no one could hear us. Emerald smiled at my response.
I gasped at his shockingly beautiful smile.
“You are…beautiful,” he told me in his angelic voice.
I swear I must have turned at least six shades of red. My hear t was beating a bit too fast and I felt hot. I tried to tell myself to cut it out, but apparently my mind did not want to listen. Class ended and Emerald declared he would walk me to my locker and I agreed. We walked quietly down the crowded hallways. I took the stuff out of locker quickly. I would have given anything to read his mind at the moment to know of he liked me. I scowled at myself for thinking that. Why did I care if he liked me or not?
“I’ll see you tomorrow Renesme,” Emerald whispered in my ear, and I could feel his cool breath.
Then he lightly pressed his cool lips to my neck. I stopped breathing abruptly and he smiled at my reaction. I watched the angelic figure disappear through the crowd. As fate would have it, Jacob came at that moment.
“Ready to go or do you need a moment to say goodbye to your locker?” Jacob smiled at his joke. If I was in a better mood, I would have laughed.
I nodded, unable to reply.
He put my hand in his soft hands and led me to his motorcycle. The ride was quiet as none of said a word. It felt like a long ride though it was only about four minutes. When we reached the front of my driveway, I hoped off.
“I’ll see you later Nessie, Paul wants me to look at his bike,” Jacob told me
“Okay,” I whispered, though I knew Jacob knew something was wrong and wanted to leave me alone. He kissed my forehead and left.
I went inside when I was sure that Jacob left. As soon as the engine sound faded I headed inside.
“Hey Ne...” Alice stopped when she saw my face. I was sure it looked like as if the world had come to an end.

Instead of responding, I ran upstairs and shut the door. How could I have let Emerald kiss me? Jacob and I belonged together. Why did I let him do that? I knew the answer to that. I part of me had wanted him to kiss me. I liked it, but there was a feeling I my stomach. I had been disloyal to Jacob, and Jake did not know. I could feel a lump rising in my throat. I looked down at the bracelet Jacob had given when I was born and felt tears in my eyes. I crawled into bed and let myself cry, quietly.

*****************************CHAPTER 5***************************

There was a delicate knock at the door.

“Come in,” I mumbled, wiping my eyes, trying to make it look like I hadn’t been crying for the entire night.

The door opened to reveal Bella, standing at the doorway cautiously, as if I would blow my top any second. She sat on my bed and took my hand, hers icy cold.
“Nessie, tell me what’s going on, PLEASE,” Bella pleaded softly.
“I cant mom, I just cant,” I said, putting my head in her lap, a river of tears ready to pour out of my eyes.
“Then please show me,” she whispered.
Without moving my head from her lap, I placed my hand on he soft cheek and showed her my dilemma. I looked up for her reaction to Emerald kissing me, but her expression remained soft.
“Oh Nessie, I’m so sorry honey,” Bella said as the tears started to flow out of m eyes. “I know it is hard choosing between two people you love, your hormones are getting the best of you, but I promise it will be fine.”
“B-but I feel so horrible,” I wailed, my lower lip trembling.
“Remember when I told you about my decision about choosing Edward or Jacob?” she asked and I nodded slightly. “I thought that if I chose one, that meant I would lose the other, but if they really love you, they will never leave your side and will not do anything to hurt you. Follow you heart Renesme.”
Bella left the room, kissing my head. I could tell that the house was quiet, trying to listen to our imitate conversion, which made me furious. How could I choose between Jacob and Emerald? Jake had been at my side since the day I was born, he do anything to protect me- even kill himself for me. He was my sunshine. Emerald, who I had just met was so loving. I felt as if I had a deep connection with him, a very strong one. I decided to forget about this and go hunting.
I did not want to face my family by going through the front door so I decided to jump out the window. I put my feet on the ledge and jumped. It was an exhilarating feeling, though this wasn’t my first time. I ran through he forest listening for a herd of deer. I could hear a squirrel eating a chestnut, a water fall down the forest and birds chirping. I concentrated on finding my ray. I finally smelt the flowing warm blood of the deer by the waterfall. Smiling I ran to my destination. I made my sure my prey could not hear me near. I settled my gaze on a small female deer and pounced. She did not put up much of a fight as I stuck my sharp teeth in her delicate skin. I had not eaten in awhile, so the warm blood tasted wonderful down my dry throat. After it was dry, I got up. As I turned I saw Emerald standing behind me.
“What are you doing here?” I asked, surprised to see him in front of me.
“I was hunting here,” he replied in his velvety voice. “Do you live here?”

“Yah, around here anyways,” I replied.
“The deer here are quite appetizing,” he said smiling. I thought I would faint. “Care to take a stroll?”
“Umm..Sure,” I replied, suddenly shy.
“Renesme, I need to tell you something,” Emerald said suddenly serious. ‘When I first met you, I was so confused at my feelings. But the other day when I talked to you, I felt lie you completed me, that I found myself.”
I did not know what to say, so I remained quiet.
“Renesme, before you I had no reason to exist. I roamed this earth looking for someone who understood me, and now that I found you, my life has a purpose.. I love you Renesme,” Emerald said, pulling me toward him.
Emerald put his finger under my chin and lifted my head to face him.
“Nessie, I love you more then my own life,” he purred I his lovely voice, moving his head closer to mine. Our lips were so close that I could feel his breath on mine.
A rippling snarl erupted form the forest, and I turned around. In the bushes, a wolf with long brown fur stood, fury in its beautiful black eyes. Jacob’s eyes. Emerald crouched in front of me, protectively. Before I could open my mouth, Jacob jumped into the air, lunging toward Emerald.
************************Chapter 6***********************
Jacob landed on top of Emerald with a massive thud. I was sure I heard the cracking of someone’s bones. Jacob’s muzzle was so close to Emeralds face. Somehow Emerald rolled over and got up. The two were crouched down defensively walking in a circle, with their eyes intently focused on each other. They were waiting for the other person to attack so they could make their move.
“Please you guys,” I begged, but I was sure they did not hear me.
I saw Emerald smile, bit this time it was not a happy one. He leaped into the air just as Jacob had done. A low rumble came from his chest. All of the sudden something pale flashed in between them, causing them to come to a halt.
“Stop it NOW,” Edward said, his golden eyes frozen solid. The way he said it frightened me. Jacob ran into the woods, and emerged back in less than a second I his wolf form.
“That leech was about to kiss Renesme,” Jacob yelled.
“What is it to you, dog,” Emerald said in a rough voice. I never had heard him mad before. Even though he was angry, his voice was still velvety.
“She is mine,” Jacob retorted. Emerald let out a laugh, like he could not believe it.

“Renesme go home, and take Jacob with you,” Edward demanded. “I need to talk to Emerald.
I did not hesitate doing as I was asked. Jacob and I walked along the path in silence. I could hear the crumpling of the leaves beneath our feet. We got to my house, and as I took a step forward, Jacob pulled me back.
“Renesme, he said, his face serious. “ Why did you not stop Emerald from kissing you?”
“I don’t know,” I stammered. Jacob studied my face, and I tried to keep it neutral, to not show any sign of emotion, but I don’t think it worked.
“Did you want him to kiss you?” he asked me gently.
I did not answer him, I pushed his hand and walked inside to my room. I could ear him follow me. I sat reluctantly on my bed, while Jacob leaned against the wall.
“This is great, I find the girl I love to death and what happens?” he asked, but did not wait for me to answer. “She falls in love with a vampire. It feels like déjà vu.” Jake said his face heartbroken.
“Jake..,” I could not think of anything to say. I knew he was referring to the last incident to Bella.
He walked slowly to me and took a seat beside me on the bed.
“Nessie, if you love him, it is fine with me,” Jake said, his voice stained. “All I want is for you to be happy, love” I could feel my eyes watering, so I let myself cling to Jacob and cry, while he held me.
“Hate me Jacob, hate me,” I said crying.
“Shh.. I don’t hate you, I love you, Nessie,” Jacob said.
My breathing stopped at that moment. It was the first time he said that. Why did he have to tell me now of all moments.
“I love you too Jacob,” I whispered. Jacob hugged me tighter. We were like that for about half an hour.
Jacob quietly stood up.
“Where are you going?” I asked.
“I don’t know,” Jacob said. “I just need to get out of here, think things through.” I knew he meant out of Forks.
“What...No you can’t leave me Jacob,’ I said grabbing his arm.
“Nessie, I have to go,” Jacob said his face still serious. He hugged me and pressed is warm lips to m hair

“I’ll always be here for you, Renesme, but I think you need time to figure things out. No matter what your decision, I will always love you,” Jacob told me.
“When will you come back,” I whispered
“I’m not sure Nessie,” Jacob said. All I wanted was for I’m to give me a smile.
Jacob left the room, and gave me an uneasy smile. I looked out the window and saw him running into the woods, in wolf form.
“I love you,” I whispered.
I slowly went downstairs to face my family. Alice came skipping up to me, as if nothing were wrong.
“I think you need a girl’s day out,” Alice declared
“Umm…not thanks,” I sad roughly, and surprisingly she did not imply.
I sat down on the couch next to Emmett and he gave me the remote. I surfed through the channels so fast that to the human eye they were a blur. I heard footsteps approach the door. It was Edward, but he was not alone. Emerald was with him. Carlisle greeted them and asked Emerald to come inside. Emerald looked calm and collective while he sat beside me.
“So I hear that you are also a hybrid like our Nessie,” Carlisle said.
“Yes I am,” Emerald replied.
Emerald and Bella were standing behind the couch, while Rosalie and Emmett were sitting on the couch. Alice was on the floor in front of me, with her legs crossed while Jasper stood next to me. Emerald told my family the story of his creation. I still listened even though I had heard it before. His beautiful voice was as sweet as chocolate. I looked up at my father and saw that his eyebrows were creased in concentration. So was Alice’s.
“What is wrong Edward” Carlisle asked
“For some reason I cannot hear Emeralds thoughts, and Alice is having problems seeing his future,” Edward commented, still concentrated. Emerald started to smile.
“Edward, just as can read my mind, I can protect myself physically and mentally, sort of like a shield, “Emerald explained.
My whole family seemed surprise, because Bella was also a shield.
“I see,” Edward replied gruffly, clearly annoyed.
“Who are you staying with son?” Carlisle asked Emerald.
“I travel alone, so I do not really have anyone but my sisters, but I do not travel with their coven,” he explained.
“You are welcome to stay with us,” Carlisle told him. I could feel my heart stop, when he said that. I heard a low snarl from Edwards mouth.
“Thank you, I would really appreciate that,” Emerald said.
After that my whole family asked him questions and Emerald obligingly answered them. We sat around chatting until midnight when I excused myself to bed. I crawled into bed with the comforter pulled to my chin. My heart started to race when I thought of Emerald staying in the same house as I. The night was chilly, so I thought about calling Jacob to come help warm me up, but then I realized that he was gone. I felt this wrenching feeling in my stomach, my throat dry, but not from thirst. My heart felt empty, as if a part of me had vanished. I could feel my eyes starting to get misty. How I wish Jacob was here with me at this moment. Only he could old me in the right way and tell me it was going to be fine. But he was not here and it was all my fault. I slowly curled up into a ball and cried myself to sleep, hoping this nightmare would end.

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