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Do you want that Stephenie Meyer write more books for The Twilight Saga?

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OMG of course!!!! I was so sad when BD ended... because it was the end of whole saga... I´d like to read more!!! MOre about Renesmee and Jacob and all of them!!! I need it:D
Hell yeah! She left it wide open for more books. Sigh! I wish that Midnight Sun would get finished and published. But thats wishful thinking. But I did hear a rumor a ways back that because the books did so well and the movie that there might be a fifth book. Heres to hoping and wishing.
I would love that. The entire series from Edwards perspective. What he was feeling when he left Bella, what he did while he was gone, how he felt seeing Bella in Italy.......EVERYTHING, down to realizing that it was Bella's shield that was protecting them from the Volturi. That would be amazing!
yesssssssssssssssss! let's convince her! i want to know what happens with jacob , renesmee. and nahuel! he's argentinian like me so i give him a chance! jajajajja
uh duh! who doesn't?
omg...who wouldnt want her 2 write more, all 4 books r amazing, if more was 2 come out i would have to get it right away
oh YES
YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
No, another Saga yes but no "distort" or extended the original story...I don't know if all understand my point.
Absolutly without a doubt!!!!
yesss i wanna see how Renesmee and jacob end up and more of bellas new life would be great the story could be taken to so many places could go on for ever and i wouldnt mind


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