The Twilight Saga

My name is Bella im 17 and i have a 2 year old Daughter named lizzy.Today me and Lizzy are moving with my dad in Forks because my mother who was also my best friend died of cancer.My father has never met Lizzy so i just hope he doesn't not like her because i made the mistake and i dont regret making it.
"Mommy i miss grandma." lizzy said 
"I miss her to but she's an angel now remember what i said about angels." i asked her
"Yes you said they are the people we love watching us.' she said lizzy may only be two but she is very smart and talks very well.
The plane landed and i see my father he's standing by his car waiting looking nervous.
"Hey dad." i said walking over to him he gave me a hug.
"Hey bells.. who is this?" he asked pointing to Lizzy 
"Dad this is Lizzy my daughter." i said and Lizzy gave him a hug
"Hi Lizzy im your grandpa charlie." he told her maybe this will go better than i thought
"I know mommy said we are going to live with you." she said 
"Yes you are and we're going to have so much fun just wait." he said.
We got in the car and drove home it was mostly quiet except for Lizzy snoring in the back seat.The only thing about this move i wont like is having to go to school i just hope people dont judge me for having her.

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this is soo great, you r a realy good writer i hope you keep write this story it will be a good one:)
thank you have you read any of my others they're good too
yes i have and i love them you should be a witer you r realy good
Love it always, please keep me updated
lov it as always just like the others!!!!!!!!!1 keep updating me please!!!
ohhhhh!!!!!!!!!!! another rose has a jelous side story!!!!! luv it!!!
Today so far was alright except for gym because sports and me are a bad combination.I met a couple of people this really creepy guy mike who kept staring at me and a girl named Jessica that talked too much.
"Hey Bella are you sitting with us." Jessica asked
"No." i said why would i sit by somebody who gets on my last nerve.
"Why?" she asked
"Because i dont want to." i said and i walked off to where Alice and Rose were sitting.They were sitting by three good looking guys but the one that caught my attention was the one with the bronze hair.
"Hi bella." Alice said when i sat down.
"Hi Alice um who are they." i said not trying to be rude.She told me all their names and we started talking and i noticed that Edward was acting weird.
"Um Edward are you ok?" i asked
"Yeah im just not feeling well." he said then he went to the bathroom i hope he feels ok.
"Bella will you and Izzy come over today."Rose asked
"Um sure why?" i asked
"Because all the boys are going out and i want to have a slumber party." she said
"Ok but im a little scared." i said
"Why?" they both asked
"Because Alice looks like the type of person that likes to play dress up." i said
"Oh you have no idea." rose said
"Be afraid be very afraid." Alice said i knew how thiis night was going to end...Badly.
haha she has no idea...
wow love it more please
loved it as usual please continue that was really good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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