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What would you do if the love of your life was taken from you? How would you go on? How will Edward go on when Bella is killed by a very jealous Tanya?


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                "For never was a story of more woe than this of Juliet and Romeo."


                                                      -William Shakespeare

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cant wait to read more
I'm a new reader.I love this fan fiction.You are a great writer.Please keep me updated.Please write more,also.What happened to Edward?I guess we'll find out,won't we?I was crying the wole time during the two chapters.It was so sad.That was really nice of them to name their children after Isabella.I hope Edward didn't do anything rash,bur something is telling me he did.I hope I am so far from the mark.Please let me be wrong.Anyway,I can't wait for more! Sorry for the long rant,it just shows how much I love your story! :)
i think he commited suicide or found a way 2 bring her bak
well you both are somewhat close. i had most of the next chapter wrote up on my blackberry and thankfully i had saved it before it died so i will have it up tommorrow night
wow! i am near tears... amazing! absolutely amazing :))
OMG..THAT WAS so good!!!!!!pls pls u have to keep me updated!!!!!!!.....that was just simply amazing!

i loved it...i still do!!!! was so sad....i was and am still in tears!!!...pls add me and keep me updated!!!!!
thnak u!!!!....ur fan..Ashmeena!


Hours turned into days and days turned into weeks. I don't know just how long I sat in our meadow waiting for Bella to come but I could vaguely hear the thoughts of my family and the pack coming to check up on me. I always thought about how Bella always said that I did have a soul. Did I? My need to keep her is what got her killed. But if I didn't have a soul then why did I care about Bella to the point that it drove me nuts when she would smile or blush. I started to think about what would our lives be like if I was human and how I could give her everything that she would've wanted or needed. Bella would have fought me tooth and nail just like she did when she was alive. I think that we would have had the cookie cutter life with the two little kids running around looking like her and our dog chasing after them. Bella would be laughing at them while she was rubbing her belly that was carrying our third one.

I was thinking that Bella was right about my soul because if I didn't have one then I wouldn't have went into the state I'm in if I didn't have a soul. I was thinking about what Bella would have looked in her wedding dress walking down the isle with her father when there was a slight breeze and Bella's scent was mixed in the breeze. I slowly stood up and looked towards the center of our meadow. There was a bright light and the most beautiful angel appeared in front of me. It was Bella, she smiled and said "Edward, I have waited for a long time to see that I was right about you. That you do have a soul because you wouldn't feel this way if you didn't. Now you have a decision to make. You can remain here on earth and remain alone or you can come with me to The Elysian Fields. You have earned the right to be with me in peace,"

I knew what my answer was. I got up and took Bella's hand. We stepped through what seemed like a free standing puddle of water. As we got through I noticed that the sun was out and I looked down to see that I wasn't sparkling but my skin looked like it did when I was a human. I went over to a stream and saw that I had my green eyes back. Bella touched my back and said "You are human now. Vampire Edward died in the meadow. Time here passes a little faster then on earth. Now we can be together without you being afraid of killing me." I was so happy that I could be as normal as I can be. I never had to worry about her getting hurt or either of us aging. We could spend our time acting like two young people in love. I pulled her into a huge hug and it felt good after a long time of not having her in my arms. She took me to a place that was an exact copy of our meadow.

I sat down in front of a tree and pulled her into me. She laid her back against my chest. We talked about what the future would hold for us and what we will do with it. I started to get tired and Bella said "Let's sleep and then we will start our future together......"

Will we get the chance of have my little dream come true?
i love this story!!!!
please keep me updated!!
love shauny
Awwwww. i i love it no i adore it! u have to continue more! edward isnt imaginating righ? i hope not i hope that him n bella get to live together n happily ever after ^^
so when r u posting more?
i would like if u posted in a hour
but i would prefer this minute


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