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My brother went missing about a year ago. I still haven't told the Cullen's about me having a brother because I know that Rose would use that to try to get me to stay human. It hurts me to know that I can't tell them about him but nobody would believe that he is my brother because he changed his last name to Biers. My dad's half brother David Biers had taken him in after Riley stood up to one of our mother's boyfriends that thought I was a puching bag. So he went to live with our father for a bit then he moved in with Uncle David and Aunt Kara. I was watching Emmett and Jasper play video games when my phone went off. I picked up and said "What do you need Dad?" I wasn't prepaired for what he said next. He said "Bella, your aunt and uncle just came to me and told me that Riley went missing. Baby girl, I am going to Seattle to see if I can find anything out so can you stay with the Cullens until I get back." We said our goodbyes and I was in tears.


Jasper looked at me and said "Bella, why are you so sad it is very depressing." I took a deep breath and said "I wasn't allowed to speak about this by my mother. But that young man Riley Biers is twenty one years old and his real name is Riley Jason Swan. My older brother. He was about seventeen years old when I was fourteen. Our mother's boyfriend at the time was a heavy drinker and I was his punching bag. Riley had gotten home early and seen him hitting me. So he beat the crap out of the guy so our mother sent him to live with dad. But Riley graduated so he went to Port Angles to college and he changed his last name to the same one of my dad's half brother and his wife. I'm sorry for not telling you about him. But Renee thought that he was making it up about Walter hitting me. I was to scared to say anything. So she told me that I was to forget about my brother and now I can never tell him that I miss my Ribear." I cried and noticed that Edward was holding me close. He said "Bella, now I understand why you don't like anyone fighting. And I do understand why your mother forced you not to tell anybody about your brother. Now let's get you to sleep." I fell asleep having a nightmare about a person that looked like my brother and blood everywhere.

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Everyone was mad when they found out that Jake had taken off the night before the battle leaving me to be in a sleeping bag with little Seth. I vaguely remember Edward and Seth talking but I could remember Seth asking Edward what it was like when he thought that I was dead. Edward said "That's very difficult to talk about." There was a slight pause before Edward spoke again "I just can't put my thoughts into words Seth but just imagine what it someone told you that your mother had jumped off of a cliff. How would you feel?" Seth took a deep breath and then said "I see your point but will she still be Bella when she becomes one of you?" Edward chuckled and then said "Yes she will be but she won't smell good to you after that but she will be able to see you after some time. Seth, you are the most innocent person in the world and I am very happy to have the chance to know you." Seth was saying something but I fell asleep before I could hear what they had said.

We got up and Edward had brought some cereal bars and milk for us to eat with fruit. It was funny seeing the faces he was making about the food that Seth and I was eating. All of a sudden I was thrown behind Edward and he look over to Seth and told him to hide in the bushes. Victoria came out and said "I knew when I didn't see you in the field that you were up here with her. Now this will make it all of the better when I kill her before you. Because it will be fresh in your mind for the rest of your life. But I want you to meet someone that will kill your Bella while we watch."I couldn't see who it was but I could feel the hatred coming off of him. I moved around Edward just a bit to see who was helping her and I was shocked there stood my brother with ruby red eyes. Edward was telling him something but I could hear because my mind had shut off at the sight of my brother.

Victoria and Riley started to fight with Edward. They had him pinned down. She turned him around and said "Riley, why don't you kill the little girl. Remember that this family wants to hunt us down because they want to control every vampire and make us suffer. As he started to move towards me Seth came out and was going to charge at him but I yelled out "No, Seth that is my brother don't kill him." Seth moved back to protect me but Riley charged at Seth knocking him into the cliff and knocking him out. Riley was coming towards me and I looked up at him and said "Riley, it's Bella. You have to remember me. We used to chase bugs and then scare mom with them. Remember when we made her a pie filled with Roley poleys." He kept on moving towards me.

He said "No, the yellow eyed ones killed my family because they wanted to make an example out of them to the rest of us." Just as I was going to say something when a thunder storm started. It was thundering really badly and I hated the sound. But I can suffer through it but it is hard. I put my hands over my ears and started to scream "Ribear, make it go away. I don't like it. It's hurting my ears." He took another step forward and Edward screamed out "Bella, kill me not her please." Riley turned around looked right at Victoria before he started to walk back to her. Victoria looked at him and said "I want you to kill her so we can be free." Riley walked right up and put his hands on Edward's shoulders. Edward's eyes went wide before Riley grabbed Victoria's arm. Both him and Edward tore her apart. They burned the pieces. I started to move to them but Seth stopped me. Edward looked at him and said "He's on our side. I need your to go to the res and we will be over to help with Sam."

I looked right at Edward and he said "A newborn got a hold of him and broke his left arm and leg. So after we go to the others then Carlisle and I will go to help him out. Riley, you can take the north trail and catch my scent back to my family's home. Bella, we need to get back because Alice sees Jane and a few others coming to the clearing." I ran over to Edward and he pulled me into a hug. He whispered to me "I thought I was going to lose you again." I smiled into his neck and said "Nothing can take me away. You're stuck with me forever." He let me go and I ran to the person that I thought I was never going to see again. He smiled and said "You're not scared of me?" I laughed and said "No Ribear. He thought the same but I can handle weird well. I missed you so much. I will see you in a bit okay." He took off and we left to go to the clearing. I was happy because I had my brother back and maybe I could get him to switch to the veggie' diet.
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bella got her brother back
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