The Twilight Saga

I personally think for

Kyle: Kellan Lutz,  Kellan has that look of being tough but he also has a look that shows he's funny and he also has the blue eyes and the muscles :)    



Melanie: Sophia Bush,   She's perfect in her own way and she also has the same features as Mel like the high cheek bones and stuff, and is very pretty and tall :)
SITE:  or


Wanda: (she has to be a blonde):Evan Rachel Wood or Haley Bennett  I picked both of them because they both have that cute baby angelic face and have blonde hair and is also petit in size the basically everything in the book except it was a hard time picking both of them so I'm leaving that to you :)
SITE: Haley:



Ian: Matt Dallas,  Matt is meant to be for Ian! He has everything described in the book, Matt has  the blue mesmerizing eyes, the tall leonine shape, a kind face, black hair, and pale skin (not vampire pale, just the human pale) he has kindness written all over him and also is a really good actor :) 
SITE:    there are also a lot better pictures , You can search him on google :)


Jamie: Logan Lerman, For Jamie I was looking for someone that has a innocent adoring face someone you cant resist but wnt to hug to make him feel safe and happy and once I saw Logan I saw everything I saw in Jamie!


Jared: Josh Duhamel Well I picked him because he was the closest thing to my imagination of Jared, He's not the perfect or excat one I htought of but he's close, he's somewhere there :P but many people think Jensen A. but I dont see it you cant see him acting all rough and mean and you also cant see him as the guy Mel fell in love with :)



Sharon: Bryce Dallas Howard or Isla Fisher, So of course the main reason I picked them was because of their bright red hair that catches everyones attention, but also because I could definetly picture them there with a face full of hatred for Wanda but also a face full of hapiness and youth and love :)
SITE: bryce:    Isla:


Uncle Jeb: Jim Beaver, He's an old man with a big White beard and tan skin and tall and the high cheeck bones :) haha  I dont know he's just the right guy :) he has that Jeb-ness in him ;)
SITE: (just with a full beard)


Wes: Sean Faris, Well I dont know why but he's just Wes haha its just a feeling inside me that says WES is SEAN!!  hahaha


Seeker/Lacey: Summer Glau,  I picked her because she has that look that shows....ummmm how could I say shows the stubborn-ness of the seeker, I think thats what I meaning to say, I cant really explain it, Its just that Summer has that...I really dont know soo just .look at the picture and you might see what I mean :)
SITE:  (Ignore the gun :) )


Candy: Sara Paxton (I think : /  ), Im not really sure about her but she has Candy's feautures the blonde hair cute face and young look she just fits :)




What do you think?? These are the closest actors and actresses that I could find that fit Perfectly!

But I'm still searching for the rest :)

So give me your opinion and who should play who and your reason and If you'd like a picture , Like I did  :)





P.S. Guys dont forget that with the make up and stuff they'll look exactly like the characters :D

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No Leah and Melanie.. they dont click..haha they have some similarities but i cant see her playing Mel
i agree with every choice u made except i think Jenson A. or Ian Somerhalder wud fit the role of Jared cuz i can't c Josh beinn all rough n such. n i think the actors u chose for jamie n candy abut im still lookin around for pix :P. i think Evan Rachel Wood would fit Wanda better than the other actress but even with that, i think wanda shud b younger. n i think bryce would fit sharon betta cuz afta seein the way she can act in Eclipse, she seems lyk she would b betta at being mean-ish than Isla. o n i REALLI lyk the choices u made for the Seeker, Ian, Melanie, Kyle n Jeb *thumbs up* :D
who do u guys think will fit the role of Doc, Sunny, Lily, Aunt Maggie n ....that old guy that died from cancer (i forgot his name >.< LOL)?
ooo thx XD

Jenson A. and Ian Somerhalder dont fit the part... I cant imagine Ian being the Ian in the book and Jenson doesnt have the characteristics that SM described for Jared. 

For Wanda the make up would fix all that you know, the looking younger it would all be in the make up but beauty wise and acting shes good enough, i think.

Bryce would be a good actor for Sharon she fits! haha

Thank you a lot Team Swiss ^^ !! 

Sunny I kind of thought the girl from Eclipse that plays Bree... i mean she has the curly black hair shes small and she has good acting skills.. so she might fit..

You mean Walter? for him i dont know :/

oo i think Bree would make a good Sunny too :D
she would!!
Jan: No i dont think Ryan is the best pick :/ sorry
I'll keep a look out for someone younger but I mean with the make up im sure they can make them look younger
and Ashley...I dont think so :S

Agi: Ummmmmmmm..... hahahha

Swiss: Thank you <3 hehe
and I agree about Wanda and Sharon :)
and im still searching for those and i found some but i dont know they dont really fit :P soo im still looking :)
kk i'll post it up if i find any ^-^
ok :)
I love your Seeker/Lacey, Mel, and Wes! :D Personally, though, I don't agree with the others. Well, not as much as those three. :)

The only real people I can get in my mind are:

Wanda/Pet: Amanda Seyfried or Bella Thorne
Jamie: Boo Boo Stewart :)

Ian is by far my fav <3 but I don't have a good picture of him, except for maybe Gaspard Ulliel... and even then I dunno...
i think amanda seyfried would make a rate wanda cuz she look so young n sweet n innocent n all that ^-^
but the thing is, although boo boo stewart's personality fits jamie, he doesn't look ly he could b mel's brother...but that is a realli gud choice personality wise :)


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