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His eyes met mine and deep inside, as my heart started to pound in my chest, I felt whole. For the first time in my life. A feeling so great I couldn't that I had lived so long without it. He smiled at me then and I knew he felt it too!! I knew I would never be the same!! He was my future no matter what happens. I don't know why but in this very moment I realized I was very deeply in love with a guy I just met!!!

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"Go away. I'm not in the mood for company." I heard her whimper and shift slightly away from him.

"Awww, Rach." He went over to her and sat down. What he did next had the blood pumping through my ears that I missed the next part of what they said, but him having her on his lap made me so mad. I clenched my hands into fists when she shifted closer to her chest. She said something to him that made him tighten his hold on her. I calmed down so I could hear what they were saying.

"Why were you running and sitting here crying?" I heard Seth ask.

"I went for a walk after I found out this morning and I" she shivered and sighed. "I ran into Paul."

Wait what did she find out? What did I miss?

"Did you tell him?" What was she going to tell me.

She shook her head. "I couldn't. It hurts just to see him, if I tell him it will just make everything worse. I can't, Seth." She started crying again,

"Shh, honey, shh it's ok." He rocked her back and forth and soothed her. That was my job but because of my stupidity I couldn't do it. She calmed down and relaxed in to him. She looked up at him.

"Thanks, Seth." The look on her face made me wonder if anything had happened between them while we were together. I snapped my attention back to them when I heard her gasp. "Oh, Seth, no it can't be true." Did I miss something that was said. What did she see?

"I'm sorry, Rachel, but I couldn't stop it. It just happened."

"How long?" He thought for a little bit. What happened? God this is so frustrating!! Why wasn't I paying attention?

"When I found you crying after you found out about Paul and Leah. I hid it from everyone and never said anything." So they did do something together. After she saw us he took advantage of her. I'll kill him. Next time I find him alone I'll kill him.

"Oh, Seth, I'm so sorry."

"No no no, baby, don't be sorry. I'm not." He framed her face and looked into her eyes. "I'll be here for you no matter what happens. I will pick up the pieces if they need picking up. I promise you that, Rach, I promise." She nodded her head and had this weird look in her eyes that made me shake. Why hasn't she ever looked at me that way? I love her more then anything and she never looked at me that way.

"Thank you." She whispered. He smiled at her and leaned closer, she nodded and leaned closer to him to. Then they kissed.

When they did that I saw red. WHY!!! What I did wasn't so bad that she has to go and hook up with Seth.

She sighed and pulled back, smiled then put her head on his shoulder and fell asleep.

I fell to my knees and held back a scream.

"You can come out now, Paul." Seth said. I got up and walked over to him.

"How long have you known I was there?" I looked at Rachel as she snuggled closer to Seth and smiled. He looked up at me with a blank face.

"Since the anger started coming off you like a waves from the ocean. How much did you hear?"

"Most of it. There's things that I don't understand. What was she going to tell me? What did she hear or see right before you kissed? What am I missing?"

"I can't tell you, Paul. It's all in her hands now. I suggest though that you leave for a few weeks and clear your head. Give her space to really think about everything. If she knows your out of town she'll breathe easier and I think it will help her make her choice on what to do." I nodded thinking.

"Maybe your right. I was going to kill you for kissing her but I see now that your just trying to help her and that you have no real feelings for her. Thanks, Seth. You'll watch over her till I get back?" He nodded and looked down at Rachel. I looked down and watched her too. If I would have been watching Seth I would have seen the hatred take over his face. What I didn't know was that Seth hated me for everything that I was doing to her and what he didn't know, is that hate came from both of us imprinting on her. I smiled, leaned down and kissed her head. "I'll be back, baby, and we'll work this out." I turned and walked away to disappear for a while.


This is awsome. I like how you gave each charecter there own pov. I really did enjoy this so much and i hope you update soon


That was a really great chapter.

I think you caught the emotion just right in both of the wolves.

Seth is very good at keeping things hidden, he is so much nicer than Paul but much more cunning. I really hope that things turn out well.

It was very clever of him to suggest a few weeks away would help the situation. Just what Seth needs to get closer to Rachel.

I think this chapter was really well written I enjoyed reading alot.

Best wishes


Two imprintings?!  What will she do now? Can't wait to see what happens next!

Amazing :)

Wow, I read the whole story from the top as I am the new reader and I was so happy when Seth and Rachel got together as they make such a cute couple but then Paul had to get in the picture which made it more intresting and they seemed happy until It had to be ruined by Leah :( poor Rachel, I hope now Seth can fix her and be with her and Paul needs to learn his lesson for hurting his Imprint like that, I Love this story, its really good :) I can't wait to read more and see where this will go, good luck :) please keep me updated

I like it :) I feel so bad for Rachel, because of Paul :( grr but I hope they can work it out, I wonder what he'll say when he finds out she's pregnant. Keep me posted and update soon

P.S you should write a sequel to this once its done

Chapter 23 Part 1


Two weeks later

I woke up for the first time in the past two weeks feeling refreshed and happy. Morning sickness is not pleasant at all. Max was leaving today though so I was kind of sad about that but I have come to a decision on who I will be with for the rest of my life. After two weeks of going back and forth picture my future with both Paul and Seth, I saw the one that would make me the happiest and I was going to tell him as soon as I saw him.

"Rachel, Max is ready to go if you want to say good-bye." I rolled my eyes and got up.

"Coming, Em. Geez have a little patience will you."  I mumbled on the way down the stairs. When I got to the bottom, no one was there just Max's luggage.

"Ok what's going on? Someone is going to be in huge trouble. Emmett." I growled. I heard a weird laugh that seemed to come from the entire house and it made the hair on the back of my neck stand up. Then I felt a blast of air as someone ran past me at vampire speed. "Ok that's it I'm going back to bed." I turned to go back up stairs when I heard a whine then a hard slap. I started laughing really hard as Emmett come into the living room rubbing the back of his head.

lol Emmett, I wondered who gave him that slap lol

"Way to go Rose." Emmett glared at me then put on a puppy dog look as Rose came into the room looking very smug.

"I told you not to do it, Em. You just don't listen." He walks over to her and makes his face look even more pathetic.

"Please, Rose, I was just having fun. You never let me have any fun."

I start laughing so hard they both look at me as if I'd lost my mind. "You can't say that, Emmett." I giggle a little bit. "She lets you have a lot of fun in the bedroom." I make kind of a gagging sound then wink at them and walk outside. I hear Emmett start laughing really hard then he stops all of the sudden. Hmm I wonder what Rose did. No wait never mind I don't want to know. 

I look around and see the rest of the Cullen's and Max standing outside talking, so I walk over to them. "Hey guys." They all say hey then go back to talking. I look over at Edward. "A little warning next time would be nice, Eddy." I think to him. He just smiles and nods. I go to Max and give him a hug. "I can't believe your leaving already."

"Yeah I know but I have to get back to reality. Take care of yourself."

"You, too." He gives me one last hug then gets in the car and leaves. I close my eyes and wipe away the tear that escaped then look at Edward who came to stand next to me. He gives me a look I don't understand then hands me my phone. I look at it and see there's a text from Paul. I nod to Edward and walk away.

rach i'm back and i want to talk to u...can we meet?

sure paul how about this afternoon?

ok what time?

umm say 1:30

ok see u then

I walk back over to Edward and look at him. He nodded understanding what I'm about to do. "I'll ask Jake to have Seth here when you get back from meeting Paul."

"Thanks." I go into the house and upstairs to think about how I'm going to tell Paul about the baby and tell him who've I've chosen. I look at the clock, 11:30, so I have two hours. I can do this, I think to myself.

So here's part one!! I'll try to post part two tomorrow!!! Hope you enjoyed!!! Sorry for the long wait!!!


lol so like Rose :) oohhh I wonder who she'll pick. Be Paul!! Lol, I know he's like a jerk at times but everyone loves a bad boy


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