The Twilight Saga

Book 1 Plot: When Bella meets 3 handsome strangers, her world is turned upside down. Nothing is as it seems, secrets, lies and danger all around her all at once. She eventually finds her torn between friendship and love, but what happens as danger is nearing closer?

Jason Ezra Collins || 19 || Not Human-Demi-God || FC: Ezra Miller
First Appears in: Book 1
Friends: Caleb, Steven. Grows Close to Bella Aswell. He is rather protective over her. He may act like a jerk at times, but that's only when he is angry about something.
Enemy: Stefan
Steven Pouge Michaels || 21 || Fallen Angel || FC: Taylor Kitsch
First appears in: Book 1
Friends: Grew up with Jason and Caleb. They are like brothers to him. He grows close to Bella as well.  He is the leader of the pack he and his friends formed. He can be rather charming and sweet.
Enemy: Stefan
Caleb Danvers || 20 || Son of Ipswich (Witch/Demonic Powers) || FC: Steven Strait
First appears in: Book 1
Friends: His best friends are Steven and Jason. They are like brothers to him, he has known them or many years now. He becomes close friends with Bella as well and woves to protect her no matter what.
Enemy: Stefan.
Younger Caleb:
Isabella "Bella" Marie Swan || 19 || Human || FC: Kristen Stewart.
First appears in: Book 1
Friends: She becomes close friends with Jason, Steven and Caleb. They are the only friends/family she has, since she lost her family in a house fire when she managed to escape.
Enemy: Stefan-Does not know that at first.
Younger Bella:
Stefan Ian Morgan || 20 || Vampire || FC: Paul Wesley
First appears in: Book 1
Friends: Bella?
Enemies: Jason, Caleb and Steven. They have hated each other for many years now.
Layla Danielle Williams || 17 || Witch-Controls Nature || FC: Danielle Panabaker
First mentioned in Book 1, First Appears in Book 2.
Friends: She is close to Caleb and Jason-they are like her brothers. She also develops a bond with Bella. Steven is the one she is most closest to as they are in love.
Enemies: Stefan is her biggest enemy.
Book 1 is written in Bella's P.O.V apart from Chapter 5.
Book 1 Content:
Chapter 1-The Drowning 
Chapter 2-New Home 
Chapter 3-Visitor 
Chapter 4-Caleb's Pain 
Chapter 5-Nightmares-Caleb's P.O.V.
Chapter 6 (Part 1)-The Ancient Text 
Chapter 6 (Part 2)-The Son of Ipswich 
Chapter 7-Fallen Angel 
Chapter 8-Demi-God 
Chapter 9-Fight Vs. Friendship 
Chapter 10-Dream of the Future 
Chapter 11-Here comes Death 

Book 2: My Immortality
Written in Caleb's P.O.V, with some parts from Bella's
Plot: Struggling with the death of Jason. Bella, Caleb and Steven find them selves fighting for their lives. As old enemies start to return, Bella learns the truth about who she really is. But what happens when the fate of everyone around her, lays in her own hands?
Book 2 Content:
Chapter 1-Truth Comes Out 
Chapter 2-The Task
Chapter 3-The Portal 
Chapter 4-Two Sides To Me 
Chapter 5-Danver's Restaurant and School-Time Talk 
Chapter 6-The Deadly Lesson 
Chapter 7-Time for Change
Chapter 8-Control of Emotions 
Sneak Peaks Of Chapter 9
Sneak Peaks Of Chapter 10
Chapter 9-Aftermath Of The Fire
Chapter 10-The Coca Cambrai Cabin
Chapter 11-Part 1: The Question
Chapter 11-Part 2: Half Lit
Book 3: The End of Silence (Coming Soon)

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Caleb sighed at my words softly “I...I am sorry.” he said, shaking his head slightly. He had a gentle and compassionate look on his face. “I am sorry for your loss.” he told him, his words kind like his voice and the expression that seemed to radiate all over him. I could tell he was sorry, and I believed that.

“You can stay here.” Steven said, his eyes were soft. I looked up at him, still in Jason’s arms. He looked determined to protect me for some my eyes darted over to Caleb, they seemed to share that similar look.

Jason pulled back gently, so he looked at me aswell “Steven is need a place to stay and it’d be nice to have some newer company around the house.”

I looked at them, they were too kind to me. To someone who was a stranger to them. Somehow, I felt like I did not deserve so much kindness from 3 strangers. The world was sometimes a surprising place to day you were in danger, the next in you were in safety with 3 strangers who were willing to take you in.

“Thank you.” I told them and I gave them a small smile. I was not sure, if I could express my gratitude well just yet. I knew deep down, I would want to repay them for their kindness some day and express myself, when I would be more capable of doing so.

“There’s no need to thank us.” Jason said as he smiled at me kindly. “We are glad to help out.” he stood up and I fully noticed how tall he was, he seemed around 6ft, just like his two friends. They were all maybe over 6ft, by my best guess. I felt rather short compared to their tall and strong postures. Their muscles were visible and flexed. Maybe they worked out a lot. I bit my lip slightly in thought for a moment.

“Umm would you mind if I take a shower or something?” I asked.

Caleb smiled softly “No of course not.” he said “I’ll go and draw you a warm bath, it’ll do you some good.” he said, before he walked out of the room. I heard his footsteps from the room, as he made his way to the bathroom...the water was soon running.

I then realized I had no clothes here. Jason seemed to notice the expression on my face, and as if he read my mind. He walked over to the closet and he took out some clothes setting it on the bed by my side. “These are my sisters….she doesn’t wear them anymore. You look about the same size as her.” he told me smiling softly. He had a sister?,....I looked around for her instantly, or if I could hear her in the house.

Jason chuckled softly as he saw me looking around “She moved to Italy.” he said as he squeezed my shoulder warmly. “She sometimes visits though.” he told me, before he smiled as he walked out of the room with Steven to leave me to gather myself up.

I nodded and I stood up and I looked out of the big window, that was by the desk. I walked over, my legs slightly numb and shaky. I smiled at the beautiful view-a crystal blue lake surrounded by miles and miles of the most wonderful forest and woods and a meadow outside of the house. A small garden as well, with the most colorful and wild flowers I ever seen before in my life.

I then turned around grabbing the clothes Jason had set out on the bed for me before I made my way to the bathroom, where Caleb was wiping his hands on a towel. “I...sorry...I didn’t mean to interrupt.”

He chuckled softly smiling “You weren’t.” he said as he opened up a top shelf from a cupboard and he set out two towels on the toilet seat which was closed. “I’ll be in the kitchen with Steven and Jason...give out a shout if you need something.” he told me smiling softly, before he walked out of the bathroom closing the wooden door behind him.

I slipped out from the clothes I was wearing before I climbed into the bathtub. The warm water wrapped around me and I let out a sigh, as the warm water started to soothe my aching muscles. The bath salts were doing their soothing muscles as well. The smell of lavender and dried rose petals filled my nostrils. I leaned my head back relaxing in the warm bath water. I stayed in the warm water for about an hour or so, before I washed my blonde hair, letting the dirt wash away.

Once I was clean. I stood up and wrapped a towel around my waist and dried off my hair, before brushing through it. I left my hair slightly damp, to dry off naturally, after I was dried. I got changed into the clean clothes. The t-shirt and jeans and everything else seemed to fit my perfectly. I set towels on the radiators to dry off.

I then put on the shoes that Jason set out with the clothes, they fitted me perfectly well. I looked at my self and sighed softly, I had a scratch on my forehead. I shifted my hair softly so it covered it up, as I opened up the door walking out of the bathroom. I found myself in a long corridor that led upstairs to the bedrooms, the hall ways led down to the living room, library and kitchen. As I followed the scent of cooking to the kitchen, I noticed pictures on the walls.

There were pictures of Jason, Caleb and Steven together as a trio, them separately and Jason with his sister. She had dark black hair and blue eyes, she looked rather pretty. She looked around my age, if not slightly older. I then noticed one of Caleb’s photos-he was younger in the photo, his hair was older and he had a red strand amongst his dark hair. I smiled to myself a bit. It kind of suited him...although he did look good as it was with his short hair. I blinked at the strange thoughts that creeped inside of my mind as I found my way to the kitchen. To see all 3 of them cooking, which surprised me.

“You all cook?” I asked softly.

Steven looked over at his shoulder at me with a warm smile as he chuckled softly “It surprises you?” he asked raising an eyebrow slightly at me.

I gave him a slight nod “Amongst other things.” I replied as I took a seat at one of the perfectly carved wooden chairs.

“Like what?” Jason asked as he smiled, leaning against the counter as he looked at me. Caleb and Steven looked just as curious and intrigued as Jason did.

I smiled a bit at his question, before I settled my eyes on all three of them. “Well for instance the fact that you three would accept a stranger into your home without a second thought.” I told them, chewing on my lip slightly. “I am not sure, if I’ll ever be thank you three enough for taking me in.”

“We couldn’t just leave you Bella.” Steven spoke gently, as he reached over squeezing my hand gently. His hand was soft and tender against mine. “We promise we’ll protect you. You can count on us.” he told me.

I bit my lip and I smiled softly “Just be careful.” I said looking at him. I could not help but feel worried deep down, that something bad might happen, now that there were two stranger men that killed my family, wanted to kill me aswell.

“We will be...don’t worry.” Steven said as he smiled at me softly. He had a kind of mysterious look in his eyes for a few moments. As if he was hiding something, or knew something I did not. But I did not let myself get hung up on that for too long. That thought exited my mind, as fast as it dared to enter.

Caleb smiled softly with a rather charming smile on his lips, that caused his eyes to sparkle like the stars in the night sky. I was not sure if it was aimed at me, or it was just a general smile. “And what else surprises you, Bella?” he asked softly, he titled his head to the side softly.

I looked at him “That you used to have longer hair.” I said, with a slight giggle.

Caleb let out a soft chuckle as he shook his head ever so gently smiling “ you saw that picture huh?” he asked smiling. “That was me  2 years ago.”

Jason chuckled softly as he smiled “Caleb was a bit of a bad boy...if you will.” Caleb slightly at the comment Jason made.

“Umm well with hair like that...kind of a given.” I teased a bit smiling. “It kind of suited you to be fair.” I told him.

Steven laughed softly shaking his head “Wild child.” he said as he grabbed 4 plates from the cupboard as he served up pretty big portions of some rice, chicken and salad. He set them down, as he sat down at the table with Jason, while Caleb grabbed some glasses and poured in some ice tea.

I smiled softly taking it all in “Well...this looks delicious.” I said as my stomach rumbled pretty loudly, as I spoke, so my words could not be heard. Jason chuckled softly as he sipped his drink.

“I am sorry what?” Caleb asked. “All I heard was your stomach rumbling like thunder.”

I laughed softly “I said it looks delicious.” I said as I tucked in and started to eat.  Everything was perfectly cooked and the meat was so tender, it almost melted in my mouth. The rice was rich in flavor as was the gravy. I was pretty sure, I had not tasted such delicious food in a long time...even though I had not eaten for 5 days felt much longer. The salad was crispy and each flavor seemed layered and the spring onions stood out, bringing it all together. I took a sip of the ice tea, it tasted of peaches and lemons. The two flavours binding together perfectly, so one did not overpower the other one.

Steven watched me eat and he smiled softly, he seemed happy that I was eating and enjoying the food he and his friends cooked up. “How is it?” Caleb asked softly in between bites.

I finished eating a certain bite before I spoke “Truly did guys did a great job cooking.” I told them with a warm smile. They all smiled back softly as they gave me a nod, whilst eating, since their mouths were full.

I was the last one to finish, since I had seconds and when I finished, my plate looked spotless like nothing was on it at all. Jason saw my plate and he chuckled “ sure you guys gave Bella food?” he joked.

Caleb and Steven both chuckled at Jason’s question smiling. “Who knew she was such a good eater.”

I smiled softly “That’s what happens when a girl doesn't eat for 5 days and she gets served delicious food.” I told them, as I finished off my glass of ice tea, setting it down and leaned against my chair as I was full and needed some time to digest the food before I could move.


Here  is also a Video of Steven Strait (Caleb) :) I hope you will enjoy.

Amazing! It intirigues me to learn more about then and the mysterious secret that he may or not be hiding! Cnt wait to read more!!

I am glad you like it :)

I will post more soon

Their/or his secret will be revealed as the story will go on. But they do share on secret together as well-that will be found out later as well.

Ok so now im willing to read it by asking alice cullen of the future. That way i know what you will write!!!!!!!

oh lol :) the cullens are not going to be involved in this story. This is a story based in a world without the cullens and the wolves, but she will be surrounded by other special/mysterious people for sure

Yes i see that now but with or without the cullens i know this story will be awesome!!!!

thank you :) I was thinking off having them in there at first-but it would kind of me like the normal saga with them around and I wanted this story to have more open storyline which would allow more twists and turns with the characters that I have chosen.

I think I might turn this into a series :) depending on how I feel when I finish this story and how popular it'll be.

I will let you make your own decisions but you deserve all the fame for this fanfic even though i have only read the first two chapters!

Aww that's so sweet of you say :) I am glad you like this story so much :) already even though there are two chapters so far

Nice guys but also very mysterious!  I would definitely like to read more about them and find out why Bella and her family was attacked.

Yes, they are rather charming yet mysterious at the same time :)

I will give clues as the story will go on and I am not sure yet, as I have not decided, but there will be some chapters that will be dedicated to their backstories, as Bella finds out about them :)

As for Bella and her family getting attacked, you might found out why soon-but keep in mind depending on this information comes from, it might be false. As I got twists up my mind


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