The Twilight Saga

Book 1 Plot: When Bella meets 3 handsome strangers, her world is turned upside down. Nothing is as it seems, secrets, lies and danger all around her all at once. She eventually finds her torn between friendship and love, but what happens as danger is nearing closer?

Jason Ezra Collins || 19 || Not Human-Demi-God || FC: Ezra Miller
First Appears in: Book 1
Friends: Caleb, Steven. Grows Close to Bella Aswell. He is rather protective over her. He may act like a jerk at times, but that's only when he is angry about something.
Enemy: Stefan
Steven Pouge Michaels || 21 || Fallen Angel || FC: Taylor Kitsch
First appears in: Book 1
Friends: Grew up with Jason and Caleb. They are like brothers to him. He grows close to Bella as well.  He is the leader of the pack he and his friends formed. He can be rather charming and sweet.
Enemy: Stefan
Caleb Danvers || 20 || Son of Ipswich (Witch/Demonic Powers) || FC: Steven Strait
First appears in: Book 1
Friends: His best friends are Steven and Jason. They are like brothers to him, he has known them or many years now. He becomes close friends with Bella as well and woves to protect her no matter what.
Enemy: Stefan.
Younger Caleb:
Isabella "Bella" Marie Swan || 19 || Human || FC: Kristen Stewart.
First appears in: Book 1
Friends: She becomes close friends with Jason, Steven and Caleb. They are the only friends/family she has, since she lost her family in a house fire when she managed to escape.
Enemy: Stefan-Does not know that at first.
Younger Bella:
Stefan Ian Morgan || 20 || Vampire || FC: Paul Wesley
First appears in: Book 1
Friends: Bella?
Enemies: Jason, Caleb and Steven. They have hated each other for many years now.
Layla Danielle Williams || 17 || Witch-Controls Nature || FC: Danielle Panabaker
First mentioned in Book 1, First Appears in Book 2.
Friends: She is close to Caleb and Jason-they are like her brothers. She also develops a bond with Bella. Steven is the one she is most closest to as they are in love.
Enemies: Stefan is her biggest enemy.
Book 1 is written in Bella's P.O.V apart from Chapter 5.
Book 1 Content:
Chapter 1-The Drowning 
Chapter 2-New Home 
Chapter 3-Visitor 
Chapter 4-Caleb's Pain 
Chapter 5-Nightmares-Caleb's P.O.V.
Chapter 6 (Part 1)-The Ancient Text 
Chapter 6 (Part 2)-The Son of Ipswich 
Chapter 7-Fallen Angel 
Chapter 8-Demi-God 
Chapter 9-Fight Vs. Friendship 
Chapter 10-Dream of the Future 
Chapter 11-Here comes Death 

Book 2: My Immortality
Written in Caleb's P.O.V, with some parts from Bella's
Plot: Struggling with the death of Jason. Bella, Caleb and Steven find them selves fighting for their lives. As old enemies start to return, Bella learns the truth about who she really is. But what happens when the fate of everyone around her, lays in her own hands?
Book 2 Content:
Chapter 1-Truth Comes Out 
Chapter 2-The Task
Chapter 3-The Portal 
Chapter 4-Two Sides To Me 
Chapter 5-Danver's Restaurant and School-Time Talk 
Chapter 6-The Deadly Lesson 
Chapter 7-Time for Change
Chapter 8-Control of Emotions 
Sneak Peaks Of Chapter 9
Sneak Peaks Of Chapter 10
Chapter 9-Aftermath Of The Fire
Chapter 10-The Coca Cambrai Cabin
Chapter 11-Part 1: The Question
Chapter 11-Part 2: Half Lit
Book 3: The End of Silence (Coming Soon)

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lol :) yes, it's so that nothing as as easy as it might seem

By the way, do you know the song My Immortal by Evanescence?  It is very beautiful and haunting.

yes :) I love that song. It's inspired this story to some extent. you'll see why as the story will unfold it self.

the song Almost Lover-is also inspirational to the story. Or parts of it's anyways

Hmm, seems like they are getting along quite well. I could tell that Bella is feeling comfortable and the guys are doing their best to help her to relax. This is tough, especially being that she just lost her family, and some unknown people are after her for some unknown reason. I wonder if she is sensing anything un human about them at this point. Great Job.

Yes, they are.

Her life is not the best at this point-danger and sadness were all brought to her all at once and now she has three strangers who'll become her best friends looking out for her.

Thank you :)

That night, when I went to bed. I fell straight asleep as soon as my head hit the warm, soft pillows. I snuggled into the tender and clean duvets and slept like someone knocked me out. The bed was so comfortable, it made me feel safe and like I could sleep in this bed all day long. It was more luxurious than my old bed I used to have. I was not sure, I was used to such a thing. But maybe now, I’d get used to this.

I woke up in the morning, when the morning sun shone in through the window. I stretched on the bed and fell off, as I misjudged the distance and landed on the carpet with a soft thud “Ouch…”

I heard hurried footsteps as Caleb rushed into my room and was by my side, helping me get up from the floor “Are you okay?” he asked, as he looked down at me, trying to asses if I had any injuries and if I was feeling okay.

I looked up at him and I gave him a reassuring smile as I nodded softly. “Yeah...just misjudged the distance of how much room, I had for stretching.” I explained with a soft smile. He nodded as we walked out of the room to join Jason and Steven in the kitchen, I could hear their laughter and banter all the way from my room.

I stopped when a knock came on the door. I looked at Caleb who was focused on the door, as if he was trying to predict who was there. He looked still as a rock and I bit my lip worried “Caleb?” I asked softly, touching his arm gently with my hand.

He looked down at me, his eyes wide with alert. “Come on.” he said as he carried on walking and we both came into the living room, where Steven was with Jason and an older man...The older man was rather tall as well, with dark hair. I noticed Jason’s uneasy look as he was trying to hold his breath. It kind of looked like he was trying to suppress his anger and stop himself from screaming. As my eyes darted between the strange visitor and Jason, I could not help but notice, that there was some resemblance between the two of them. Maybe this man was his father? I bit my lip as I noticed Steven looked bit shifty, like he was trying not let his guard down, while Caleb did not look at ease either.

The man spoke as soon as he noticed me standing beside Caleb “!” he said. I knew the words were not aimed at me, his eyes were dark as he gave Caleb the most coldest look I ever seen a person give to another one. The looked send chills down my spine as I looked at Caleb, whose face seemed to harden.

“Leave Caleb alone!” I heard Jason utter. The man snapped his attention to Jason who spoke.

The man smirked softly “I do not get...why you keep defending him.” he spoke and his eyes landed on me, it felt like he was undressing me mentally. I swallowed, feeling uncomfortable as his dark eyes traveled around my entire body, taking in every single feature...structure of my posture, my body. It was as if he was trying to get an x-ray image of me. I noticed the way Jason was balling his hands up into fists, while Steven was now glaring and Caleb was trying not to tremble beside me. I moved my body forwards, trying to move to Jason to try and calm him down, but I felt the man’s hands on me. One on my waist and the other one on my left wrist. His grip was stopping me from moving..from struggling against his grip.

“Now...what have we here?” the man purred right inside of my right ear. His cold breath tickled my skin, in an rather unnerving way. It made me feel rather uncomfortable. I winced at how tight his grip on my waist was, as well as my wrist. He turned me around in his grip and he brought his hand to my face and gripped both sides using just his one hand as he looked me over more carefully “I did not expect my son to settle down with someone of the likes of you.” he spoke...his voice cold, emotionless...harsh.

I was not sure if I should feel more confused or offended. He was basically telling me, I was not good enough. It kind of stung...I tried to compose myself. “Why? because I am a blonde?” I rose an eyebrow at him.

Jason didn’t seem to look to happy-even though I did not see his facial expression, I could tell by the sound of his voice how enraged he was. “Enough! You come here and start to assault my friend, and now Bella! She never done anything to you and neither has Caleb! I will not settle down...because you want me to! I have my own life and Bella is going to be a part of it, whether you like that or not!” it almost sounded, like growls were trying to escape from his throat...the struggle at the back of his throat was clear...he was tense.

“I suggest you leave now...before this turns ugly!” Steven hissed under his breath. He was trying to keep his cool down, I tried to look to see what was going on, but as I did, Jason’s father gripped me tighter and Caleb sprung forward at him, but Steven restrained him trying to calm him down, as Caleb was shaking in pure fury. Jason did not look to impressed either. His knuckles were pure white as he had a tight grip in his fists...the first growing more tighter by the second. His nostrils flaring in his anger.

His father smirked at all 3 of them, before smirking down at me. “I don’t stereotype people based on their hair color.” he said, but the expressions on his face said a totally different story. His eyes then landed on Jason “You know nothing of this girl...what makes you think she’s worthy of being in your life? She’s plain...normal...nothing special.” he said as his fingertips traveled up and down my wrists.I felt a strange burning sensation travel through my body as I started to tremble and the scratch on my forehead was burning.

“St...stop.” I begged, tears forming in my eyes as I trembled in his grip.

“Bella!” Steven, Caleb and Jason gasped out at once. I could hear the pain in their voice...the anger and hatred towards Jason’s father. “Let her go!” They all hissed.

“Stop what?” The man smirked as he turned me around once again, still gripping me tightly and I felt his hand press onto a pressure point and I felt like daggers were digging into my skin and bones. I felt my pressure slowing down as I could barely breathe and my mind was spinning around. For a moment I thought I saw Caleb’s eyes turn black as the midnight sky.

“Ah...move and she dies!” I heard the man say, when I noticed Jason move slightly forward with Steven and Caleb. All 3 of them stopped dead in their tracks...the fear in their eyes visible. The more I tried to force myself to move away from this man...the more pain his cold contact was causing me. I had no idea what was going on..maybe it was all in my imagination due to lack of breath and pulse.

All of a sudden, the man pushed me forward as my weak body sprung forward, it felt like my blood was rushing to my brain and I winced and caught onto Steven and Jason who caught me. At that same moment. I saw Caleb slam the man into the wall growling...his growl defiant over the man, as his anger and rage seemed to he rule his body, his hand gripped tightly onto the man’s neck, who was just smirking as he let out a sadistic laugh.

“You’re just like your father!” He told Caleb with a smirk on his face. His eyes were dark and rather unpleasant to look at. I was gasping for breath as I held onto Steven, who kept a protective stance near me with Jason.

“Don’t talk about my father!” Caleb yelled “You don’t know me at all!”

Jason’s father still had that smirk on his face “Oh,. but you are.” he taunted. He looked rather amused, like he was getting pleasure from Caleb’s anger...pain and maybe denial.Not that I thought Caleb was in denial, but it was clear Jason’s father thought so. “In have the same anger drove him insane till he killed himself. Always thirsty for more.” he spoke, it almost sounded like some sort of riddle, as if there was more behind the story, but I tried not to think about that...the thought just caused my head to throb in pain.

“Leave Caleb alone..” I spoke weakly. “You don’t know him!” Steven added, as if he read my mind. I had to lean against his warm chest closing my eyes. I hated to see Caleb like heart ached for him.

Jason’s father seemed to smirk once again-his smirk was heard in the way he spoke “Ah...I wonder what would happen. if I mention his mother!”

Jason shakes his head, giving him a warning look “Don’t you dare!” he told him, but it was too late. I saw his father’s lips moving as he spoke.

“We both know your mother was a drunk Caleb.” he spoke “We know your father’s death drove her insane.”

“STOP IT!” Caleb was yelling, as his body was shaking “Stop, talking about my mother! You don’t know her...what she went through!”

“But I do.” Jason’s father said, the words seemed to roll from his tongue like silk. Easy and I could feel, the torment he was putting Caleb through. I sighed as wanted to reach out and hug Caleb, let him know it would all be okay-even if I was not sure if it would be at the moment. All I knew, I hated to see him mad and hurting because of what ever happened to his parents.

“STOP IT!” Caleb hissed out more, slamming Jason’s father into the wall, causing the books from the shelves to fall down with a big thud.

Jason’s father didn’t seem to be fazed at all. He remained composed and didn’t look like he was in pain. “Your mother was insane...drunk who killed her self!” he smirked. I saw Caleb shake more as he shoved Jason’s father aside and stormed out of the house, slamming the door so hard, it surprised me when it didn’t fall off it’s hinges.

I sighed gently as he left, unable to stop him as he was gone. I shook my head as I looked at Steven and Jason, who seemed to be hurting for Caleb just like I was.

“Leave!” Jason hissed at his father “You have done more than enough! First you judge Bella, then hurt her, and now this!” he said, he was shaken up and angry. I could tell it was hard for him to keep his cool around a father like his.

“I haven’t hurt her….yet!” His father smirked, he looked almost evil. The same look on his face...reminded me off the man that attacked and killed my family. I shook the thoughts from my head, but I knew that Jason’s father caught the recognition in my eyes.

“You don’t know you?” he asked, with a smirk as he looked satisfied with what he was doing almost “If I were you, I’d watch out for your own back and what you know.” he spoke “If you know too much, you’ll end up like them!” he said, before he left leaving the door open behind him. I just looked between Jason and Steven...speechless and in pure shock. How could he know what happened to my parents and what they knew?-I was sure there had to be some logical explanation...if only I knew what it was.

So much suspense yet the story is building up wonderfully! Great write!!! :)

Thank you :) there might be more suspense as the story goes on :)

glad you liked the chapter

I didnt just like it. I loved it!

aww :)

Dangerous dad!  I wonder what his problem is and what he knows about Bella's parents...


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