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What if Edward got Bella Pregnant in New Moon? What if Jasper came back to say sorry? not a Jasper/Bella

Chapter 1 BPOV (Bella's point of view)
I sat in the living room waiting for my children to wake up. Jasper came in the room sitting the arm chair. Jasper was like a big brother to me. 7 and half months after Ed.... he left Jasper came back to apologies for what happened at my birthday. When he figured out I was pregnant with Edward's children he said he was going to help me. I remember it so well

Flash Back
I was in my hotel room tossing and turning trying to fall asleep Charlie had kicked me out of the house after he found out I was pregnant and Renee disowned me. I heard a faint knock "Coming" I shot and got up. I waddled to the door because being 7 and a half months pregnant I wasn't able to move much. As I opened the door my mouth dropped to the floor "Jasper?" I asked. He looked in disbelief too. After an hour of explaining to him about ,almost, everything. "We have to tell Edward" He said "NOOOO" I shouted. "Why not?" Jasper asked. "Because he doesn't love me anymore" I sniffed then started to cry curling myself into a ball. "Fine"
End of flash back

I sighed a half a month later I had two beautiful twins Edward Jasper Austin Carlisle Cullen/Swam and Elizabeth Ashley Jazem Alirose Esme Cullen/ Swan. they are really 10 years old but look 16 where they're forever frozen. I'm now 18 and not going to age any time soon, Jasper changed me because I was dyeing after the twins were born. I was brought out of my thoughts by my daughters wind chime voice "Good morning" She sang. I turned toward her she is 5ft1 with wavy bronze hair and light brown eye's that were a cross between brown and Gold she was 100% Cullen from her looks to her attitude. Austin was right next to her his short Dark Brown hair was messy his eye's the color as his sister Elizabeth's but he stood about 5ft9 and inside and out he was Swan. "Sorry Mom she got coffee" He laughed. Jasper smiled evilly "Hey Lizard you want to wrestle!" I rolled my eye's "Jazz you know she'll win" I said "Yeah Uncle Jazz you know I will win" She squeaked happily. I laughed Elizabeth is such a tomboy. "Come on Lizard I'll bet you that I win" he smiled."Okay who ever loses has to do whatever the other say's" she stuck her hand out and Jasper shook it. Elizabeth raced outside with Jasper right behind her. Jasper may look happy but I knew he missed Alice. I got up and calmly walked outside with Austin. I looked over expecting an abounded house but there were cars in front of it and a family I never thought I'd see again.

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Chapter 4
I glared at Tanya how could she? My Beautiful Bella was hurt because of her! I ripped myself out of her arms and ran right up to the house and inside without hesitation. As I walked inside Bella had her back to me and whatever the girl was say was cut off as she saw me. The girls eye’s turned into slits, this was the first time I actually looked at the kids the girl had my hair and a mixture of gold and brown eyes and the boy had my Bella’s hair and the same eyes as his sister. “Bella whose kids are these” I asked a little harsher than I should have been. She flinched and turned to me “mine and yours” She whispered the last part. My eye’s popped wide with shock “MINE” I gasped. She nodded and looked down and without thinking I walked over and wrapped my arms around her and started to dry sob. The kids didn’t move a muscle nor did Bella until the front door slammed open and Tanya flung Bella away from me “Get your hands off my Eddie” She screeched. Tanya had hit my Bella so hard she flew though the wall and outside into a tree. She didn’t move and I could feel the dry sobs coming again what’s wrong with her? I heard my family’s thoughts as they came into the room
What the heck she did not just do that to Bella~ Alice
She will pay NO ONE HURTS BELLS I hope you heard that Edward because I’ll be coming for you when your asleep~ Emmett I looked at him with a what the heck look “We don’t sleep dude” I said looking at him.
That No good (AN: I can’t cuss sorry I just thought I would tell you why I started out the word) B**** I hate her so much Blond Bimbo~ Rosalie
What’s wrong with Bella is she okay~ Esme
That hit shouldn’t have hurt a vampire~ Carlisle
Bells is just acting Edward calm down your Daughter taught her to lie and act~ Jasper
That’s what she gets no one is more beautiful than me~ Tanya
Hey I hope you like it sorry it took forever i have all of it writen down on paper I just takes me forever to sit down and type it all : ) I'll try to get the next chapter up soon
awesome chapter, loved it, i almost hope that bella makes him suffer for a little bit, not forgive him right off, just an errant thought, love this story can't wait for more
you need to write more
right NOW
its good pls let me know when u have more
plz keep me updated
love it keep me updated



Poor Daughter...



Now lets begin plotting ways to kill Tanya!!
oh trust me tanya will get everything she ever deservid lol

I'm guna try to post soon okay I'm guna type the next chapter Big Suprise
Chapter 5
Elizabeth’s P.O.V
I hate that stupid blond bimbo. “Hey don’t mess with my mom” I yelled. She just laughed at me. “What you think just because I’m not a vampire that I can’t take you” I snarled slipping down into my hunting crouch growing. “Oh so scary” she taunted. “YOU THINK YOU CAN COME INTO MY FAMILYS HOUSE AND HURT MY MOM AND TRY AND HURT ME AND MY BROTHER BUT YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND YOU BLOND BIMBO I’M NOT AFAID OF YOU NOT AT ALL YOU THINK YOUR SCARRY BUT YOU DEFNATLY ARE NOT MORE IN LIKELY I WOULD RATHER KICK YOUR BUTT” My voice was a mixture of a snarl a yell and hiss. But somewhere in the middle of my speech things started to fly around out of nowhere and Austin and Uncle Jazz were backing away slowly. The bimbo ran out of the house screaming that the evil spirits were coming to get her or something like that. I laughed and looked at Austin who was walking closer to me slowly “You okay Liz” he asked and I just nodded. He sighed and I laughed harder “You should see yourself in the mirror you looked so wired!” He had a half smile on his face as shook his head side to side “major mood swings I swear” He whispered smiling. “You know it” I got a huge grin on my face but was a little dizzy hmmmmm wired but I shrugged it off. I turned to the Cullen’s to see them all staring at me “You guys can look away now I don’t have 3 heads” they all smiled but looked away awkwardly. I looked at my dad, Austin was right I would crack easily probably by the end of the night I would be calling him Dad or Daddy because well I just knew I would. It would be different with my Dad around. “You must be my new family I’m Eliza….” Before I could finish I blacked out.
Hey you guys sorry It's a short chapter but I miss placed the page that had this chapter on it so sorry I know it's like really really bad and I'm really sorry if I find that page then I will put out the first chapter 5 so plz read and review and I'll have Chapter 6 out sooner i promise : )
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