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My morning star (Renesmee and Jacob story) NOW COMPLETE!!!

This is my first story. It's mainly centered around Renesmee and Jacob and their daughter. Please read and comment. Be honest. i love constructive criticism. Stephenie Meyer owns all character besides a few.

"Push Nessie" commanded Carlisle.
"I... am... pushing!" I panted.
"She's doing fine. I can see the baby's head. That baby has a head full of hair." said Rosalie.
2 more pushes and I could hear a baby crying.
"Awwww the baby is gorgeous." said Rosalie.
"Is she okay? Is the baby okay?" I heard Jacob asking.
"Yes she and the baby will be just fine," my dad said.
I could hear Jacob running up the steps.
"Come one Jacob and see your new daughter," said Carlisle.
"Her name is Jalina." i said.
"Jalina Makiyah Black," I finished.
"The name is beautiful," said Jacob.

*Please comment and tell me what you think

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wow cant wait to read more
so plz post more very soon
this was really good please post more soon
its awsome write more soon
no it shd hve ben lnger bt it was stil gd xx
thnks 4 the up date
love it!!! plz post alot soooon!! thx :]
** -lyric cullen
love it post more soon
y havent u updated latley????????? ur drivn us crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jalina POV

There was a knock at my door.
“Who is it?”
“Nelissa. Can I come in?”
She walked in and sat down on my bed.
“What do you want?”
“Well, Jalina I wanted to see what was wrong with you”
“I wanna learn how to fight. But since I’m pregnant I can’t do that.”
“That’s no reason to go to your room and pout. I said you can sit and watch”
“I don’t want to watch”
“You know who you remind me of?”
“A 4 year old girl who can’t get what she wants”
“I’m not acting like a 4 year old”
“Yes you are”
She mimicked me: I don’t want to watch
“Nelissa, that is not cool”
“Well its not cool for you to be pouting”
I turned my head away from her.
“See, that’s pouting!”
“Whatever, Nelissa. Can you leave me alone?”
She walked out and laughed.
What was so funny?

Nessie POV
I was practicing the moves on Seth when I overheard Nelissa talking to Jalina. Jalina was pouting because she couldn’t practice. She asked Nelissa to leave.
Hey Nelissa, just leave. But she will remember that it was you that woulda taught her how to fight.
I was just thinking the same thing
She left Jalina’s room, laughing.
hey Nessie, she’s wondering what was so funny
If she only knew

Seth was waving his hand in front of my face.
“Earth to Nessie”
“Oh, sorry”
“I take it you were having a mind conversation with Nelissa”
“Well just to let you know that Nelissa never spaces out like that”
“What do you mean?”
“She can have a mind conversation with you but still be talking to me. She’s always aware of her surroundings. She may teach you how to stay focused even though you are talking with your mind”
“That would be cool”

Nelissa walked up.
“Nessie, we will continue tomorrow”
“Sure, I have to go find Jake”

Nelissa POV
As Nessie was walking away I caught something in her head. Seth was in front of me. I grabbed his shoulder and turned him around so we were face to face.
“Why didn’t you tell me that Nessie was pregnant”
“Ohhhhh, she’s not….i mean…. No one knows”
“What is that suppose ta mean?”
“What it means is that the ‘baby’ is developing at a human pace”
“How far along is she?”
“No more than 2 months”
“Are you serious?”
“Yea, Carlisle is worried. What if the baby is more human than anything else?”
“She’s not practicing tomorrow”
“Look okay! It’s not fair that Jalina can’t practice but Nessie can. I don’t know why no one told me that she was pregnant”
“Everyone figured that you knew”
“Why because of my mind-reading abilities? Unlike Edward! I don’t hear everyone’s thoughts all the time! I don’t like prying around in peoples’ head”
“I do not pry!” exclaimed Edward.
“Then what are you doing right now” I asked him.
“I just overheard your conversation-“
“And decided to add your two cents”
“My bad”
“Sure” said Seth.
Seth and I went back to our cottage.

The next morning…….

Nessie POV
Everyone was gathered in the living room. We were planning to play soccer.
“I don’t know how we are going to do that” said Nelissa as she walked in.
“We can figure out some way” said Emmett.
“Do any of you have a ball?” asked Seth.
“Who said anything about a ball?” asked Jasper.
“So you guys are planning to use a rock? Look okay unlike you invulnerable vampires; we can get hurt with a rock”
“Awww all of those powers and you can’t even take being hit with a rock” said Rosalie.
“Keep up Rose and I will leave you under the impression that you are a 5 year old boy. Yes that’s what all of my powers can do” said Nelissa.
Rose paled. Nelissa smirked. “No one asked you for your two cents, anyway. You don’t have to play” said Rose.
“I could give a damn about some two cents. That’s why I’m giving you guys the whole dollar.” Retorted Nelissa.
“OOhhh, you have a nice sarcastic come back” said Rose.
“I don’t know your deal. But I had enough of it”
Nelissa’s face turned serious. She looked like she was focusing. 2 seconds past.
“Ewwww, why am I wearing tight girl clothes?” said Rosalie.
“Rose, are you okay?” asked Carlisle
“Why are you calling me Rose? I’m a boy. Rose is a girl name!” said Rose.
“Then what is your name?” asked Alice.
“My name is….Robert” said Rosalie.
Oh wow! My dad was staring at Nelissa in disbelief.
“You actually did it!” he said.
“Bella do you think-“
Nelissa interrupted Esme.
“I told you all before that Bella’s shield is useless against me. She could try but she would fail”
“So, Rose will be like this until you take your influence out of her mind” asked Carlisle.
“I think that this is going to be interesting. I’m taking pictures” said Jake.
“When will you change her back?” asked Emmett.
“When I get bored. But this looks like it’s going to be interesting.” Said Nelissa.
I wonder how long it would take for her to get bored? This isn’t going to be good.

Sorri for the long wait
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love it!!!1 post more soon please!!!!!

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wow i love it and im gald that you are over your writer block
plz post more very soon
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